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    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I began this years back (in 2005), and changed the story a little as time went by. It was something I use to write on old EF, because to me the storyline of a game/the avatar you have means a lot to the feeling and emotions you put into the game. I could have played a lot of other games where the story was already made for me - where I would be a part of something, which is really nice. But Entropia cried for a storyline (and is still crying) and compared to a lot of other games, this is a place where it's possible to create your own backgrounds and lifes.

    I find it interesting when players create a caracter and a background story for it as well - the edge between virtual lifes and real lifes become very very small. When you create an avatar with a story, it will be like living a second life - as if you have been here always - and the connection between you and the pixels becomes tighter and more intense.

    Entropia is different in many ways. You are only allowed to have this one, unique avatar, with this one, unique name, where you can have several avatars in other games like Wow and Lotro, where you even have a chance to play the enemy. But with the possibilities of changing avatars in the same game you also distinguise yourself from the avatars and storylines - and you put on new hats whenever you choose to become just another 'figure'. Instead of having a close connection to one avatar, you have a smaller connection (and perhaps not that important) to a lot of avatars.

    I wish to encourage people who loves to roleplay, to write their own stories - to create their own backgrounds - create the reasons for their Entropian lifes and give it a deeper thought to why they are where they are today.

    So, please feel free to add your own story here :) I would love to hear it!

    And I will begin by telling you a little about myself and my life on Calypso - and later on - my life on other planets as well...

    Thanks :)


    This is my beginning ... because every story has a start ...

    I hardly remember my parents because they got killed during the Robot War when I was only 8. We lived in a small house; my parents, brother and sister and I, just outside Nymphtown. It was a beautiful part of Planet Calypso. I clearly remember the big pine trees and majestic oaks all surrounding the area and our house. The Sea was not far away, and sometimes my Dad would take me and my brother on a trip there for some fishing. Nearby we also had some small rivers, where we jumped into the cold water on warm Summer days.

    My dad worked as a Hunter and a Forrester. My mom took care of our house and crafted a little to get some extra pocket money. We lived a poor life money wise but sertainly not love wise. And it made us appriciate the little things, which was important in life, even more. The love our parents gave us and the very thight relationship we kids had made our home warm and cosy with a natural light and positive spirit.


    We were having diner one dark evening, sitting around the table my dad, mom, brother at 5 and sister at 2. Snable Soup with Tomatoes, Onions and Caroots! The Bread was hard and tasteless as it was Friday and all Bread was baked on Sundays. Dipping the Bread in the Soup made it more tasty though and much easier to swollow. After thanking Lootius for the days Loot and Meal ... we start eating ...

    Suddenly we heard the noise of Bombs and Lasers. It sounded like Firework, just much higher and the sound went from tempting wails into frightning explosions. With a quick look at my parents surpricing faces, I ran out the door - and I could hear the screaming from my mom far from behind, begging me to stay... But my curiosity kind of controled my legs to proceed.

    I ran over the Hill next to our house and saw the big tanks and Robot Troops marching toward me. Between the sounds from Lasers, Guns and Bombs the sounds from metal moving forward was tearing apart my Ears. I got cold inside and felt the sweat on my back and shoulders. My legs couldn’t move anymore - they felt like Stonepills. I was just standing there as if the whole World stood still. Maybe this really was the day were the time went backwards? Nothing was as it used to be after ...

    I looked at my left and far away I saw large groups of exo's running, nearly stumbling in their long necks, trying to escape the noise, fire and death. Suddenly a Bomb rushed throughout the air over my head. I looked at it with my big, green eyes – to me it mostly looked like a falling Star. A big explosion was the next and I realized it was my house getting exterminated.

    I hurried home as fast as I could - my heart beated as if it tried to cut itself out through my cheast. Then I ran more slow - I could se the fat, dark smoke from the fire. The sounds were gone – only the whispers from the flares was filling the air. I walked to the door afraid of what I might find inside.

    Still standing in the door, I saw my little sister lying as if she was sleeping next to my mother on the ground. She wasn't sleeping, which the pond of dark, red blood under her head told. I could see my mother tried to carry her out. My father was not there, but his old Axe was laying on the floor next to my mother and sister. I looked around - it was like watching someone else and everything seemed so unreal. I saw my little brother sitting in a corner while burning flares came closer and closer. It looked as if he was screaming but no sound came out of his mouth. I ran into the kitchen to help him out, but a piece of wood from the loft felt down on me and I had a blackout.


    I woke up, confused, in unfamiliar surroundings…. My legs felt cold - so did my heart ... only thing I knew was my name, Lykke ... and I was now alone in this world...

    ... A stranger - greyhaired with green, worried eyes - looked at me. The pain was staggering - hurtfull and very real - but my childish curiousity made me look around. Did I know this man? He looked concerned as he took a wet, not all white rag and wiped my forehead. The room was small and dark but cosy. The wodden bed hard, but soft pillows was sheltering my back and head. The same moment I felt the cold water on my lips, from the cup the stranger handed to me... my eyes became dark, the blood left my head .. and I fainted ...

    The mans name was Kyroph! He was the old and wise leader of the community society TEC - Trading explorers of Calypso. For years he and his members had been struggling against the Robots in the War on Calypso. A War I didn't even knew excisted - my Childhood Home seemed to have been one of the few secure and safe places for years. Untill now.


