EU 12.0.0 - Next Islander Professions List

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Tom, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Tom


    Perhaps this is a good time to begin compiling a who's-who of Next Islanders and their associated abilities (crafters and their available blue prints, texturers, colorers, and others). Would be a great way to centralize a place where people can find services available.

    Example: Andromeda needs a Finder F-103, but she can find out who can crafts those devices.

    I know Honey Kitten Little and Corey 'GreyFox" have posted some of their crafting skills. Great people to know when you need something crafted! And I know there has to be many many more talented people willing to help. :)
  2. Honey Kitten Little
    Hunter - 58th
    Tailor 23th
    Weapons crafting ~ 20th
    Tools crafting 20th
    Armor crafting 16th
    Attachments 14th
    Vehicles 14th
    Coloring 28th
  3. Hunter-42
    Hunter in Ancient Greece-20
    Prospector-9 ish
    laser weapons engineer-21
    BLP weapons engineer-20
    Long blades engineer-19
    short blades engineer-19
    Powerfist engineer-19
    Attachment engineer-16
    Coloring-5(ya your only going to need my service is Kittens computer melts :) )

    Also specifics of my what I can craft can be found at still updating the OP.
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