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    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples


    The follow up is here:


    There are already many comments on 1st article. I liked the comment by Mcc. 100% facts thanks for that 1 Big Mac (big salute to Solo Kuncrad also hahah).

    2nd ''follow up'' (about the great crafting system). Not even 1 mention at all about Explosive Projectiles......

    I also thing that cryo poster is spawn. IMHO. Anyway its official news and I could not post in the 'news' section so here it is.

    I will ask again. How much did Red Thomas get paid for that 'review'? :). I am only surprised that he did not get a huge ''random'' ATH like Leeloo :) http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/new-highest-mining-ath.6839/

    2 big Mccs and fries please
  2. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Just to say also 1 LITTLE thing. I don't hate EU or Mindark. I only hate ''explosive projectiles''. Its a casino a slot machine and on this 1 I WONT listen to others ''opinions''. THAT slot machine destroyed the economy in EU forever.

    However - it also HAS to stay. If for NO OTHER REASON than some people paid a lot (for the BP) some even just chipped IN the skills to be able to gamble. However - I think there should be a pop up warning over 18/21 ONLY can(13 years old is min age to gamble on EP4....)

    Waiting for the fan boys with previous AND present investments to tell me ohhhhh EP4 is not gambling its skilling. IT IS GAMBLING and should have all the necessary legal things that goes with that. The big fan boys and trolls will just say ohhh you have to skill up to be able to gamble onthat. PLEASE STOP THAT SHIT NOW it only takes 1-2 mins of checking to know your a LA owner past or present
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  3. If "officials" wont admit its gambling...the gamble addicts will continue...oh wait...even if "officials" would announce its gambling...gamblers would still gamble.

    But Mindark cant admit its gambling, as the swedish lotterieinspektionen would come back at them, to "test" everything...then again...lotteriesinspektionen truly failed in "inspecting" Entropia...because of a simple "we dont have enough time".
  4. Ep ain't more gambling than spending ammo on a chance to loot or spending on probe chips is...
  5. I think the crafting machine makes it a better comparison to eg. Slot machines/one-armed bandits than doing more sophisticated gambling ‘out in the wilderness’.
  6. Cryo Guy is not Spawn. Spawn is Spawn
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