    I was recovering quickly. I was sitting on the bed, eating soup, while the oldie told me about the wonders of hunting - two kids came running into the room. Not much older than I - Goten and Diablo. They screamed and yelled while playing with Shortblades - and hurried out again with the slap from the oldie's hand. He was a man who used wise words and kindness to get peoples respect and attention! He was my new familiy. He picked up suffering kids around, victims of the War, dressed them in Orange and called them his Children of War and Disciples. They became my new brothers and sisters!

    During my recovering time, Kyroph became like a father to me. No one ever found my real father after the Robot Attack - or my little brother. Kyroph told me he found me on the floor in our burning house. But he couldn't see anyone else there, except for my mother and sister on the floor. The picture of them never escaped my mind and I can still wake up in dark nights from scream and the sounds of bombs filling the air.

    The first years was spent on keeping up on the other kids in fighting, hunting, crafting and mining - though hunting was my favorite. But when I met my mentor, Solaxe Sol Luckfield, I finaly understood the art of Swords. I worked hard to gain skills and I learned quickly about the possibilities and advantages in using different weapons - and more important, what weapon to use against what mob. I graduated, and my mentor became a very good friend of mine whom I could always rely on - also after graduation. At that point, the dream of having a Mentoring School started to grow, and became a whole life goal.

    Being alone in a World of War, wasn't easy for a young Girl. I started to read and study the words of Lootius, not knowing that I several years later, would spread his word and give hope and confidence to the people around Calypso and on other places in the Universe. In the beginning my faith was placed on what could be in a bottle of sweat, but seeing the returning gifts made me realize, that Lootius was looking after me and guarding me against evil.

    I DID survive a very rough attack - and I felt very lucky and blessed everyday I saw the sun rising the sky ... nothing could ever hurt me again ... or so I thought ...


    We grew up - it was a joy, mostly fun, but behind fun the fights and fisting was done with the thought of mind, that War was not over yet and the Robots far from being conquered.

    As we grew older we gained other interests and my bond to my new brothers, Gothen and Diablo, lead to my Entropian Marriage with Diablo. we held the wedding at Deathifiers Masion on Treasure Island. Kyroph was on old friend of Deathifier, who agreed to help us out with the fest - which was held in the spirit of nature - only wearing underwear. To wed us - and tell us the words of wisdom, old Kyroph got the one and only priest on Calypso at that moment - Peter ViagraFalls Larsson. I only heard about this person and his wisdom and I was very excited about meeting this Priest to discuss the matters of Lootius further.

    The speach ViagraFalls held was awesome and his magic words put me under a spell. At the wedding day I had no idea what bigger part of my life this Priest would later be involved in. I was captured by the mysterious light around him not knowing that most of it was probably fog from the booze he enjoyed so much.

    Years went by with more hunting and more skilling. No big Wars, only a few Beacon Trips. Even though they were serious enough, we mostly saw it as a fun training.

    Diablo and I grew apart, which often happens when you marry a Childhood Friend. We knew it already from the beginning, but on Calypso there is an unwritten rule that you marrie in a young age because of the dangers which is always there - and lots of Men and Women are being killed in the Wars around.

    I left my Childhood Home and the Society, TEC, after the marriage. I grew strong with that society but decided to join a new society of rebels, ~NO~. It was very exciting times in this Society. So much activity and a very encouraging Spirit and eager to fight the Drones and new Robots attacking the Land Areas.

    We could see that even the mobs around got more and more aggresive as the sky went darker and red. We could all feel the present of Doom Day were we would have to fight against evil and metal to keep what belongs to us - Freedom and another Day.

    The times in NO made me strong - but sometimes I ran around alone along Corns Heaven to clear my mind. I needed to get in touch with the beautiful nature, with deep forrests and long beaches on Eudoria - I rarely went for the deserted Fields on Amethera!

    Somehow I just had the feeling that there were something out there. Something more. Something bigger. And at some point in near future, I would find it ...


  2. Nice story! though i dont think i could write one about my avatar Ori :) as im not much of a writer......still i like the fact that you have injected roleplay elements into EU :clap: the one thing i have always liked about EU is how open it is with your character basically the development of your avatar///and the fact that you only have one** so over time! through the way you play and the jobs you do (hunting/mining/crafting ect) the people you meet shape your avatar almost as such things would in real life also ! your avatars personality that comes from you the person pushing the keys........i have had some really awesome times in EU with friends i have made in game that still bring a smile to my face :):)good times!!

    oh! have a tune! as a thanks for a good read..............................:D
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Hey Or & thanksi :) it's not as much the ability to write as it's the ability to have a good imagination, I believe. If you come up with little stories along the way, it will still be cool to hear :yay:

    Anyone else?
  4. Yes! that's a valid point? but i do have a very overactive imagination and im extremely creative* i work as a conceptual artist and build 3d models for industry! houses and such :) i just don't like writing! it's not because of my lack of ability to have a good imagination! i just prefer to be creative with drawing or in other forms as that is where my talents lay :biggrin: as i can see your talent is writing and thats cool also..:clap: maybe your avatar and Ori could meet up and they both could spend the day together and maybe you could write a character retrospective about her ("Ori") that be very interesting i guess...cheers!

    A tune! why?
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    OHH what kind of concept art are you doing? Pictures??? :D
  6. Well! i can draw absolutely anything and have always been able to :) though! basically what i do from a work standpoint is convert 2d draft plans into 3d* this involves drawing the furniture and various other aspects of the 2d plan and then building the concepts in 3d form to construct a 3d environment for conceptual presentation purposes :clap:.........................................
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