Planet Toulan News: Entropia Universe 15.5.0 Release Notes

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    • The login interface in the Client Loader has been redesigned.
    • Additional information related to buff effects and buff stacking has been integrated into the item info panel.
    • Profession requirements for pet taming have been changed. Earlier it was possible for anyone to make a taming attempt on any tamable creature, now the tamer has to meet the professional level requirements to be able to affect spirit and respect. Also a user not meeting the profession level requirements for a certain creature cannot make a taming attempt at all.
    • New whips have been introduced with varying effects on the taming process.
    • Higher level Mindforce chips and implants have been introduced.
    • Wood shavings and other elements of the gathering system have new 3D models.
    • Taming-related buff effects have been added to the main interface.
    • Calypso Land Plots areas have received graphical improvements.
    • The sound experience has been overhauled. In order to get the intended audio balance, navigate to Options->Sound and apply the Default settings.


    • An issue causing pets to display untimely death animations has been corrected.

    Known Issues

    MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the possibility of encountering minor issues or bugs directly after a Version Update affects your gameplay to an extent that Entropia Universe is not enjoyable, please wait until the mini-patches have been released and any last minute issues have been resolved.

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