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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by GeorgeSkywalker, May 10, 2022.

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    I like that they had an advert on their youtube channel before you could watch the video #professionalism.

    "We want you to see our game... but first... here's a shitty looking mobile game that someone else made, please watch this first as we need the pedzzzz"
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    "On a grand scale, systemic design produces a living, vibrant world that reacts to the user and to elements within itself. It can lead to emergent gameplay, i.e. gameplay emerging from the interaction of multiple systems rather than the intentional designs of the developer. These varied interactions are stimulating, motivating users to experiment and explore."

    Sounds great but I find myself of reminded that such emergent gameplay is brought to you by the folks who removed the ability to drop items in the world, and erected invisible barriers around anything someone found a use for that they didn't like, thus eliminating any possibility of emergent gameplay.

    I'd like to believe they've changed.... but I heard the other day that the Taliban have started requesting women wear full face covers now... it's optional, but husbands will be punished if not implemented.
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    Set /sɛt/ or Seth (/sɛθ/; also spelled Setesh, Sutekh, Setekh, or Suty) is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, evil, chaos, war and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. In Ancient Greek, the god's name is given as Sēth (Σήθ). Set is not, however, a god to be ignored or avoided; he has a positive role where he is employed by Ra on his solar boat to repel Apep, the serpent of Chaos. Set had a vital role as a reconciled combatant. He was lord of the red (desert) land where he was the balance to Horus' role as lord of the black (soil) land.

    In Egyptian mythology, Set is portrayed as the usurper who killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris. Osiris' wife Isis reassembled Osiris' corpse and resurrected him long enough to conceive his son and heir, Horus. Horus sought revenge upon Set, and the myths describe their conflicts. This Osiris myth is a prominent theme in Egyptian mythology.

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    Yeh it will. Even today the computational load is split among servers. IIRC they use HP Blade servers or something. Can't comment on exactly how that works (I think they are just a server product name) but I do know that areas are split up because many years ago I discovered a bug that could crash a server meaning that everyone in my area got moved to a different area when they logged back in. I wrote an article about it at the below link

    File:The Calypso Post No5 June 2007.pdf - EntropiaPlanets Wiki

    It's a crude system in that it appears to be "Server Square" i.e. area segmented rather than say based on load but TBH it works pretty well for the most part. There are only a few areas in game that are regularly crowded. One thing you might notice in game is that there are rarely mobs near a server square boundary. Presumably this is so they can be "looked after" by one server or group of servers. You may also notice a slight jerk when crossing a server square boundary, especially when flying. At a guess this is you being handed over from one "server" to the next.

    Something they may want to think about for Untropia would be what Dual Universe did or something similar/equivalent. Not a lot of point in speculating really though as it's complicated stuff.

    load test

    This said,... while searching those videos out I spotted some video titles that seemed to be implying Dual Universe died already.
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    So... to me most of the info reads a lot like high level discussion. Like folks have been having meeting and trying to create a list of priorities likely stemming from a lot of brainstorming on what they'd really like to make. I guess you have to start somewhere. At least from the thoughts they've had so far I think this:
    • We will focus our efforts on worldbuilding to make exploring our worlds more stimulating and exciting. Exploring will become an end in itself!
    Thumbs up!
    • Introduction of environmental dangers
    Good. I've been on about this for forever.
    • Interplanetary jumpgates
    Interesting and probably a good thought. Essentially this sounds like recognition that they are not going to implement Elite and that even Elite doesn't really have a lot of long treks in it (some I'll grant you). So they are thinking they are better off creating smaller focused areas in space you can leap to where stuff happens and folks congregate.
    • Contract system: inter-user contracts to harness user labor as well as NPC corporate contracts (i.e. 'missions')
    They been smoking the good shit with Neverdie by the sounds of it
    • More information on resources and creatures
    Good. Easy to do and adds a lot of depth. A quick win.
    • Ownership (estates, land areas etc.) with a larger range of customizable entry options
    Design your own door?
    • User revenue from interactions with user-created content
    • Hubs with centralized facilities and features to encourage users to congregate
    Sounds like a good idea. Over the years Calypso has lost its key places where people congregated. Port Atlantis, that place with the turret where we used to sweat, Twin Peaks, Atlas Haven. Places like that where everyone used to hang out made the place feel lived in. Hopefully if they are rethinking the backend they can come up with a system that can actually handle a lot of people in one place. That being the case, they'd do well to congregate a lot of the shops and living areas together. Something akin to "scrapping all the flats and moving them into the unused buildings at Port Atlantis" would be a good start.

