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Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by itto, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hi
    As for this morning the Euc have a new feature!

    Under your User Control panel (User/cp) you'll find a new link 'Edit Extra Options'
    This page is intended to be the foundation for building up your profile with some real EU info

    I have just played around with it so far and i really need your input on what kind of info is fun to read or cool to display
    So pls check it out an get back to me we with some opinions on what kind of fields i should add

    please post answers in this thread
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  2. Nice one Itto :),

    Some first thoughts, the profession box may want to include, Sweater, Scavenger and perhaps even Mentor.

    Favourite armour may be a good one?

    Favourite hang out would be nice, if someone wants to meet you it would be good if they knew where that was. Canley participants may decide to lie in that one :).

    I am glad the global and HoF boxes are not integer only fields as i only have a rough idea of the globals.

    If, I think of any more i will let you know.

    Nice work :).


    Gratz'd this but then found I could not give +rep, I am sure it is possible to +rep and then gratz though, any reason for that?
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  3. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    Gratz gives rep+1 so the forum doesn't allow to give rep again by +rep. But if you +rep first and then Gratz, the forum can't stop you from pushing the Gratz button so you give extra rep :p :D

    Itto: Very nice new feature. Is it possible to display that info at posts just like the Avatar Name is next to the Avatar Pic?
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  4. I have updated the Extra page now with some of your suggestions and some of my own
    There is also a TAB added to your "profile" called EU Info where ppl can read your game info

    Yes its posible to add this info to the postbit (beside the avatar pic/name)
    But adding all that info there would make the postbit way to big
    Is there something special you looking for?
  5. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    Nah, it's ok. I was thinking for the Globals and HoF parts but most people already post those at their signature. Also, it might have been nice yet not recommended for some ubers :) to put specific global info such as i.e. 10 solo hunting globals, 23 team hunting globals, 3 solo mining globals etc. in the Extra Page (not at the postbit). Same for HoF. That would take a lot of course. Perhaps the team/solo distinguish part can be dropped, or the hunting/mining/crafting one to lose. Anyway, I talked too much again... :confused:
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  6. Following the 'Hall of Fame' added today, I'm hoping to add some features so that it will be possible to automatically find how many globals etc. that you have posted on EuC and display it in your signature.

    Not much luck yet (I'm quite new to the languages involved!) but hopefully I'll get there soon!
  7. Check your postbits
    Was this what you were asking for? ;)
  8. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    Sugoi! Arigatou gozaimasu onii-sama!! :D

    Thx a lot m8!! ;)
  9. Nice Itto - that works well!
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