EU World Boxing Championships - Draw, Results and Schedule

Discussion in 'Entropian Events' started by Oleg, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. And here are todays health profile ;)
  2. Weekend schedule updated in post 3, more to follow I hope :)
  3. having problems organizing the times, people late to answer their time slots?

    but then again I dont mind if you move me up to the final right away, after all I was the first to sign up so make sense to be the last to sign out too ;)
  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My apologies for missing the Friday boxing matches, but I'll definitely be there on Sunday for all of them. :)
  5. no fights today? :( (Saturday)
  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Nope ... according to the update list, not until 17:00 on Sunday, unless something changes.
  7. No. For some reason people expect me to be available 24 hours a day to answer their pointless questions and referee their fights, even when they are only prepared to offer 1 hour per week themselves.

    It may surprise you to learn that I have other things to do (sleeping, eating, etc).

    (NB Not at all intended as an attack on Jenny who has been a very keen and co-operative participant, I wish there were more like that :))
  8. wow you do that too, so you wasn't some new kind of super event human :D

    Agree, if you enter a tournament like this be prepared to sacrifice some extra time, I'm sure all can at least be prepared for 5hours/week no matter your rl situation(it's at least 3days usually to play with), if not maybe you shouldn't have entered in the first place...
  9. Check today's updated schedule in post 3, first fight in about 30 minutes.
  10. A few matches scheduled for Wednesday and Friday, see post 3 for details. More to follow!
  11. I've updated the schedule again with some more weekend fights, including two finals.

    We're not going to be able to get everything done in time for this weekend, so the remaining finals will be held next week instead. We might be able to squeeze in one more final this weekend, not sure yet :)

    There are two fights at 18:00 tonight.
  12. MindStar9

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    Thanks for the update Oleg, and I'll be sure to print it out. Unfortunately, I won't be available this evening because it's a teaching night for me. I'll be there for the rest of the weekend activities though, so see you then. :)
  13. Oops, made a typo in the above post, fights are at 18:00, which means right now :)
  14. Flyweight Quarter-final
    3. Mark Mark Gideon (WildD3amons) 3-0 Kruts krutais Afigens (Irken Invaders)

    Flyweight Semi-final
    2. Mark Mark Gideon (WildD3amons) 5-0 Mad Goose Hunter (Calypso Desert Rangers)

    That means Gideon fight Lilly in the final - an all WildD3amons affair.

    The final will be held on Saturday at 16:00, and don't forget we've also got the Heavyweight final at 22:00 - hope to see you there!
  15. MindStar9

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    I'll be there Oleg ... and sorry again for the crap that happened with the radio stuff Friday night. Not sure what that was all about, but the radio software got caught in some kind of glitch and hung there frozen in time. I had to completely relog my system. It's all working fine now, so hopefully it stays that way. I hate that I missed the QF and SF ... but it will be interesting to see this Flyweight final for sure.

    See everyone there ... the Heavyweight Final between Beechbum (Irken Invaders) and Sound (Shaolin) will be fun too. :)
  16. Heavyweight Final
    Bob beechbum da'mon (Irken Invaders) 6-8 Therya Sound Tallin (Shaolin)

    If you weren't there, I can't tell you how amazing this fight was!

    Grats to our new Heavyweight Champion Sound, and well done to beechbum the runner-up!

    We're back at 1700 Sunday :)
  17. awww stupid daikis made me miss that :((

    Guess I have to finish them off earlier today then, so I dont miss any more...

    Gratz Sound
  18. Lightweight Quarter-final
    1. Marcus corrie aurelius (BlackAngels Evolution) 0-3 Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro (Odysseus Unbound)

    Lightweight Semi-final
    1. Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro (Odysseus Unbound) 5-1 Captain Ultimate Catch (WildD3amons)

    Super Heavyweight Final
    1. Stoikow Stoikow Mudorow (Warants) 8-2 Warants Skalman Skalmansson (Warants)

    The Lightweight final will be held on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 01:00, and the Welterweights will be at 18:00 on Saturday.

    There are still a couple of Middleweight matches to sort out before the final, those will be held some time during the week with the final at the weekend.
  19. Middleweight Quarter-final
    3. hijacker Hijacker27 inferno (Pyrates of Calypso) 2-3 Kayla Mystique Sinclair (Pyrates of Calypso)

    Lightweight Final
    Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro (Odysseus Unbound) 8-2 Jack Cappy Walsh (Irken Invaders)

    Grats to Blast, the 2009 Flyweight Champion who is now the 2010 Lightweight Champion!

    Welterweight final is on Saturday at 18:00, and there are still two remaining matches to be scheduled, hopefully these will be done by early next week.
  20. Saturday's final is postponed and will now be held at 18:00 Sunday.

    I've also scheduled the remaining Middleweight matches for Sunday night.

    This is all provisional for now but hopefully it'll all work out OK :)
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