Unlock Ethereal Soul Language

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Griph, May 17, 2011.

  1. Today I unlocked the ethereal soul language - the ability to see the oOooOoOOoOoo...!

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    Many thanks to Star for providing the chip and thanks a lot Stratos for a job well done among the dead, coming back already at my second attempt ;)

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  2. OOooooOOOOo! Nice one :).
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  3. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Fantastic work. Big Gratz Una. :yahoo:
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  4. Good job Una, gratz for the unlock.
    Was a pleasure to be the victim :)
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  5. Hmmm - I'm intrigued. I'm wondering what Ethereal Soul Language sounds like and what you do with it. Gratz for getting it though :)
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  6. You know when someone is dead and write something in the local chat it shows as "ooOooOOoOOoo..." to everyone around?
    Not when you got Ethereal Soul Language unlocked, from now on I can actually see what it is they write, instead of just seeing the ooOOooOoOoOoo.

    The skill doesn't have any more effects than that and it doesn't show up in the skill page, simply a fun thing to have. You can come across quite some funny frustrated comments from people that just died lol
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  7. Note to self. When I die type "ooOOooOOoo"!
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  8. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    I do that sometimes when i know someone around has ESL, just to make them confused :hehe:
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