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  1. I have made a website dedicated to the legal aspects of Entropia, I have decided that if the community on this forum is interested I will make this a thread where I will post news updates relating to my site.

    My first news update is that I have written an article about legal action taken regarding an in-game loan.

    The URL for my site is: http://www.entropialaw.com/

    All feedback is welcome, and if you have a story to submit please pm me here or contact me via the website, we are always looking for new stories to write articles on so that the community may gain a better legal understanding of how to deal with problems in Entropia.
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  2. Maybe you should add to the "Ingame Loan" thing that a guy in "top" society, lets call him Player C had lent Player A money also but when Player C realized he wouldnt get any peds back he "borrowed" Mod.merc and imp.fap from Player D that was a socmate with Player A and held it ransom for quite some time.
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    And add that player C still has not solved the issue of that MM with player D.

    Intresting site, bookmarked
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    its an interesting article, however thats something odd about it. it might the prose style of the writer, or it might be that i cant understand why someone involved in a court case failed to respond to another claim. Its a shame they didnt as it means the validity of the claim is untested eitherway. which brings on another oddity, how the proof was demonstrated in making the claim, i have no idea how you use that online system and appears you have to register to get any info out of it, but i'd have expected, as with a normal small claims court process, some basic written documents to show that the loan had been made would be required. Where would these come from in our virtual world?:dunno:
  7. I may not quite understand this, but to obtain proof and security for loans and trades, players use fraps recordings and recorded PM logs. Are these actually considdered as legitimate proof of cases?

  8. We cannot know why he did not respond to the claim but it is likely that he never even gave it to his lawyer, and if he wanted to pay it off eventually he might of just accepted the claim.

    You do not need any proof to make the claim unless it is disputed, had it gone to court and he had claimed that the debt never existed then the claimant (Player B) would of had to prove the debt.

    Anything can be accepted as proof, chat logs, screenshots and others, as long as you can show that it relates to the person you are claiming money from. As far as we know you can also request trade logs from Entropia Support.
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    possibly screenshots and logs a valid proof, but you also have to link the in game avatar to the real person. theres a lot of ifs in there that we dont know about. I wonder if theres a record of cases, i know there is at higher courts, had a breif sniff around but cant find one online for small claims though.
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    The real person can be linked to trade quite easily via MA support. However, they won't divulge such information to you as swedish law does not permit them to do so. They would, however divulge that info to police and possibly lawyers etc that request it for their investigation. So basically to get such info you need to contact police and get the info from police. Also I assume such info would be quite valid in a court as it's from the police.
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    you could involve the police or lawyers, but you're rather stepping outside the areana covered by the small claims court in doing so. If a simple solicitors/lawyers letter to MA is sufficient then very well, it has been known that company's "privacy" policies fracture at the slightest attempt to gain information when the request appears official.
  12. Only reason this thing went to court was that the people involved had eachothers RL names n contact info. I do not think the case would have gone to court if MA was involved in the process
  13. If there is still an ongoing dispute and you have detailed information we would be very happy to make another article on the issue, and maybe the person involved is interested in taking some legal action on the matter?

    Feel free to pm me more information or submit it on the website.

    This is very important as there can be no case if you do not know the identity of the person you are taking to court.
  14. The MM from Player C was not from Player D but from Player E. Player E filed criminal charges in his country and nothing happened after that and Player E quit the game

    Player C held 2 items hostage from D and E saying it was their fault since A was in their soc at the time
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