    In about a year we aim to have a fully playable part of the world with close-to-final visuals, core functionality and mechanics — enabling us to lay the foundations for future systems and gather your valuable feedback.

    Sounds like a good idea, build up a demo and actually get people to try it out first.
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  7. Hmm, seems I misunderstood what single shard meant. I thought it was another way of saying single server hence why I thought there was a contradiction...
    • Resources governed by consistent, clear rules
    Consistent : Acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be FAIR or accurate.

    Mindark with clear rules they respect ? Seem UNREAL ...
    Don't forget to hit the "Respect The EULA Button" Mindark, thanks.

    Mobs cross objects / Disappear and reapear in front of you in Unreal 5? (so like today)
    Mobs Ninja Exploit respawns attack you immediately on your back in Unreal 5 ? (so like today)
    Hyriuu Fly underground (only MA/Calypso flying mobs behave this way) in Unreal 5 ? (so like today)
    Mobs Fly Above obstacles in Unreal 5 ? (so like today)
    Target Lock Sensivity to 100% but anyway you get tons of misses in Unreal 5 ? (so like today)
    Move mouse and avatar stops shooting (huh you are so creative mindark to cheat us) in unreal 5 ? (so like today)
    Mobs cross each others to inflict more unfair damages in Unreal 5 ? (so like today)
    All players get unusual shit loot for few days and a "lucky" avatar gets 43 296 PED Daspletor Young in Unreal 5 ? (so like today)

    And we continue to get stucked on Walls, Trees, Rock, Ground, since 2003, and don't tell me that noone is able to fix this problem or it means that the GameBryo Engineers are IDIOTS, the CryEnfine Engineers are IDIOTS, and the Unreal 5 Engineers are IDIOTS (so like today).

    And I still play (so like so many old players hoping for a Mindark company doing things Honnestly and Fairly...)
    At least me I tell the Truth (Not like all those PCF AssLickers).

    If all those unfair features (cheats and exploits) could be removed, it would really be UNREAL !
    But most those were already existing In GameBryo / Project Entropia and they have been improved to be worse, so a new engine...
    For blind people probably.
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    • the evolution of core systems, such as hunting, mining and crafting
    Hmm ? You mean change the Camera System and Add options like the "Target Lock Sensivity" where we continue to get tons of dishonnest Misses . In the Project Entropia Times, Mindark was accusing the players and suggesting them to call their ISP because they were pretending those misses were not their fault... so what is the excuse today ?

    Desaligned Aim making us shoot or on the left, or on the right, this an absolutely disgusting exploit. I just cant believe you ask us to respect your rules... what rules if YOU mindark are the first to implement such totally unfair features... YOU should be locked ! And you dispaly yourself like if you are nice people... Not really. i wonder what kind of arguments you showed up against deathifier...
    Everyday I yell while playing : Who is the fucking idiot @ MA who made this totally BS target system !!!
    Whatever new feature you bring, it is each time in a cheat purpose... boring people, respect your rules !

    Mining ? we lost so much that i'm without voice... The "Market" is completly ruined and crafting mainly turns around the Explosive crafting so so sad. At least to add totally disgusting invisible trees and rocks on the ground, is this the Evolution you are talking ?
    Remove the Hypocrit rule about Cheats and Exploits in the EULA would be a good Evolution.
    Or may be YOU could start to respect YOUR OWN RULES (after 20 years).

