Error: "Could not start the updater application"

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    Should you experience any issues running the clinetloader after updating, seeing an error message telling you the updater application could not be started, right-click your start menu (not the button, the menu containing the quick launch buttons), and select "Start Task Manager".

    Alternatively, hold down CTRL + Shift and press ESC.

    In the running processes list, look for "Clientloader.exe", and when it is running, end the process.

    Then right-click the client loader icon, and from the popup menu, select "Run As Administrator". Your update should now commence as usual :tiphat:
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  2. Wow, it works! Thanks :)
  3. Thanks for the tip. I've just come in after being away from my PC all day, so I will find out.
    Was able to login without issues...
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