EU sanctions against Russia

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    My home planet is Uranus! Home of the one eyed chocolate star fish! :alcohol:

    And I think I'm with EwoK on this one. The real time to worry about EU being affected is when the US wants their cut! :wink:

    Oh and a saying on my home planet: never look a full starfish directly in the eye! :puke::whistling::poop:
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  2. Hi,

    I'd think not much will happen. Maybe there'll be a little more problems for people in the "blocked countries" for a while, but they'll quickly find ways to participate further (if they want to).

    I know people from mainland China (PRC) in EU that cannot deposit/ withdraw (due to banking restrictions), and shouldn't be able to play at all (due to the Great Firewall). And still they do - there's creative ways to get the Renminbis ($$$) in and out, and there's VPNs.

    And, after all, these sanctions will not last long.

    I know we are meant not to talk about politics here. I respect this. Don't click the spoiler button if you're not ready to read my (a simple Europeans) view and reason - it may contain politics!
    The powers that be in Europe will soon realize that they have been instrumentalized, are suffering huge losses, and will order their politicians to drop them sanctions.
    Who's gonna profit of it, anyways?

    • USA hopes to sell it's fracking gas to Europe (instead of Russia), and wants to divide Europe from Russia to hold down an upcoming potential trading competition, right?
    • Instead this way they are strengthening BRICS, a much more dangerous competition!
    • So the powers that be in USA, too, will soon realize that they have actually bombarded their own feet, are among the inevitably causalities, and will order their politicians to drop this road.
    So, I don't see any major problems here. Gamers can be very creative when it comes to further play their game, and there's always some talented hackers among that are by far better than the govt's paid serfs. :)

    And, besides, there's a lot of other problems regarding EU but this ...

    Have a good time!
  3. RAZER

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    Hey, there is no need to call me names !
  4. Neuromancer

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    Any Russian soc controlled LAs we can grab?
    jk impact on EU the game will be near zero.
  5. Jamira

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    I will shut up.
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  6. RAZER

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    Oh those stupid Dutch :)
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