EU-Chronicle band project

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by slartybartfass, May 14, 2008.

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    What time is it there?
    How do you plan to do this?Can you speak any foreign languages?
  2. One more drumming, How You Remind Me
    Now all the first three requested songs have been drummed. I can supply all of them in .wav if necessary.
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  3. Ok here's a tune from Scat and Phunk - not quite finished but we like this latest cut.

    OR NOT

    Ok I see the problem trying to upload MP3's now. Will sort it out.
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  4. fixed - try it out huys - EuC should now be good for uploads!
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  5. In fact there is probably a lot of work to go! We have so limited time though :(

    Well here is the upload - hope you like it.

    ED: nuts - it still doesn't work :(
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  6. I play guitar, trombone, harmonica, and piano. Could I be in? :D
    I better start recording!
  7. We came a bit unstuck - but I'd like to get it going again. since that post I have been producing *lots* and am now well up for rebirth of the band project. Anyone else?
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  8. Me! (unless you have already counted me)
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  9. Yes I'd guessed that you're game ;)
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