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    I’ve made a little program, called Fast Trade, that can scan materials from a trade window, and then calculate the values/total according to your own markups.

    Fast Trade was developed to help traders… All you have to do is press the Scan button... and let the program do the math, no more sheets and no more calculators [​IMG]. Fast Trade can save time for both buyers and sellers, and hopefully there will be no more waiting lines in Twin [​IMG].

    Impressions/suggestions/critics/questions are very welcome. If you like Fast Trade and find it useful, please reply with a little “Thank you” post. It took a lot of time and hard work to make it… so please, post a tiny little quick replay so I know my time was well spent, and that my work is appreciated. Thank you. Also, I wanna thank everyone who have sent me screenies or have let me took screenies of his/her mats[​IMG]

    Fast Trade is free for everyone to use. Donations, bumps and +reps are very appreciated [​IMG]

    IMPORTANT: Please note that Fast Trade is currently in Beta phase, so it’s a good idea to double check. You can help by reporting any bugs you encounter. If the bug is related to the scanning feature, please take a screen shot in BMP form and email it to me at :

    Read this if you don’t know how to run a Java application: If you can’t launch Fast Trade or if the application opens as a ZIP file, you need to install Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE), it’s free and can be downloaded from Here. After installing JRE, you can start Fast Trade by opening the application's .JAR file, which is an executable (no need to install, just double-click to launch).

    HERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK : <link removed. Malicious software>
  2. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

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  3. Beside that he got recently perm locked as stated by himself on pcf. AND he's in the same soc as the known scammer Koco Traksimus. Enough reasons to stay suspicious and careful. Don't click the Link, and don't download the software, the Originator of Fast Trade states on PCF this software is not the official FastTrade! And please ban this guy here from forum.
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  4. Nice try, skript kiddorz. Go back to SL.

    Given that headshot headshot headshot of Starfleet Command has already been banned from the game, my quess is it's a keylogger.
    Sergeant at Arms! Escort this... person... out!
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    Link removed, head banned.
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  6. John BD

    John BD Subwoofers rock.

    not realy a suprize someone who just joined offering "software"
  7. FatherJack

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    Hasn't this muppet heard of gold cards? The facepalm is strong with this one....

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