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Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by slartybartfass, May 14, 2008.

  1. Hello Folks,
    while replying to Una's Itumatrox globals lightning strucked me, afterwards I had a hinky idea.
    What about a EU-Chronicle band project?
    We are spread round the world here in our great forum and why not produce a song? It must not related to EU of course, but... .
    The only thing we need are some musicians. It is obvious that Kets is able to handle a guitar, and for sure we have some other musicians here.
    So we have to think about a song to play. Everyone is doing his track and I will do the mixdown.
    What do you think about?
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  2. You can count on me not to mess this up by not contributing, I don't know one end of a guitar from another and I can't sing to save my life :)

    Good idea, hope it pans out.
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    No I don't think I can do count on him or her not to mess this up by not contributing he or she do not know one end of a guitar from another. Why can't you do sing to save his or her life smileGood idea hope it pans out?
  4. we have a place for talker bot as well. as drum head :Beaten::Beaten::Beaten:
  5. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    What kind of music genre are we talking about here?
    Rock, metal, pop...


    I own an ESP Viper with EMG-81 pickups in bridge and neck. I play through a Line 6 Spider II into an M-Audio Firewire 410 Sound Card that is connected to 2 x Rokit 6 Studio speakers and all that is routed to record from M-Audio Pro-Tools.

    I also have a Shure KSM-27 Studio microphone and 2 x Shure 58 microphones.

    Now that the techno mumble jumble is out of the way lets get down to the talent portion of this little reply hehe

    My singing is according to people far better than my guitar playing but I am not so sure that is accurate hehe. I am not an uber guitar player but I can hold my own. I´ll just have to record covers today to show off what ever talents I have if any... I promise nothing at all! If it´s horrible so be it but at least I tried haha

    +rep for a great idea!

    Will post links to the songs later today, that is of course if I manage to record them! I warn you! One will be a Slipknot cover and the other one is yet to be decided but will be on the lighter side hehe

  6. cool, can't wait :)

    Some of our Australian compagnons is able to play dijaridoo ???
  7. Bloodstar

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    I have to jump to a store. My guitar battery(active EMG pickups) is dead and it makes a horrible distorted sound when it´s played clean. At least I am hoping it´s only my battery :/

    Will update ;)
  8. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    The band sounds like fun. :D

    But no didgeridoo playing here.
  9. Bloodstar

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    What about bag pipes and sitars? anyone? ;)
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    Rhetorical questions are so over. "smile Do your friends call you hoping it´s his or her battery Will update"? anyone?I'm happy you're amused.
  11. Heha, cool idea. I have built electric drumkit and it is using demo software to play samples. It works and we've been using the same kit with our band. I can also play guitar but don't have any good recording gear for it.

    Here is a youtube-video of semi-finished kit:
  12. Bloodstar

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    You don´t need good gear to record it, you only need soul ;)

    Sidenote: You really do need good gear but that sentence is so cool haha
  13. Bloodstar

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    I just watched the Youtube video from Mora and here are my thoughts!

    What is up with the almost vertical toms? I have never seen toms that way before, only big ass gongs and huge bass drums from experts(hand bass drums)
    The sound was pretty good though! The video was out of sync though but that is not the point of the video, it´s a sound demo rather than a performance demo hehe

    Record something again. Do you know back in black? Play that one through and record it, Easiest song I have ever learned on drums hehe. Just a suggestion... Play what ever song comes to mind, but at least play one from beginning to end so showcase what you got ;)

  14. lol, this makes me remember my days as live sound engineer. My first question during soundchek (if I heard strange sounds from a guitar) was to check the battery... nearly 100% hitrate. those guitarheroes mainly do not think about such stupid things like batteries.:D:D:D
  15. Bloodstar

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    It was the battery that was causing the crappy tone! one would think that if a battery for an active pickup that is supposed to make the sound dirty would get even more dirty when the battery is low or done!

    I decided to record: With Arms Wide Open by Creed. It´s definitely not an uber recording but it is song that I know how to play the solo because it´s very simple. Who would have known that recording would be so stressful haha. My fingers did not find the fretboard at times it was just messed up! I love the feeling! I definitely see where I have to improve my playing after that little recording session. I have still yet to record the vocals. This is what I am going to do. I am going to upload both with and without vocals so that people might sing over it and/or record bass, drums or what ever on it!

    Oh and if someone would be able to tell me how the hell I put on the click track and to adjust it I would be forever greatful haha(Pro Tools 7.3 M-Audio Edition)

  16. That clamp which attachs the drum to rack isn't good, it doesn't hold the tom at desired position. Rack is now shortened about 20cm so toms can be held more flat.

    Almost any video I upload to youtube goes out of sync automatically. I will make more videos as soon as I get that trigger-to-midi converter back. I'm not a drummer either so performance won't be better in other videos :>
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    I understand. And shortened about 20cm so toms can be held more flat is Rack. Nearly so. What is it? Explain your plans to me.Oh I see you are NOT A drummer either so performance will not be better in other videos >.
  18. Bloodstar

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    I am converting the vocal passage to Windows Media File. I did not buy the mp3 option with pro-tools so I can´t do that just yet but of course one can convert the WMF to anything hehe
    It dead hard to do vocals! No one told me being a sound engineer would be so damn hard! The tones are all over the place, reverb is shit and I don´t know what the beep I am doing but it´s fun to experiment haha

    I hear more Dio and Bon Jovi than Scott Stapp in that recording... Definitely need to remember to down tune my guitar by half a step because standard tuning does not compliment my voice at all...

    Will be ready in about 10 minutes :)
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    I apologize in advance to those that hate the upload site that I am using. The file is bigger than what I am allowed to attach to posts(at the moment)
    The file is 3.9mb...
    Was first 235kb and I was like WTF??? Then I listened to it and the whole thing was on such low settings it was just like when you tape concerts with a phone haha

    You guys can of course tell me about better uploading sites ;)

    Here is the one with guitar and vocals... This is stressing the hell out of me haha

    Be kind lol
  20. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    What is the proposed medium for recording the tracks? I've got Sonar 3 Producer from cakewalk, but I've had some issues with it recently and lots of dropouts. I can also play bass if needed, I have a Yamaha RSX 880 as for guitars, I've got the SG Custom in the picture, a Gibson Les Paul Special, a Gibson Blues Hawk electric and a Washburn acoutic / electric. If the tracks are distributed as wav files then I can import it into Sonar...with luck...and drop my part(s) onto it.

    BTW, I was trained in classical voice, opera and the like back in college and sang Rock and Roll from the early seventies until today. My primary instrument is voice, so if need be, I may be able to assist in that aspect.
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