First Nextisland Outback Race (NOR)

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Aug 10, 2011.

  1. LOL thats what makes it fun, and even those that have driven before still have trouble staying on the road. (no comments from the peanut gallery) Just look at Corey's video, those rocks just jump out at ya :)
  2. Okay, going to set the race for 2am EU time Sunday the 4th of Sept.(that would be saturday the 3rd if your in north america. Although if there is a clock switch for daylights saving time between now and then someone should let me know or I will be early/late for the event(don't change clocks where I am from :) )

    Oh and if you want to show up 30 minutes early you can use one of the event valks to do a test run/mock race against me around the course.

    EDIT: lets make this a little more easy, the race is at 8pm Saskatchewan time on Saturday the 3rd.
  3. I should be around then so I'm up for taking part. I enjoyed the last race on the race track, and this looks like a lot more fun.

    Oh and there's no clock switch before then, they usually happen in October.
  4. Is that 10pm saturday EST?
  5. I think so, yes.
  6. Bumpity bump
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  8. Bump, still no word on those jackets, it's a downer but not the end all. If I have five racers I will hold another race for October, tell your friends. Lets make NOR a regular NI event, we lack content, but we can make up for it. Anyone else remember how we felt in the early days? Well I still feel that way. Lets make it happen.
  9. I'd like to race but my agility is 34.
  10. I have five Valks ready for the race, if not enough people with 32 or under show up, I will increase the limit to 40, so swing by, because right now it looks like only two are coming.
  11. Bumpity, anyone else want free ped?

    Come on, gotta fill those Valks or this is the last event, and it would be a shame as I already have Octobers NOR picked out.

    EDIT: still no word on those jackets... If they are not going to happen then I would at least like to be told as much.
  12. (post deleted, I was confused. It happens.)
  13. Okay good news and bad news;
    Good news, the dev team is working at full capacity on several future updates.
    Bad news, means those jackets wont be happening, to be honest I really wasn't expecting them to be availble anyway :)
  14. And the team consists of 1
  15. At least three that we know of by name, Meg, Harold, and (not positive) Carl(still looking for where I picked up that info, I'm very good at internet creeping though :) ) Also another source I read earlier stated that there where 18 people on the NI team, and I remember saying, "Hehe, that's 3 more then Calypso". I suppose I could always be lazy and call the office, but that's not as fun as good old snooping around :)
  16. I actually meant the development team, not the Social Media team of 1, planet manager team of 1, and the test team of 1.

    Ohh I guess that leaves 0 for the development team :)
  17. Who is all showing up? Did I mention that I am going to be there in my bday suit??

    LOL ut oh, just saw hubby was here.

    Oh hell, we both will show up in our bday suits, or maybe I can get him to wear my thong again!:happylaugh:
  18. Gretch and maybe Crystal :) I'll be at Crystal Arrival late Friday and most of Saturday before the race promoting it to any new players I see.
  19. Hey Corey :)

    this is a really great initiative . Thanks

    I'm trying to interest our soc noobs in taking part. I think I've got at least one . Trouble is, the active ones skill up real quick (one just got to 39 agil in about 6 weeks!) and the inactive ones are, um...inactive. Also hoping to bring a few supporters to cheer him/ them on .

    If there's anything i can do to help out. please let me know.

    jay :)
  20. question:

    you asked those who are interested to put their names down on this thread.

    IS it OK for them to get somenody else to add their name? Or just to turn up?

    I ask because it toolk me a month or so to get my account here activated :D I'm assuming I'm not the only to have this difficulty.

    Anyway, I am passing on this URL to any noobs I encounter on NI :)

    jay :)
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