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Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by itto, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. I most other games players making movies, showing whats going on inside their game, YouTube is full of them!

    Therefore we now launch the EU Cinema, a new part of EuC where you can show you latest EU movie (or any other movie you made).

    Have a look as some of the movies I added during the set ut, start thinking of what kind of movie you like to make!

    Rest asure of that it will be competitions in moviemaking :p

    ps. for all of you that dont have a clue on how to make a game movie, I promise a guide real soon
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  2. Very nice Itto, good work!

    By the way, couldn't they have found one with a little less Swedish accent for the "Entropia Universe Concept Presentation"? :hehe: Sounds very strained and funny :D
  3. *hehe* that presentation is real old, from the early days
    Note that she is talking about "Projekt Entropia" the original name of the community

    But you are very right about here accent, she sounds like the swedish emigrants in the old movie "utandrarna" (the emigrants) kind of charming how amateuristic it was in the beginning.
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