    • the migration of items and value currently present in Entropia Universe
    Oh Really ? Like for example, Materials not dropping anymore (replaced by this totally DUMB shrapnel) to craft P5A Weapons, clearly killing the investments of players during years, and I took here only 1 example... from SO MANY...

    Preserve the Soul, Stay Fresh
    The goal of this evolution and migration is to preserve the soul of Entropia whilst staying fresh.

    To achieve this we will:

    • Improve and refine the core features of Entropia Universe
    • Appeal to both current and future users.
    Give me a call : I'll show you the REAL SOUL of Project Entropia that you seem to have forgotten and erased...
    I'll do things with Integrity to really improve the game and add evolutive features for the Pleasure of Customers !
    Ak for CEO ! (no, no, stay cool man. Chill).

    Many key aspects of Entropia will remain the same:

    The same ? As what ? As what it used to be ? or what it has never been ?

    Bring back Taming like it was first designed, and add the Promissed stages 2 3 4.
    Bring back the Scanning profession (dead today) and fix the Scan vehicles, asked many times but never fixed.
    Bring back Loots to improve the RCE system that Mindark was SO PROUD to advertise the game. (Reduce this DUMB Shrapnel)
    Bring back paints for the Colorer Profession (Dead Today)
    Bring back Animal Skins for the Tailoring and Texturing Professions (Dead today)
    Bring back all Items necessary to craft for all our BluePrints taking dirt in our books because of this Shrapnel killing the economy.

    • The world will be sci-fi themed and single shard
    I thought it was already since 2003 ?
    Too bad flying ships in the sky were removed as fast as they were added...

    In addition, we will continue to appeal to a niche segment by remaining:
    • A sandbox MMORPG
    • With a user-driven, real-cash economy
    • Based on PED
    Sorry, is this a joke ? Continue you said ? to destroy everything and kill the RCE system that was GREAT in Project Entropia ?
    Read above to "continue" if you have lack of memories, I can help to bring back the Real Soul and Beating Heart of Entropia.

    Darkaruki was promissing but ... Ohhh Failed.
    Ak "saviour of the universe" ? "He'll Save Everyone Of Us, He is a miracle, King of the Impossible" ( Chill, chill Flash Gordon ).

    We will focus our efforts on worldbuilding to make exploring our worlds more stimulating and exciting. Exploring will become an end in itself!

    We will ? Long time the story line is empty me i would say...
    Less Blablabla and more action in the right direction could be a good start "Mind" "Ark".

    Yeah, the rest is just Blablabla going nowhere, just needed to add more text to make us feel there is more to read but...

    • Relative value of items from Entropia to be kept
    Hard to believe. So many of our items completly devalued in purpose and systematically. Some items renammed and functions removed to become heavily more expensive to use and lose their value, like the Focus Chip and many other items...

    • Introduction of environmental dangers
    Can feel promissing for a more realistic environment, but all I predict for such feature knowing our dear Friends Mind-Dark, is just more disgusting penalties like they love to add to the game, like if there was not enough cheats and disgusting buffs to dramatically damage our armors (ie dramatically increase the cost to play), or disable the ability to heal and make us die faster (which again dramatically increase the cost to play)... So the only realistic thing is mindark are greedy people always looking for more money to waste and less pleasure to play in this so called "sci-fi world".
    If it rains, will our armors get rusty ? Oh no Ak, dont give them more shit ideas !!!

    • Interplanetary jumpgates
    Ready to kill the Space MotherShips market ? I heard someone was banned from the game because he was practising lower trip prices, so even if me I would heavily wish for such feature, Interplanetary jumpgates seem to me another promiss that will never see a day to come in the game...

    I remember in pre-vu 10, mindark telling us we would ride atrox with Taming, or we could trade mining deeds to let another player extract mining claims... but...

    Remove the space Fee between planets, to improve the RCE aspect, that looks more like "kill planet partners while we do profits in same time".

