Entropia Universe auctions off 25 special edition spaceships

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, Dec 8, 2014.

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  2. I've been looking on MA's own site and not been able to find anything about this. Where did it come from before EP?
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    It's a regular press release given to media outlets, such as http://www.ludophiles.com/ ;)
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  4. sissi

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    There are actually 4 noticeable differences and one feature that is non consistent.
    1. the quad horse/equu has a horn, the ferrari has none.
    2. the quad horse/equu tail ending is bending down, while ferrari is pointing up.
    3. the quad horse/equu hind legs are parallel, while ferrari are spread apart.
    4. the quad horse/equu has a slim neck.
    the non consistency is that the nose logo is mirrored compared to the side one.
    Otherwise it is a simple rip-off from the ferrari logo, tho I think they changed it enough for not getting under scrutiny, mindark sure has good lawyers :D
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  5. Must say, in a appealing universe i would be more than willing to invest in such a exclusive assets, but knowing were all lead to i would never invest such an amount of money in this game.
    One thing is sure, in the old days it was worth playing the game in order to collect cool loots with a nice markup, or as necessary item for your hanger.
    Now days you can loot TT food, convertible ammo shit, but no cool new ship part you could collect in order to create one or sell the looted part for a nice profit just as the better DNA parts that hit the game over time.

    But no, MA is taking the profit directly to them selfs... Another sign they not your buddy, friend or anything in that trend, they just want your money!
    Sorry for the Canadians, but this video applies good for MA and Co.
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  6. fellalli.jpg

    5000 $ ? What are you trying to be ? Some kind of Star Citizen ?
    Awww...*sigh*...some rich fooks will buy them anyway, good job MA ! =)

    For the similarity to the Ferrari Logo, I did ask directly at the Ferrari Museum / press agency / public relations section. Should I ever get an answer, Ill post it here.
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  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ferrari-Logo.svg

    Seems the logo is copyrighted, and in combination with the Ferrari red (racing red) it could indicate a clear copy of a futuristic Ferrari vehicle.

    Sure Ferrari will not like this since they even sued someone already once for having a Facebook fanpage that they rather wanted to own them self instead of the man in question that created it when he was 15 years old, when sued he was 21 years old. (6 years later.)

    I would almost assume they got permission or at least have checked it if could give trouble to some copyrighted trademarks Ferrari has.
    Would still be not a big trouble if Ferrari will start troubling MA, since they could simply change both the logo or and color very easy if they wanted.

    Not sure how some buyers would react if they get another logo and color at some point, but i would rather like a space black one with a cloak function when things get really hot in space...

    And for 50K PED i would at least offer people the option to decide their own color and logo... :jacklad1:
    Would make it much more unique and appealing i guess.
  8. for 50k you should have bigger si custom collor and logo. Its way near mothership price.
  9. If a logo / color / graphic / sound is too close to its (c)original, you'd be better well prepared for the (c)onsequences.

    But Im also 60% sure MA did contact Ferrari 1st......just to be on the safe side........ ;)
  10. I just realized that my favourite mining spot at HadesHeim (gigantic area) got flooded with thousands and thousands of Cornundacaudas.
    Noone ever goes there, except for big robots near.
    But thanks that Cornudacaudas are tamable now...enough for everyone for sure...

    I just realized that looting on hunting / mining does not show the amount the stack includes.
    Well tested as always !!!!!!111

    Thanks for the laggy global chat window !!! Now I have to count the items myself or wait 40 seconds...
    Noone recognizes that little window anymore anyway...

    But thank god you messed up the hogglo 3D model and added Ferrari Spaceships for 5000 $.

    You defenitly know how to fuck up things ! You want me to have fun again ? No ? Good job !
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  11. NotAdmin

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    I'd be surprised if there's 25 people willing to splash down 50k PED for a ship with extremely limited commercial opportunities. The 100k for a mothership is largely based on the ability to make money with them. With only 1 passenger seat, I fail to see how this could be a lucrative deal; more so seeing there'll be 24 competitors.
  12. There is always a chance for Marcus The Calendahee I mean some rich fook who will buy ALL of the 25 shuttles, to sell them for 80k PEDs next year... ;))))))

    You ever heard of (M)Alt avatars ? ;)
  13. Wistrel

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    I can see these likely not even making the start price. If they do it won't go higher. I wonder if they will have 5k TT value... If so one could always invest and TT them later if needed. No money lost (assuming MA don't bankrupt).

    As for space I wouldn't call reskinning an existing spaceship development... goes off to read VU notes.

  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think there are 3 types of people who will consider purchasing these.
    1. Wealthy players of the same type who purchased Privateers for personal use just to get from planet to planet quickly.
    2. Players hoping that they can use them to make money with the space missions.
    3. Pirates who wish to make money from increased activity in space and piracy+space missions.
  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I agree with all three categories, narfi. I just fail to see how 2 and 3 would warrant spending 50k PED on those vehicles. That's an awfully big risk, and I would kind of group anyone able to come up with that kind of money as "wealthy" as well.
  16. narfi

    narfi Lost

    There is a huge difference between 'wealthy' and buying solely for convenience. And "wealthy" enough to buy for investment/profit.

    You can see that same distinction in the different ways the highest end faps are used.
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  17. Its fail anyway for that price. None of pirates of transporting business members will buy it because of price and to much regulations on it. Warp device not attachable to other bigger ships. Jo JBK team just wasted 50900 of PED,s.

    At first we thinked its some kind of joke width the price, but then we saw that officially on EU website we laughted much and still doing it right now.

    Seems like mindark need to spent more time ingame, because they living somethere in star citizen system and out of this game reality.

    We just hoping what that mindark stupidnes not affect whole game.
  18. sissi

    sissi sissi

    What regulations? and what does "Warp device not attachable to other bigger ships" mean?
  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    He is referring to the question on rather the unlimited nano warp drives for the equus will be able to power a mothership or privateer. And saying that JBK evidently bid on one for that purpose. (I personally think JBK is smarter than that and probably is buying it (if in fact he did bid) because he wants one not because he thinks it will be usable on one of his existing warp ships.
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