Event: Share the Wealth at Atrox Valley! 15 October - 14 November

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  1. Entropian Events and Manuel present

    Share the Wealth at Atrox Valley


    Join the contest on OLA-40 and you could win a share of the tax generated for a whole month. All you need to do is get globals, and you don’t even need to take screenshots because we’re using EntropiaTracker to count them automatically.

    In previous tax-share contests players have won over 15k PED in prizes at this LA – next time you could be one of them!


    OLA-40, Atrox Valley, is located northwest of Akmuul Island TP:


    The mobs here are Atrox Provider-Old Alpha, with 3 DNAs for high density hunting. Tax is set at 4% and will stay at that level during the event.

    There is a full service centre on the island at the north end of the LA, at approximately 24000, 29000.

    How to Play

    There are two ways to enter this event, both of which are free.

    The easiest way is to register for the event at EntropiaTracker.com. To do this, go to the events page at www.entropiatracker.com and find the two Share the Wealth at Atrox Valley listed there. Click the “View Info” button, and on the next page click “Sign me up for this event”.

    Your globals will then be automatically recorded by EntropiaTracker. To ensure that none of your globals are missed, you can run the EntropiaTracker client which you can find at http://www.entropiatracker.com/software.asp

    Please note that there are two events listed – one for the most globals and one for the highest global. You should sign up for both.

    If you don’t have an EntropiaTracker account and don’t want to make one, you can still enter the event by posting your screenshots in this thread. Screenshots must contain the time (press U) along with the Atrox Valley global message clearly showing.

    The contest takes place from 15 October to 14 November.


    The 5 entrants who have the most globals at the end of the month will win a share of the tax revenue generated during the event. There is also a prize for the highest global.

    • Most globals: 10% of revenue
    • 2nd most globals: 4% of revenue
    • 3rd most globals: 3% of revenue
    • 4th most globals: 2% of revenue
    • 5th most globals: 1% of revenue
    • Highest single global: 4% of revenue
    • Lowest single global: 1% of revenue

    To win the lowest global prize you must post your screenshot on the thread! Unfortunately the Tracker system is not able to handle this one :)


    Miners are welcome to take part, but because the Entropia Tracker event system doesn’t record mining, they will have to post globals screenshots in this thread. Screenshots must contain the time (press U) along with the Atrox Valley global message clearly showing.

    Special Events

    While you’re taking part in this contest, you could also win an extra 10,000 PEDs! Hit a 10k PED HoF or bigger, and by posting the screenshot in the 10k competition thread you’ll earn an extra 10k!

    There’s also a great chance to increase your global tally in the Atrox Valley Sunday events held every Sunday at 21:00. Sign up at the land marker for these events which are free to enter and have 600 PED in prizes.

    Other Rules

    1. Screenshots must be posted within 24 hours of the time shown in the chat window.

    2. To be valid, all screenshots must clearly show the global message, the location and the time in your chat window, the name of your avatar or team and a map confirming your position inside the land area.

    3. Please do not edit your posts! If you have something to add, make a new post. Edited posts may be disallowed.

    4. Globals are only valid if scored within the boundaries of OLA-40.

    5. Teams can not take part.

    6. If there is a tie for the highest or lowest globals, the player who achieved it first will win the prize. This means that the first person to score a 50 PED global will win the lowest global prize.

    7. Tax revenue is the total tax income minus the costs of fertiliser used to maintain the creature spawn and prizes in other events (not including the 10k prize - if the 10k is won, it will not reduce the prizes in this competition). This is the figure that will be used to determine the value of the tax payouts.

    8. The judge of this competition is Oleg Oleg McMullery. In the event of any dispute, Oleg’s decision is final.

    9. We reserve the right to disallow any entries in the case of suspected PhotoShopping or other foul play.

    Atrox at Entropedia: Entropedia: Creature: Atrox

    Atrox at EP Wiki: Creature:Atrox - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. [​IMG]


    Lowest Global
    Hugh Hugh Willose - 52 PED
  3. Edited rule 7 for clarification - if someone wins the 10k event, the event prize will not be deducted from the land income.

    In other words, winners in this event will not have their prizes reduced if someone wins the 10k.
  4. And we've begun :)

    I've added the live scoreboards from EntropiaTracker in the second post. These will update automically every 24 hours so they're empty now but the scores should appear by this time tomorrow.

    For anyone who posts screenshots instead of registering on Tracker I'll update those scores in the same post.

    If you haven't signed up for the events on Tracker yet, you can still do that while it's taking place.

    Good luck all :)
  5. The lowest global stands at 52 PED right now - get one lower than that and you could be a winner!

    If you haven't registered yet you can still do so at EntropiaTracker.
  6. Scores updated every day, see above :)
  7. Rea is just 7 behind Hugh now - it looks like it might be a close one :)
  8. It's all over!

    Grats to Hugh, Rea, geats, Mack and Unam who make up the top 5 and win a share of the tax. Hugh also wins both the highest global and lowest global prizes. You can see the full scoreboard here: http://www.entropiatracker.com/events.asp?mode=viewScore&eventID=46

    Manuel is away for a few days, when he gets back we'll check the tax revenue to determine prize amounts and make arrangements for payment.

    Thanks to everyone for taking part, look out for more events coming soon at Atrox Valley!
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