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Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    We’re looking at a major content update for Next Island in mid-June. I wish I could tell you guys it's coming tomorrow, but I think you'll be really happy when you see what we're adding.

    Our dev team is working on ancient Greece, new quests, improvements and additions to the new player experience, and other fun things. I can't wait to tell you more, and I’m really looking forward to introducing this to you all in June.
  2. good to know that your next content update is only two months away. So we kinda made it to the middle of the waiting time for new content since january.
  3. Thank you for the update meg! I will be saving up the things I want to bring to greece with me ^.^
  4. Better late then never. Thanks for the heads up :)

    P.S. Shark skin texture wouldn't happen to be in that update would it? :)
  5. )&)&$*^*^%@#%#@&^%!#)*)%$&%^*^@#&^$(*&@*&)(@$@%$@!
  6. I think Softhart does not approve :)

    Can't say I'm thrilled about the long delay either but meh, these last 4 months flew by, whats another 2 1/2. :)
  7. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Hey just think though when June comes how many changes their might be... I think this time length is mainly to fix some things and add some amazing things.

    Also the Shark Skin idea... LOVE IT! WOuld also love like a Fire/Snow/Death/Storm Drake skins to put on things.
  8. Ohhh drake skin especially if all the drakes get deferent skins that would be awesome O.O
  9. Will hold back commenting till after the flame subsides
  10. great, i can play again in next quarter.... :|

    so much for blueprints in early january...

    i appreciate the estimate, but considering blueprints were estimated in early january (by NEVERDIE) i got a strong feeling i won't be logging in to EU in a very very long time... i'm flat broke but got a fortune in useless crystals...sure i could sell it to TT and go back to calypso, but i will only regret it in the future.. so i guess hello EU uninstall button... see you in the future
  11. Hi Meg and thank you for the new timeline estimates. This was not what I was hoping to hear, but I think we all appreciate information.

    I certainly agree with the posts above suggesting that textures from the sharks and drakes would be a welcome addition. Oh - and I hope you can add rainbows. I would like to search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

    Your post did not mention anything about crafting. Can you share any information about blueprints? Any chance they will arrive before June?
  12. I think if they add a handful of BP's that let you craft some weapons and tools that are "biodegradable" and allowed in the past we could have a really HOT time crafting and hunting / mining for materials

    I know I would happily spend a month or two crafting up and saving things like that for the big release XD
  13. My guess there will be small updates along the way, and then a big update in June. Next Island 2.0?
  14. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    Does this have anything to do with what David mentioned? That he couldn't talk about until the 27th (or 3rd to some people. lol).
    I have a suspicion/hope, but won't say anything yet.
  15. That's bad news :( by june Arkadia planet will be online (at least they said that) and probably will grab the attention of all the entropians.
  16. the amount of time is crazy, whats been happening this whole time that people have been depositing into this broken ship? its a lemon that needs to have the mechanical issues addressed asap. not just a paint job. the teleporter issues should be a main concern, and should never have allowed to continue this long on NI. that is a NI issue. thats why it has been ignored.... if it was a credit card problem, it would have been fixed the next day. I'm hoping there will be a fix later today, at the normal update time..... or i agree with softhart........ what the ^&%^%&*%^$*$^#%*)(_)_(&^$$^ is going on?
  17. before i definitely uninstall EU, meg, does this mean that we will not see blueprints untill the big update in a few months?

    if blueprints would be added sooner im staying, if not i got zero reason and zero ability (flat broke) to play
  18. hmm, i think what we need at this point, if there is no patch today, is a message from the PP's and land owners themselves. telling us how thing WILL change. and giving a viable alternative to dumping cash into a game with no reward for loyalty. I like this game..... but my backside is getting sore..... the PP's and Taxers need to say something.... I cant even recruit anyone who will stay over a week... under 10% active playing in a society of 60 or more is not good.... we need a show of faith from the people who run the show.... not just promises from a hard working PR staff on damage control
  19. Expected Dates for Next Island Content | Laudanum

    Posted my thoughts on this there.

    Chuck, welcome to EU. Laudanum has always been a very active and supportive society in every game we've played. In EU we quickly noticed this was counter productive. The game has a 99% attrition rate (estimated). Out of almost 200 people we recruited only 14 or so still play the game, and thats counting members who left us and joined other societies!!!

    Ive had to completely clean out the ranks of inactives (and clean out my friends list) multiple times this year, the most recent dump was removing over 80 individuals from the soc.
  20. Hehehe, at this rate I'll have the whole island to myself :). Was having a hard time remembering why I preferred hunting on NI over Calypso so I'm on Calypso at the moment doing some hunting and ya, I'll be coming back to NI, even if it's just to stand around waiting :)
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