Find those faps!

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Rufwon, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Through-out Next Island, I have hidden a bunch of fap 28's.

    All are AT LEAST 15 ped TT value. Find them and enjoy, give to a friend, sell on market. Whatever you choose, they are yours for the keeping. A couple of them have excellent tier values and would be a great start to tiering a fap.

    Maximal TT: 40 PED
    Minimal TT: 1.20 PED
    Heals: 1109 Total


  2. Nice going Ruf.

    Reminds me of the Synergen scavenger hunts we used to have, but this is throughout the planet.

    I will start saving some of the armor pieces I loot on Calypso and bring them to NI when I come next time.
    If a few players follow your lead exploring the planet can be even more exciting for new arrivals.

    And I noticed that there is a NI press release out today and there should be some activity at CES this week.

    Expect more new arrivals. :)
  3. Won't they disappear when the update comes?
  4. Well maybe someone could verify, but I would hope not.
    hehe (if they do, I will have to round up before hand)
    They are ALL still out there, I checked.
    (and to those that have asked, I will clarify here. They arent out in the middle of no where. They are all port/village bound, meaning they are all within a town, TP or checkpoint area.)
    Have fun all
  5. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    They still all out there??
  6. what do the faps look like?
  7. Enzo: Im at work and havent checked yet today.

    Manny: thanks alot, I appreciate the posted link!

  8. are they still around?
  9. yes they are still around.
    If anyone finds one, please capture a screen shot and post it up!

    I have a half dozen more I will be "hiding" here shortly.

    BTW - just a reminder, they are NOT in the middle of no where. They are within short distance to any building, fort, hut ect.... I hid them pretty good, but not impossible to find. Just have to pay attention to your surroundings!
  10. I will go scavenger hunting. Will I see them on the ground?
  11. hehe they could be on ground, hidden behind items, buildings. They are accessible to ANYONE and can be picked up BY anyone. Just have to find them.
  12. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    In door or out door ;)
  13. I will admit. They are pretty well hidden. I have been running around some of the TP sites looking near and around buildings with no luck so far. :cool:
  14. Han


    yep same here but i don't give up easily :)
  15. They are still there!
    99% are indoors (either in/on/over/under- a hut/building or other various structure.)

    NONE are out in the wilderness in middle of no where, but there are 1 or 2 that are not "INSIDE" a building, but still part of the building. ie: on or touching part of a structure

    There thats my one and only so called "hint"
  16. Have any been found?
  17. Yes a couple have been found (they arent there any more) but I still counted 9 out and about.
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