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    You are right of course, EU is really lacking any elaborated epic boss gameplay. From Everquest to over DAoC over LOTRO to TESO... they are all better. Another thing that MA could actually work on, instead of on battle simulators... Yet there are bosses in EU, unique mobs that are a lot more difficult than the standard mobs around them. The project is more documentation than entertainment :) Videos are perfect to add to guides for instances, wave events and mission chains.

    In the meantime we've "refurbished" an old recording :)
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    I know... everyone is crazy for the Battle Simulator. We've recorded another instance which is a time trial too:

  3. Tass

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    As we are rushing to 2000 videos on our channel we've added another bonus: 10 PED reward for the first 3 high quality videos in a month. In addition to 10 PED for exclusive videos. If you record a short wave event or instance run that's about 10-20 times as much as you can make from sweating in the same time.

    Oh, and if you follow the channel you can win a game: https://gleam.io/nXyUM/elder-scrolls-giveaway
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    We are about to conclude the race to 2000 videos (actually we have more already but not all uploaded yet). Whoever will contribute the most videos from now till Sunday 12:00 UTC will receive a free key for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, in addition to the other perks. Alternatively you can get a free key of the game for recording boss fights or romance scenes.

  5. Tass

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    We are expecting a mention of our YT channel on a rather big website in the next few days. So a couple of new videos would be nice.

    So in addition to the regular rewards we add 1 key of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition and/or 1 key of Adr1ft (1 key per contributor, 1st can choose).

    Also we are looking for people interested in creating quality written reviews respectively extensive introductions to games. Many games can be provided for free. Currently for example:
    And as all of this is completely a non-profit operation we are always happy about donations of games you might have left over from game bundles, or advertisement space for example in forum signatures, or in-game items, or simply money :)
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    We've passed 500 boss fights and also 500,000 views :) Still just 3 Entropia videos :(

    To celebrate the 500/500k milestone we have free games for creating extensive articles and/or appropriate videos:

    - Divinity: Original Sin 2 (AAA RPG and the 4th of the series, released 3 weeks ago) gone
    - Cuphead (run & gun action game with a focus on boss battles and a look & feel inspired by early animation movies, released 2 weeks ago) gone
    - ELEX (AAA RPG by the developers of the Gothic series, to be released next week)
    - Hob (innovative RPG by the developers of the Torchlight series, released last week)
    - Dungeons 3 (3rd in the series and a new take on the Dungeon Keeper them, released today
    - Grim Dawn + expansion (Diablo-style Action-RPG, expansion released last Wednesday)
    - Overgrowth (fantasy action-adventure with martial arts combat, to be released next week)
    - Ruiner (3rd person top-down perspective shooter with a Cyberpunk setting, released 2 weeks ago)
    - The Long Journey Home
    - Planet Nomads
    - Starpoint Gemini Warlords
    - Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs
    - Furi
    - Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
    - and Adr1ft
    - Dragon's Dogma
    - Torchlight
    - Torchlight 2
    - and theoretically many more

    In addition to the games for free, there are the rewards in post #1 of this thread.

    If you are a new member of EntropiaPlanets you have to bring 1 content asset to the project before you are eligible for free stuff.
  7. Tass

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    Not complaining, just wondering.

    The offer included several 50 bucks AAA games a couple of days before release, plus a tiny monetary compensation, plus a promo package other sites charge 50 to 100 bucks for. For creating content you can use for personal projects as well. That's more than well-known gaming sites offer, for reviews and articles the offer usually ranges from free game only to free game plus a monetary compensation between 5 and 100 bucks. For example, gamefaqs, one of the biggest sites around, for complete (!) and detailed game guides often offers 100 bucks reward, and no free game.

    People are sweating in EU for 7 Cent per hour, that's a fraction of the electricity costs for their system for 1 hour...

    As said, not complaining, just wondering, what for do you think someone would create content they can as well use for their personal projects?
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  8. Its the sandking!



  9. Clubbing the Warchief (and hoffing)

  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Great, can we have them for our project? It's super-easy.

    In other news: we have almost 500 boss fights and 100 longplays. And the first video with 100,000+ views.
  11. sure why not
  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

  13. Tass

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    This week we got keys for God of War, Battletech, Frostpunk and Pillars of Eternity 2. I guess I have to play them all by myself, such a pity :D
  14. NotAdmin

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    Oooh, Pillars of Eternity 2...
  15. Tass

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    And all of them pre-release keys :) But as of now only Battletech is still available.
  16. Tass

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    The key is working since 5 days already, no embargo, game will be released tomorrow. It's done by legendary designer Jordan Weisman, the original creator of the Battletech universe, among many other games such as Shadowrun, last 3 Shadowrun games (Returns, Dragonfall, Hongkong) have been created in the same setup (studio, engine, creative director). Battletech basically introduced mechs to gaming, gameplay is similar to modern XCOM games. But I guess the key will just rot away :(
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    Usually we do a little blitz push thingie when we are close to a milestone number of videos. On 1st of May we had exactly 2400. So a blitz push thingie to 2500 would be quite a stretch. On the other hand we have already recorded videos scheduled for the whole month. Maybe May is the month we can reach 2500? We would need a lot of videos. Longplays, boss fights, instance runs, ... So let's say the blitz push thingie to 2500 has just started. Let's do this. If you have any videos to contribute or if you can imagine to record a video just scream hysterically. If you want to record any other game than Entropia Universe we might be able to get a key for it :)

    P.S.: We also have almost 600 boss fights. :shoot:' ' ' ' ' ' ' :jacklad1:
  18. Tass , you asked me If you could use the video's. I Said, sure why not. Is there something you need me to do?
  19. Tass

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    I've sent you a PM back then. Would be cool to have the original files, if still available. We could produce 1 video of the Sand King as we are not limited in duration or file size, also this would result in a much better quality. Without the original files we would have to use the YouTube files which would result in a much worse quality. Any file sharing service would do but I can happily invite you to the Google drive folder we usually use for all this stuff.

    Counter: 2440
  20. ahh those are twitch streams.. and they disappear after some time.. sorry for that.

    here is the Matrix (enigma key event 3 with a boss at the end)

    or the twitch:

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