Entropia News: Entropia Universe supporting Oculus Rift and SteamVR

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  1. okey, I have never been on a 3-D movie, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but not 3D a bit over-hyped?
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    So I managed to get Crysis going with the DK2 rift the other night so I might have a 2nd shot at Entropia although I am not optimistic.

    Some notes on Crysis though... it ran great in very high on screen. Put a Rift on the end and well.... ok, for starters you have to turn off shadows... they are a mess. This is a big negative for me because without shadows everything looks bright and silly to me. But actually, to get a workable framerate (in the rift, ie 75fps ideally) I had to drop to min settings. This is on a gtx 560ti, core2quad Q6700 (2.66GHz). The water was all gone too... even on higher settings the surface was missing... being in the water was cool though.

    Anyhow consider if I could get this going in Entropia it is going to be dire. Entropia looks awful in minimum settings. It is a nice idea, and I appreciate I am only hacking support into crisis but really Entropia on the Rift? no, it won't work

  3. Jamira

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    I would like to add:
    Using Oculus Rift may be a really great experiance in a well designed high resolution 3D-envoirement. It won't be a pleasure in such a low-poly and bad and low (+bugged!) textured envoirement like Entropia Universe. The landscapes arn't very impressive. The items, buildings, vehicles and avatars are rough. There is still no storyline to follow and become a hero or adventurer or explorer. Fully 3D-experiance for a simple grinding game? What for?
  4. Well not putting EU down about it's graphics and all...I just don't think it will work out well since with the Oculus Rift you really need to have a fully Joystick based game I would think. Also I hope that they, Oculus Rift, works out a way to have dual monitor support so once can stream and use them at the same time.

  5. ehehhe, yeah, we had such a discussion recently. MindArks advertisement would be like :

    "1st time you are able to SEE glitches and rough polygon models through Oculus in a standard random generated CryEngine 2 world" ...if it wouldnt be DX9, that is xD
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  6. I think 3-D glasses you would only use sometimes, because often you are not totally focus on the game and would like to be able to easy look around you in the room and on other stuff. Still, would be cool if they can make it so EU had a good support for the various 3D systems.
  7. Nor Alien

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    I'm a electronics geek so this stuff peeks my interest. I also see the added potential.

    As others have mentioned, there are some visual bugs that need to be addressed first. Add to that, the support for higher direct X (say 12) and even Mantle may need to be addressed as well. This is actually more of interest to me then the actual hardware.

    To some it up, I'm hoping the implementation of OC will drive the need to add and/or fix the things listed above. :geek:
    Plus, bring more people to EU with being an OC supported game! (ie: advertising to another group of people) :wink:
  8. We had the same thing going on with "nvidia physx cards" back then in 2006. It was ready to be used, but....

    AGEIA and Emergent Announce Plan to Fully Integrate AGEIA PhysX SDK with Gamebryo 3D Graphics Engine & Tools

    AGEIA PhysX processor to be supported in full range of Emergent Game Technologies solutions

    Mountain View, Calif. (January 17, 2006) – AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, and Emergent Game Technologies announced today that they have signed a licensing agreement to integrate the AGEIA PhysX™ SDK into version 2.2 of Emergent’s Gamebryo 3D graphics engine & tools. Emergent (who recently merged with NDL, the company that developed Gamebryo) will support the AGEIA PhysX processor as part of a fully integrated cross-platform physics solution for PCs, the PlayStation® 3 and Xbox® 360™. Gamebryo version 2.2 is expected to be available by the 2006 Game Developers Conference (GDC) to be held in late March.

    Gamebryo is one of the game industry’s most licensed graphics engines, with more than 70 titles currently in development, and has recently been used to create hit games such as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (a launch title for Xbox 360), Sid Meier’s Pirates!, CivilizationIV, the Dark Age of Camelot series, and Freedom Force. With many clients demanding a fully integrated physics solution, Emergent turned to AGEIA for its high-performance, multithreaded AGEIA PhysX SDK and its groundbreaking AGEIA PhysX processor.


    And even back then everyone was going all "yaayyyy, it will be awesome" ;p

    ...it never got introduced. Ofc not.
  9. Wistrel

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    Good points yes, interface is a massive consideration
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    What additional sensors did Gear have? Surely it had less since no external camera to track head pos? I'm not up on the specs for that.

    I've found motion sickness is entirely to do with the in game interface once you get to DK2. Essentially anything that makes you move in ways you are not expecting to. The only time I got sick in DK2 was when I tried to make my own game for it and got the motion wrong. I stayed in too long thinking "I'll be fine, I've not been badly effected before" but I was sooo wrong. I had to go for a walk in the air to recover.

    The other issue that causes discomfort is resolution and frame rate. You can read more in my thread on the forum about DK2. Without high end graphics the high res needed for a good experience will cause framerate issues. My feeling is even a jan launch is too soon for VR but I agree we have to start somewhere
  11. Wistrel

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    I actually rather like Entropia in 3D on screen. I'm only using Anaglyph though and it is a bit "messed up" but I like the sense of distance you get
  12. Wistrel

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    Aww the dome... love seeing these old vids again. Happy memories. I had this weird moment when I was mucking about with Crysis in the Rift. Suddenly remembered that Crysis allowed you to pick up things and throw them at things and those things would move too. You could chuck stuff in water and see it float. You could shoot up the trees and see bits of them fall down. Then there was...

    Maximum fail...
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    Spanner... works... thrown....

    This (possibly) stops a lot of games that require extended mode from working I think including any that only support the rift through perception (for now - they have stuff in the works to get round it). I think it gets rid of the dx9 stuff too but am uncertain.

    Still it does sound like a positive thing. One of my feelings about the Rift DK2 is that it is a bit of a logistical nightmare of wires and faff. Fine for an enthusiast but less so for the non techie types who just want everything to work with minimal fuss. Moving things to a "one way of doing it" as regards graphics integration can only be a good thing!

    Now... to go see what my card supports (bet it doesn't support that new nvidia thingy)

  14. Wistrel

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    Wow just read up about it... (http://www.alphr.com/htc/1001486/htc-vive-hands-on-the-real-future-of-virtual-reality) while I'm skeptical the resolution is still good enough to not be looking at a pixelly grid and actually be able to read stuff, the rest sounds very good! Now all they need is to make it wireless! ;) (won't happen)

  15. Now, one might wonder, why there werent any updates/news regarding Oculus inside Entropia anymore.

    More then 5 months later.

    Uh ya, I know, game developing takes years and stuff. ;)
    Thats MA. Rushing forward, throwing in something to ride the wave...with some text...no matter the cost. ;(
  16. Wistrel

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    One might.... if one didn't already know they were talking bollocks from the outset ;)

    trallalalal, space courier missions, lalala land management, tree harvesting lallala
  17. Oh, hey, MindArk, now that you and your new partners went into "educational stuff, unemployment and science (fiction) psychology, bitcoins blaahhh" what about grabbing your "partners" at Crytek ?


  18. -OVRServer x64.exe = always on
    -Automatically share your "data" on facebook
    -Facebook "owns" your creative Oculus content

    Already "always on" cameras on laptops and consoles are quiete annoying, as most of us "dont care, as they have nothing to hide" -_-

    So, SEEing what facebook has done to the Oculus, it means it needs a patch or crack one day x'D
    And EU needs to get rid of DX9, glitches and bugs.
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  19. San


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