    Yeah, A Warm Hello to my Friends Deathifier & Neverdie, The Original FOMA Owner, Next Island, The Arkadia Team and the Gold Keys not working anymore. To all Land Areas Owners who saw their lands fucked by tons of mob spawns everywhere on Calypso, the cold shower after investing so much and trusting people they should never...
    And personnally, a real honnest "Hello my Friend" Rick England who was clearly screwed after investing real money in "Compet",
    and here I will say it again, Damn There Is Really No Police In Sweden ? How can such disgusting thing can happen ?
    Some people really should be in jail today... Our world is really filled of unscrupulous scammers...

    We are currently focusing on Combat and Hunting; with Mining, Resource Gathering and Crafting to follow.

    Translation : we completly killed all cool features which were making the diversity and originality of Entropia, in the profit of Basic Systems that all MMO have... We are very good to talk in the wind and to be Sand Sellers, where no cool vision is in perspective.

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    Is this refering to the original soul of Entropia, or the post-VU10 soul of Entropia? If the latter, I'd like to hear a definition of what the soul of Entropia is considered to be, because whatever it used to be never made it into VU10.

    In other words, fly below the radar in order to avoid being investigated for gambling. Gotcha.

    Well, it used to be. And then flying vehicles were introduced that removed all risk involved in exploration. Some of my fondest memories of the old PE were when I was a wee noob trying to make my way north to Zychion, but got stuck at an outpost south of it, courtesy of a bunch of Atroxes. After posting on the forums, a team came and bailed me out.

    Nowadays, one can simply fly from TP to TP and grab all points of interest that way.

    Thriving community, eh? Care to provide some numbers to back that statement? No? Didn't think so.

    Well, technically speaking, that exists already. However, MindArk carefully and deliberately fucked all that up. There are hundreds of components and items that do have a function and purpose. But they are intended for poorly thought-out parts or professions that became useless due to the very changes MindArk made. I still have a ton of animal leathers, but the tailoring profession is dead. I have countless blueprints and ingredients for components nobody in the thriving community uses.

    If this statement means that all of this garbage cluttering up all the inventories will be consolidated into a far lesser number of components that actually will be crucial in the natural progression of things, then there might be some hope.

    This just sounds like some middle-manager is barfing up a bunch of buzzwords. What is it you're actually trying to say?

    We used to have all this. People used oil barrels and objects to create art. For whatever reason, that got removed as an option by MindArk. Pretty much anything that was "outside the box" (i.e. outside of the intentional designs of the developer) is killed off. Sometimes for good reasons (the MindArk developers aren't particularly good at anticipating out how their designs can be exploited), and other times because it allows for players to enjoy their time inside the universe, without actually spending any PED.
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    It did amuse me that they started with the "Holistic" buzzword that all the corporate types were throwing about a few years ago in the hopes that no one would know what it meant and be impressed.

    It's only a wonder they didn't put phosfluorescently drive distinctive internal or "organic" sources on their roadmap.

    https://www.atrixnet.com/bs-generator.html You are welcome.
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    Lars Falk says, "You said it, sista." or whatever it is in Swedish.
  11. This can still happen if you've forgotten that you've put all your vehicles in PSU, as I discovered the other day.
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    Tricky on a noob budget I know. But some things I keep with me when out in the wilderness.

    1. The emergency sword (way over my level but still does enough hurt to get me out of tight spots on occasion)
    2. TP chip and mind essence
    3. BigTP chip (again, way over my skill level and only used for emergencies - likely sending me somewhere entirely random but hopefully away from anything with sharp teeth)

    There is always the Calypso Rescue Team too. CRT channel I think.
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  13. Very tricky indeed, especially as I have no TP chip of any kind and was seriously overloaded with almost worthless loot, so running or walking almost made no difference. In future I'll try and remember the CRT channel if I ever leave my vehs in psu again ;)
  14. "in about a year."... ok we'll SEE....
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