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    Hello new colonist. Welcome to Calypso.
    As a new arrival, some of you may or may not be aware of some of the great services that Calypso holds within it's established player base. Entropia Tour Agency (ETA) is one such service, catering specifically to the new (and not so new) colonist.

    We here at ETA offer scheduled, regular, and FREE, Teleport gathering runs (TP Run) guided and protected by established and knowledgeable colonists. Experience the stunning views, wide open plains, the dense jungles, and the variety of wildlife the planet has to offer. Grill our knowledgeable guides and guards for information and advice, make new friends both veteran and new as you. Experience vehicles of flight, land and sea, and have a map full of TP's for your future convenience of travel.

    All times are Calypso server times in 24hr format. Press U in-game or go to the very bottom of this page to view both your time and Calypso server time.
    Visit www.entropiatouragency.com for further information on tours.

    Next Tour

    Port Atlantis - Athena TP Cruise
    When: December 14, 20:00 – 22:00
    Start: Port Atlantis Marina - Meet at Port Atlantis Marina at 19:40
    Tour Leader: Stave Petty - Calypso Tour Group 1
    Route: Port Atlantis, Medusa's Head, Atlantis Archipelago, Notus, Zephuris, Boreas, Athena Spaceport.

    Upcoming Tours

    Treasure Island City to Neas Place TP Run/Drive
    When: December 15, 08:00 – 10:00
    Start: Treasure Island City - Meet at Treasure Island City at 07:40
    Tour Leader: Marcus Kaine - Calypso Tour Group 2
    Route: TI City, Genesis HQ, Wolverine Hope, Miwak, Shavante, OLA 1, Silver Ridge, Neas Place

    Neas Place - Tetania's-By-The-Sea! TP Drive
    When: December 18, 20:00 – 22:00
    Start: Neas Place - Meet at Neas Place at 19:40
    Tour Leader: Stave Petty - Calypso Tour Group 1
    Route: Neas Place, OLA 15, Nate Valley, Sakura City, Rei's Defense, Tetania's-by-the-sea!

    Neas Place to Myrene Island TP Run Drive
    When: December 19, 08:00 – 10:00
    Start: Neas Place - Meet at Neas Place at 07:40
    Tour Leader: Marcus Kaine - Calypso Tour Group 2
    Route: Neas Place, Omegaton West, Oyster Isle, Memorial Island, Akmuul Island, Myrene Island

    Final Tour of 2010! - Grand Tour of Eudoria
    When: December 19, 12:30 – 19:30
    Start: Swamp Camp South - Meet at Swamp Camp South at 12:00 Midday
    Tour Leader: Stave Petty - Calypso Tour Group 1
    Description: Join us on our final tour of this year, as a way of going out we will be taking a group on a tour of as much of eudoira is possible before theres noone left or we get to 19:30. We will be using a range of transport to complete this tour. To make it intresting we will decide the route in the moment on the night!

    Taking a break for the Christmas Holiday
  2. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    Some common questions I am regularly asked when announcing runs in-game. If you have any other questions not listed here, please ask either in this thread or via PM.

    Whats a TP?
    TP is a commonly used abbreviation for teleport or teleporter. There are many stationary TP's scattered around the planet in major cities and outposts. To have them added to your map, you need to first travel to them and activate them. You used one to get from the Gateway to the planet.

    How much does it cost to go on one of these runs?
    The runs are free, apart from a bit of time and a thanks at the end.

    How long will it take?
    Most runs, you should allow for about an hour, some are longer, some are shorter, but an hour should do it. You are under no obligation to stay for the entire run, if you gotta leave half way through, then thats ok.

    I have an Opallo, can I shoot that monster over there?
    What, the Atrox Old Alpha? No, please don't. We will have to go get you from the remote outpost surrounded by millions of them then. Best to just let the tour guards with the big guns handle that one. in fact, put your gun away, you don't need it.
  3. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    Well done to those new colonists that came along on todays run, hope you all enjoyed the tour. Schedule has been updated, hope to see some of you on the next one :)
  4. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    The shuttle service proved popular. Schedule has been updated, a normal TP run is up next. Keep an eye out for the next shuttle service to hit our schedule.
  5. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    Due to problems with the recent client side update, we have no choice but to postpone this service until further notice. Apologies to all those that were looking forward to partaking in one of the upcoming TP runs. An update post will be made once things are back to normal.
  6. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    Update: Problems on ETA's client side seem to have been resolved. Scheduled runs resume as normal.
    The run that was scheduled for today at 20:00 from Neas to Myrene Island has been moved to Monday, so next up is Atlas to Ithica.
    Thanks for your patience and hope to see you there.
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