First Nextisland Outback Race (NOR)

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Ya sure Jaywalker, they can just show up, wanted booking here so I knew if I needed to get more Valks, but it doesn't look like it's going to be a problem :)
  2. I did say I was I was going to be there if I was around, and I'm still planning on being there.
  3. Oh ya, so that makes 3 racers :)
  4. Race tomorrow at 2am EU time, that's 23 hours 45 minutes after this post. See you there.
  5. meeting down by that bridge in the road where you started the video, or up by the npc tents, or where... (I expect it will be where there are a few green dots hanging around.)
  6. I don't think you counted our Soc noob, Spofas. I didn't mention name, but i did mention. 4!
    And at least 5 socmates to cheer him on :)

    I'm still mentioning the race to every noob i encounter, so maybe more yet!

    jay :)
  7. meet at the bridge is prefered, although I will be at Crystal centre between 60-30 minutes before the race starts directing people where to go. I will be on NI most of the day, either setting up the track or hanging around Crystal Centre if you want to run a mock race of the track just to get a feel for it just let me know. The last mock run will start 30 minutes before the real race, if the last mock run takes more then 15 minutes I will recall the valks to make sure I have enough time to set up for the real race.
    Also I will set up indicators on the road where sharp turns are, although someone might pick them up after I leave the area so don't rely on them to much :) .

    Thanks Jay, so we have four racers.

    Best of luck to all racers.

    EDIT: It looks like I will have enough racers so this event will carry on, as a consolation prize, the last two will be able to race in the Second NOR, regardless of agility.
  8. 2 and 1/2 hours till race time.
  9. that was too much fun! Thanks Corey! Also it was a blast seeing some of the folks I only know as names on the forums.
  10. Yes, thanks Corey, it was fun even if I flipped the car (again), and then I dc'd while trying to flip it back. Hope this does become a regular event, because we need things like this.
  11. Great event Corey!

    Just a couple of suggestion for improvement: how about getting one of the Radio stations to cover the event next time? And i think a map of the route would have been easier to follow than a vid.

    jay :)
  12. It will become a regular event, I will host it once a month except for December, I take a RL vacation during that time. Oh, you might want to pack your life jacket for the next NOR, it's not going to be on land :)

    Waiting for the winners pic to upload and working on editing footage from this race, next race I think I will try and have a dedicated film crew, not much to work with from what I recorded this time.

    EDIT: Second post updated with winners.
  13. Okay, after a couple hours of trying to edit I still can't get a video that youtube will accept for upload. Anyone want to to take over filming for the next race?
  14. is it a matter of file size or format? I've never uploaded to youtube so I don't know what the restrictions are. How big is the file? I have a pro Photobucket account (no bandwidth limit) and it seems to imply you can upload video but I can't find any listed requirements for upload. You could mail it to me at gretchgamer (yahoo dot you-know) and I could try.

    Short of video, here's my race memory:

    Got there a bit early and was treated to quite a sight, Corey had put a starting line of yellow glowing mind essence globes on the ground and behind that there were 5 (later 6) Valkyrie MkI's lined up, all very colorful. I'm sure in the video it will be pretty easy to tell the cars apart. (I picked a pretty bright blue one!) People started arriving, and I got some Scan Technology skillups while waiting, and it was quite a show of various vehicles parked and hovering and flying I totally want a vehicle :) People came from offworld to run the race, be in the race, even to watch the race! It was a very exciting day on what normally is a pretty quiet corner of the Entropia Universe.

    We waited for Spofas who had gone a half hour linkdead and right before the race was going to start, Spofas logged in, cheered by society mates. So everyone was lined up...3 shots at the bridge in front of us was the signal, 3rd shot hit the bridge and I had my finger over the keys, I shot off and was out in front. Took the first turn onto the road north broadly and at speed and things were going well. I didn't take time to look back, every once in a while I would see the front of someone's car behind me (I was in 3rd person) so I just kept it floored and tried not to wreck.

    The water hazard, well I hope everyone watched the video at the start of this race thread so they knew not to plow it, got around that without hitting boulders and kept at it. That's when I got...the itch.

    My nose itched. I was holding both mouse buttons down and also the W key and was mouse steering, no free hands! Just as I got to the first hill I couldn't take it so I took my left hand off the W to scratch, figuring the 2 mouse buttons also supposedly would keep me! I slow to a stop! Spofas shot by and I got back on the accelerator but could not get back up to speed going uphill and Spofas pulled away! I never caught up, got closer again but not far enough. The two hairpin turns leading up to Tanzanite were not the flying experience I was worried about, those valks are very agile and fun to drive. Tore back down the hill as others were coming up the hill, got back across the river and around the pool and back to the start, 2nd after Spofas! Softhart was next but wasn't apparently in the race, Nadu was close after to take 3rd, apparently there were some flipped vehicles along the way somewhere, but everyone eventually got righted and finished. I blamed my 2nd place standing on stopping to pick up some ground spawn as I went...a great time was had by all. Everyone raised a cheer for Corey for organizing!

    I got to get me one of those buggies :) so fun. Hope I didn't bang it up, the wheels were mostly on the ground or at least not very high in the air. ;)

    It was a little intimidating having jets and vtols hovering and flying around as we raced, I kept expecting someone to open fire!)
  15. @Gretchen - you haven't raced on NI until you race on the big race track and get harassed by dragons, who do breathe on you :)

    @Corey - on that race earlier in the year the drivers were all added to a team, so we could talk through team chat if needed, though it was a longer race.
  16. Okay maybe the worst video I have ever done but I finally managed to chop something together that Youtube would accept. Check second post :)
  17. Softhart was above the agility cap but since she donated 100ped of the prize she was allowed to race to fun in her own Valk :) Guess I should have made it clear that sponsors are allowed to race, but not for a prize.
  18. Re: the video...first shot technically (seen from above) hit the water not the bridge so I may have jumped the gun a bit. I headed out at the 3rd shot not really seeing where they landed.

    1:07 LOL who was going the opposite way in the green one?

    2:01 I almost get lost and head up the beach but notice the road again. Person in purple thought I knew were I was going and followed me :)

    2:38 the big person takes a rock to the face! Someone else stalls.

    3:24-ish I scratch my nose and in the process come to a complete stop, Spofas flies by for good, never did catch up...also, Maia: "I WILL BE THE QUEEN OF THE BASIC SCREW!!!!!!!!!" Clearly I need to join a society for that level of soc chat hilarity :) (may not be visible without fullscreen on high resolution.)

    5:56 me (in blue) tearing back down the hairpin turns trying to catch Spofas (in purple) but not happening! Spofas propelled by about 5 soc mates in attendance!

    Somewhere in the beachy area there was some sort of arrow made of Mind Essence in the ground but I was already past it when I was like...what was that?

    Fun video! Crank the quality to 1080 and fullscreen it, it's nice quality.
  19. The one at 1:07 was my husband coming from the other tp to watch the race, but was late so I told him to turn around and join in on it :)

    I was the one in (purple) actually darker blue :) I knew where I was going, I just wanted to jump the drop off that was there :)

    LOL I was wondering what you were doing when you just stopped, but you started off again so all good.

    I believe Sofias was in the light colored (white) car.

    I tried to run into both of you thinking it would set you guys off course, but you both stayed with it. :) Good Job! :)
  20. yeah I found out afterwards I could have just clicked R. I was holding down both mouse buttons and W and steering with the mouse...well that's how you learn.
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