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Discussion in 'Entropia Services' started by narfi, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Over 2.5years ago we set forth to conquer the Arctic of Rocktropia and the infected THINGs that were spawning there. It took 6 months to accomplish, but in the end with the help of over 200 avatars we were triumphant.

    Without them, we could never have accomplished what we did.

    The prize was the Mothership MacReady formaly known as the Pirate ship Revenge.

    For two years we operated EntropiaTransport.com with the MacReady along with Sitka's privateer XXIV.
    That was a new adventure as grand as the event that won the ship. We had a lot of fun learning the systems and over the course of time have had 100s of people involved with the operation of the ships not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of VIP passengers and low budget free 'Slow Boaters'

    I would like to personally thank everyone involved both in the event and with EntropiaTransport.com for all of the help you were for Jess (my wife) and I. You each know the roles you played and have a special place in our hearts.

    Last night the MacReady was sold, and XXIV has been returned and is also for sale.

    It is a bittersweet transition for us. We have had so many good memories with the Ships, and with the Crew, and with the Passengers. But the money will benefit our family better in RL than virtual.

    New projects for me will include the Stables, and working towards Land Areas.
    Check out the event on OLA39.

    Thanks again to everyone involved, and if there are any Pilots with warp ships commonly flying Calypso <> Rocktropia I would love a comment on your playing times and rates :)
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    In one way sad to hear Narfi, but on the other hand it gives you breathing space to do other stuff and good luck with those.
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