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Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. sure i like hunting better here too, but in the long run if nothing happens you too will soon have a fortune tied up in useless cystals in storage... :/
  2. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Really wish I could make our planned VU of Awesome happen tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know the expected dates as soon as I could.

    Think you'll really like the new content!
  3. Asylum! :)
  4. From Mr. Posts FB
    David Post, There are changes coming over next three months not in three months. We are committed to making it an excellent experience Other news coming
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  5. i do appreciate it. :)
    even if it wasnt at all what i had hoped for ^^
    however, i would like to know if this means that we will not get any blueprints before mid june? even if you dont know the answer to that one i'd like a reply pretty plix :) i mean if you dont know, please just say so.. or if you know or cant say... or anything really ^^ if you know for sure it wont happen before mid june then atleast i dont have to wait and hope just to get disapointed
  6. I'm glad to see an estimate rather than crossing my fingers every week too. Blueprints are what I'd like to see, an estimated date for that would be wonderful.
  7. Lol ..we have to wait 2 months before the tp bug is solved and we wont be able to heal in ancient greece until june as well. Hopefully they do release another terraform of mainland - im counting next server will be the SW part of the mainland..
  8. HI Meg,

    well you may or may not know that i am in ancient Greece at the moment, so my question is, when is the herb box going to get fixed, without this its pretty much a waste of time to be there! I also dont understand at all why it ancient Greece is even available, when it appears that there are no TTs crafting machines or working faps?

    People are spending a lot of money trying to make time travel crystals and some are buying for high prices, trying to get there. In its current state, i think this makes no sense and is not a great start to the venture PR wise?

    Thx EMW

    Ps, or is there no real point in actually being here at the moment anyway even if the fap works?
  9. bump bump, reply plix meg :)
  10. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Sounds like EMW made the costly mistake of reading the PR instead of the players (particularly Kitten) posts on this official forum. Understandable mistake. Sorry to hear Greece was not either taken off line or made playable with this last update.

    PS: EMW it seems that the owners/devs gave Kitten replacements for the time travel crystals she used to get to the unfinished zone of Greece (after spending 2 weeks there). Maybe they will do the same for you or anyone else who travels there while it is incomplete?
  11. I didnt make any mistake costly or otherwise! and as far as listening to players, the day i listen to forum gossip is the day i tt my foe ripper, there is only one person who knows anything and that is Kitten, not particularly but soley!!
  12. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Wow, excuse me. I was actually talking more about Kitten's findings there than any 'forum gossip'. Experiences, facts, and info about how things work or don't work ingame from players for players is not what I'd call 'gossip'. Best of luck to you and pardon my mistake in wishing it was a more complete experience for you.
  13. Dont make assumptions and you wont need my pardon!!

    I signed up to this forum to ask Meg a question not for you to decide what i did or didnt do!
  14. WOW that was just uncalled for! Lee was only trying to help.
  15. Dont want to deal with the public?

    Two words - Support Portal.

    Have a nice day.
  16. a typical "calypso forum"-mentality guy im guessing... trash anyone and anything, even if the person is trying to help you...
    you asked your question, now how about getting lost? :p there is a support portal
  17. Ok just to spell it out for you then seeing as you are pushing the issue its 1st post said oh looks like emw made a costly mistake by reading pr and not listening to players and Kitten!! comprende so far!? I am not intereseted in the players opinion of Greece as only Kitten has been there!

    Well it didnt cost EMW one cent to go there, secondly I have been speaking to Kitten for weeks before going and whilst there!! and my reason for going there wasnt a mistake for one second, I knew it wasnt complete I merely wanted to be one of the first to go have a look!!

    so now tell me what it was that wasnt called for!! I responded saying dont make assumptions!! over and out!
  18. What it is that wasn't called for was your rude "Here's my middle finger now lets have a discussion" approach to conversation. If you dont want to engage the players -- dont. The support queue is there to answer all of your questions in an efficient manner that is well suited to those who are not interested in socializing with others.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with you. I'm simply saying you obviously don't seem interested in talking to the community -- so a community board is probably not the best choice in places for you to be.

    Is that satisfactory?
  19. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    RE: BPs, Greek items, and other specific content questions - When I'm able to share details about future content beyond this post, I'll make sure you guys know about it! I post everything I'm allowed to share (and, um, sometimes what I'm not... already gotten scolded...oops) on NextIslandNews.
  20. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    I recognize that no one's in a great mood over production delays, but please don't take it out by being rude to other Next Islanders here.

    I really don't want to delete posts and ban people, but I will if posters make this a not-fun place to be.
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