First Nextisland Outback Race (NOR)

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Welcome to the first Nextisland Outback Race event. Sure we could go race on that boring track over on Club NeverDie but that's no fun, so what I have decided to do is pick a track and hold a race. Depending on the success of this race there may be more coming, different track each time.


    So this is simple, it's open to new players only(32 agility or less, you will be scanned). I will provide the valks, all the same model so no-one has an advantage.

    Prize structure is simple;

    Softhart sponsored another 100ped so the prize amounts now shown are what they are including her contribution.

    Date is Sept. 4th(that would be the 3rd if your in north america)
    Time is 2am EU~
    To help people cross reference, that is 8pm Saskatchewan time on Saturday the 3rd. Sasatchewan has it's own time zone that does not change for daylights saving so I'm using for the north america reference point.

    Oh ya, sign up in this thread if you are intrested in racing(5 valks availble)

    EDIT: I have five valks to fill, if they do not fill then this is the last NOR. If I can not get enough racers with 32 or under agility then just before the race starts I will increase the agility limit until I have five racers so if you are above 32, then show up anyway, you might be racing :)
  2. [​IMG][/url][/IMG]

    From, left to right.
    Nadu, third place
    Gretch, second place
    Spofas, first place

    Grats, it was a good race.

  3. IF I am still on NI by September, I offer myself as a checkpoint or pitstop :)
  4. red


    if I'm available, when the time and date is set, I can help out, where required.

    I help run checkpoints during some large races on calypso. it was surprisingly more difficult than it seemed.
  5. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    I can help you with a big screen at my shop at neverdie club ... as advertising.

    return with time and date for the race.
  6. Available for help where needed and I'll toss in another 100 ped.
  7. Thanks very much Softhart.
  8. LOL Nice rock hit. I like the track lots of tight space to make the race interesting. The one thing I see being a problem is knowing which road to turn. Are you going to have bystanders blocking the roads you do not want them to go to? Or maybe having a couple of your helpers run the track with them so they know which way to go. Also can you make a picture of the map and the highlight the path?

    And its freaky cause I was going down this path last night and signed off somewhere in the middle of it.........STALKER! :)
  9. Very Kool idea Corey, awesome choices of track, I would suggest a few things.... on the turns that are not obvious, mabey post a avatar to keep an eye over some nexus marking the inner and outer of the turns.... instruct the drivers that one color will always be on your left and one will always be on right. can always pull up the nexus and sell/use after the race. i dont think i would limit it to 20 Agi though.... or have several classes, the last race on NI was Agi based, and when it was announced I was far below the max... but 2 weeks before the race i was at 1 point away, and was not going to stop advancing my avatar just for a race... most of the other people who registered had the same problem, and the bulk of the drivers were spur of the moment. hopefully things will work out for the best, may have a tough time finding drivers... but if you need help with anything let me know 8)
  10. Thanks for the suggestions Chuck and Softhart. I was wondering how the agility max would work out. Oh and as for the not so obvious turns, that'k kinda what I needed people to help with.
  11. this looks like a ton of fun! I had run up that way the last couple days to collect TPs, so I know the route. I think an angry Papoo chased me all the way up that hill to Tanzanite View because he was annoyed over something. Do animals collide with the vehicles? I saw steering around them in the video. Clearly at that speed there's no real aggro to worry about and thankfully, no wild boars, those would be a road hazard.

    I started last week and have an Agility of 10, so if in the random skillup course of events I might disqualify myself, who knows. I'm sure the 2nd 10 Agility would be slower than the first. Also, one weekend in September I'll be at a convention.

    But I would be so into this if I can be there :) Even just to meet more folks.

  12. No they don't collide, it's just natural instinct to not hit animals when driving :) (Especially when Elk and Moose are common in your area, you hit them, they get up and walk away, your vehicle is totaled and you are in the hospital, if your lucky)

    As for the agility I think I may increase the max. Hope you can make it, if not I am hoping to hold one race every month so you can probably catch the next one.

    I sent a message to Meg asking if the NI team could make some jackets for the winners. Haven't heard back yet. Nothing to complex, different colour for 1st,2nd and 3rd with NOR on the back. Actually NOR with September 2011 written underneath so each jacket would be unique might be a better design.
  13. Increased Agility max to 32.

    Still waiting for a response from Meg on those NOR race jackets.
  14. Bump, spread the word
  15. bump again, aiming for Sept 3rd, need people intrested in racing to sign up with what times they play so I can work out a start time. Spread the word.
  16. If I'm on NI I will suddenly join :)

    And thanks to all you people, who really is trying to let the planet grow :)
  17. September 3rd being a Saturday, most weekends I am up or sleeping randomly, I'm eastern USA time, as long as I can figure out what time the event is in my time zone I can try to attend, unless real life intervenes.
  18. Well since we only have two potential racers I would like to ask, what times do you normally play(EU time) and I will try and schedule the time based off that info.
    Also, still waiting to see if there is any potential of getting those NOR jackets. I know you've been on the forum Meg, just need a quick answer, 'being considered', 'not going to happen', 'waiting to see how the events go then jackets can be handed out retroactively' , 'no time right now' , 'some part of the planet partner contract does not allow partners to give out prizes in events hosted by players' :)
  19. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    Great Idea.
  20. I seriously don't keep to much of a local or even predictable schedule on a weekend. Sometimes I get home from work and go to bed, then get up in the wee hours, sometimes I have coffee and stay up for 24 hours. So seriously tell me when it will be universal/GMT and I'll probably be there. I hope more racers! Anyone who has actually driven an ingame vehicle will pretty much beat me since my first screenshot-worthy moment will be to pancake into a boulder or soar off a cliff.
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