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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by narfi, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Too tired to explain how I did it tonight, but will try to sit down and write it out sometime this coming week.
    It was easy though, and does NOT require any complex technical know how.

    After standing around a bit chatting, I hunted a full 1 hour loot pill in Prison which is somewhat natorious for being laggy, and then participated in the last 5 zombie waves and the Zombie Kong boss with the regular Rocktropia locals.

    I lost connection once in prison, but it was legit as my ISP went out for a few minutes.
    I crashed once during the Kong boss, but when I came back, several others complained of crashing as well, so it was not because of running in linux.

    I will test some more over the coming week or weeks, but after tonight I am pretty happy with the results and may not need to boot into windows for a while anymore.

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  2. San


    Cool! On my list for the next computer upgrade, too. There is a PCF thread about Entropia on Linux with detailed instructions. I don't have it bookmarked but it's easy to find. The interruptions are a plague since the latest VU, you're not the only one. Folks are increasingly going ballistic over it.
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    That's pretty awesome, Narfi. I'd be interested in reading a guide. I'll buy a new PC next year, and being able to run EU within a completely isolated VM on that would be awesome.
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Step 0:
    Any time you are installing Entropia, you want to copy/backup the planet data files which are roughly 18gigs instead of downloading them. (at least for anyone on bandwidth restricting ISPs) This is true for normal windows installations of Entropia as well.

    In the client loader, click on the 'Tools' button, and then select the 'Folders' tab.
    There you will see where your Planet Data Folder is stored.
    Go there and copy it to a thumb drive or whatever you plan to use for transferring your files to your new installation with.
  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    It has been years since I have had time to mess around with any Linux distribution, so while I have a bit of memory of such stuff its all 10+ years old.
    I would rate my knowledge going into this as higher than 'noob' and lower than 'hobbyist'. (google skills always a bonus)

    I did a fresh install of the Latest Ubuntu Desktop.

    Installed on a 2yr old Asus ROG gaming laptop. Windows 10 installed on ~150gig partition of my ssd and Ubuntu installed on the remaining ~100gig partition.
    You will have to do your own research on installing a fresh operating system and/or dual booting, etc.... thats not what this is about.

    When installed I enabled all 3rd party drivers. (I think this helps with using the graphics card etc....(someone better studied could chip in on if this matters or not)

    Step 1:
    I downloaded and installed the trial version of CrossOver

    Step 2:
    I downloaded the Installer for Entropia

    Step 3:
    I opened CrossOver and clicked "Install Windows Software" and then clicked the "select Installer" tab and selected my Downloads folder that contained the entropia_universe_setup.exe file
    Then Back at the "Select an Installer Source" screen, I clicked on the now visable "Downloads" folder and selected the file to install.

    Step 4:
    This took me back to the "Select Application" tab which I guess I was supposed to select first. (doesnt seem sequence matters as long as you get everything filled in before installing)
    I typed "Entropia Universe" into the search window which brought up an ominous "Installs, Will Not Run" advertisement......

    Now as you can see the first three tabs all have green check marks.
    I then started the installation, cant remember if i just hit continue, or went to the install&finish tab.

    It started doing stuff, had a window with 3 or 4 progress bars and needed my admin password a time or two for installing different stuff it needed.
    When it was done I had an Entropia Universe Icon on my desktop.

    Step 5:
    I started the client from the desktop icon.
    It went through the normal updating the client stuff like it normally does in windows.
    Once it was done updating the client and had started downloading the planet data, I opened the tool menu and wrote down the location for where it was stored. Then I closed the client, and copied the big folder I had backed up to that location.

    I restarted the client and it saw that all the planet data was there and good, and the green Launch button light up, and I was good to go.

    Step 6:
    I logged in full screen and played around for a bit, I did crash a couple of times but not sure if its normal starting Entropia crashes, or because of being in Linux....
    I played quite a bit the one night but havent had time to do any more yet since then.

    After the first crash I lowered the graphics settings and started in windowed mode, progressively increasing my graphics settings without any issues.
    When quitting, the windows close and it looks like you have closed everything, but when you try to launch it again, you get a notification that the client loader is already running.
    So each time I need to go into the system monitor and kill that process before starting it again.

    I was only able to launch the 32bit client, but in writing this I looked at the settings and see that the 'bottles' define what windows version it thinks it is running in.... I should have selected a 64bit windows back at the beginning....

    Ill try to play with it some more and see how I like it and if its worth the paid version of Crossover. (my initial opinion is that yes it is)(or for the cheap guys with more time on their hands, tweaking wine to do the same thing for you)
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