Entropia Universe boss fights and instances videos

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    And one more we got:

    Really glad that this is done finally. It's important documentation of new players around Camp Icarus.
  2. Tass

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    And one more (sorry for the blurred details, this is entirely YouTube's fault):

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    We have almost 400 longplays. Maybe someone's up for recording a favourite and share it with out little project? Another option would be adventure jam games, the 2019 jam has just finished and those games are usually short, easy and also easy on hardware, so ideal candidates for getting into longplaying: http://jams.gamejolt.io/advjam2019/games?awards-first=false
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    And 1 more

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  5. Tass

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    400+ since last week :)

    And one more EU video:

  6. Tass

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    And one more.

  7. Tass

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    We have almost 900 boss fights. So time for another commando operation.

    Besides Entropia Universe bosses, instances with bosses, wave events with bosses, dynamic events with bosses the currently most wanted are Remnant: From the Ashes boss fights, released last week, "very positive" Steam rating, we have a key.

    In August we had 9.5 Million minutes watch time, to put it in perspective, that's the equivalent of 850 people playing Entropia Universe for 6 hours each every day of the month.

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  8. Tass

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    That was fast, we have 900+ boss fights now.

    And a special offer. We have a key for Gears 5 on Xbox. With this key you can play already although the game will be released tomorrow, respectively on 10 September. A 60 bucks AAA game before release plus all the other benefits from post #1 for recording content that you can use for you own channel as well, the offer can't get any better.

    We also have a review key for Starpoint Gemini 3 which will go early access today.

    These two keys and 3 others arrived today alone, so far, and that's a pretty normal day, just join the project and you can truly play for free forever ;)
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  9. Tass

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    We have expanded the ad system, so the 1 month ad which is part of the reward package now appears not only on EntropiaPlanets but also on Ludophiles.com (the site is currently under renovation, https is not working but will be fixed in the next few days). That also means more sites might follow making the reward even better.

    Also we get new games on daily basis, more regularly AAA stuff, and more often pre-release. We had a Borderlands 3 key pre-release and a The Surge 2 key pre-release, these are highly anticipated 60 and 50 bucks/Euro games. If you have something on your wishlist you can imagine to record videos of (or write reviews) please let me know.

    While the whole project is growing faster and faster Entroia Universe content is still really underrepresented. Record something, upload to your channel, share the with our channel, get rewards. Or just write a review of/intro to EU systems like the newly released codex, a beginners area or similar.
  10. Tass

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    490 longplays. We have 490 longplays, which means 10 to go to 500. So let's do something. Record a longplay, for example your favourite game, share it with our project. We have 3 Humble Choice packages to give away, with Humble Trove these will include 100+ games each. One will go to the first to share a longplay, one to the one sharing the longest longplay, one randomly to whoever shares a longplay. And let's say this offer does count for perfect Entropia Universe instance playthroughs too. But just until we hit 500 longplays.
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  11. Tass

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    500 Longplays done. The 1st ever on our channel was Monkey Island 1, so the 500th is Monkey Island 2 SE:

    And now we are approaching 1000 boss fights. Entropia content is still lacking. I've asked in a Destiny community and got 30 videos in a week without giving any incentives. Most wanted content would be great complete instance playthroughs.
  12. Tass

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    Well, we are at 1030 or so by now :) Still not many Entropia bosses, someone up for recording instances?

    There's a special time-critical project right now which is the Steam Game Festival. It mainly has demos of upcoming games that are only available till Sunday. Usually these are rather short, can be an hour, or 15 minutes or only 5 minutes. We want to record great playthroughs of as many of these as possible. Maybe you can imagine to record one or two? Check them out: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/SteamGameFestival-Spring
  13. Tass

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    Let's make May 2020 the random selection month. And maybe any future month too?! Just because we can.

    From all people contributing any Entropia Universe content in May one will be randomly selected and receive 15 USD or 150 PED.

    From all people contributing any NOT Entropia Universe content in May one will be randomly selected and receive 10 USD or 100 PED.

    The above "prizes" can be stacked, one person can receive both when contributing EU and non-EU content.

    This is in addition to the other benefits listed in post #1.

    Each contribution will be 1 "ticket".

    Possible contributions*:
    - great boss fight videos of any game**
    - great longplay video of any game**
    - great complete instance playthrough videos of any MMO**
    - complete event playthrough videos of any Entropia Universe event in the official events system
    - complete event playthrough videos of any Entropia Universe wave event or dynamic event**
    - complete perfect mission chain playthrough videos of any Entropia Universe story mission**
    - great written reviews-like introductions to (500+ words) any indie or retro game, game series, etc.***
    - great written complete guides to any Entropia Universe system, for example pets & taming
    - any other ideas? Please let us know.

    * for all videos all features mentioned in post #1 do apply, for example no cam no commentary.

    ** only content that we don't have already or that is sufficiently different from what we have, for example much better quality, much better played, new version, etc. You can check what we have searching for it on the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/Ludophiles If you are not sure please ask.

    *** Let's discuss this in advance.
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  14. Tass

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    For as long as it's available we'll also give 1 Sierra Humble Bundle to everyone recording a perfect longplay of a Sierra adventure for our project.
  15. Tass

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    Still looking for more EU videos. Instances, bosses, wave events, ... just do it, collect rewards unmatched by what MindArk gives you, be happy :)

    We are also approaching 600 longplays, until we are there we give a 1 month Humble Choice sub with access to 100+ games to everyone contributing a cool longplay.
  16. Tass

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    800 longplays and 1500 boss fights done. Still looking for more, videos or written articles. The project is growing. 40k+ subscribers, about 64k hours watch time this month, that's the equivalent of 500 people playing Entropia Universe for 5 hours per day.

    Want to record videos or write stuff? Get in touch please!
  17. Tass

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    We are approaching 1000 total longplays. In the last 90 days we had over 1.5+ Million unique visitors, 130k of them returning after a brief phase of inactivity, 6.1k of them turned into new subscribers. Let's face it, MindArk would die for these figures :)


    As always we are looking for more content:
    • articles and guides for all things Entropia Universe
    • articles discussing indie games and retro gaming topics
    • good boss fight videos of any game but especially Entropia Universe
    • good longplay videos of any game
    • good playthrough videos of instances of any MMO but escpecially Entropia Universe
    • people who are up for managing a guild in any MMO but especially a society in Entropia Universe
    If you can imagine to do anything of the above please get in touch!
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    aaahhh.... the egg(s)
  19. Tass

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    I was asked in a private message why we want to upload these videos to our own channel to make them a part of the project. There are many reasons for that but I just want to highlight one by posting a current screenshot of the Treasure Island wiki page, we don't want to build features and content around videos that disappear:

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  20. Wistrel

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    I'm getting increasingly suspect of youtube. This dislike button censorship (we are no longer allowed to see how disiked a video is) and the regular demonetisation of anything where a bigger influence doesn't like the content is getting very concerning. I'm predicting there will be a successful or at least partially successful new player to the online video hosting game in the next few years, one with customer service and anti-censorship rules. Just a feeling... if there isn't one already brewing even.
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