For a Fistful of (PE) Dollars! February 2012.

Discussion in 'Calypso Missions and Events' started by ChelaBias, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Prize of 100PED.

    Clint got his! Why can't you get in on the action?

    During February 2012 (MA time) take screen shots of your own demise, make sure they are date stamped by pressing "U" before taking the shot, post your screen shots in this thread. The player who posts the screen shot I consider to be the funniest or most ludicrous will be the winner (simple as that).

    You can have as many goes as you wish. I will announce the winner on the first of March 2012 and get their PED to them in game as soon as possible after that.

    Hope you have fun with this and good luck.
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  2. I'm in! I'm usually in odd situations :)
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  3. Entropia DEAD12012-02-01 05-27-00-34.jpg
    Caught in a loop, of being hit/unable to stop TP chip, I had to get nekkid and let the little trox kill me. First 'death' of February 12.
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  4. Nice one Boo :). How about dragging the teleport box out of the way so we can see you dead self in the future :)
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  5. Well, I got killed 61 times today, in 5 hours on CP. Took screenys every time and below is a selection of the very best :)

    Once ->
    CP5ded 2012-02-05 09-40-55-52.jpg
    Twice ->
    CP6DEDtwiceEntropia 2012-02-05 09-43-14-26.jpg
    Three times a Lady ->
    CP7DEDthreetimesEntropia 2012-02-05 09-43-17-21.jpg
    oops, giving away my profession,
    CP18dedEntropia 2012-02-05 13-44-22-21.jpg
    This one sums up my morning, -> totally crap loot also,
    CP11DEDEntropia 2012-02-05 11-13-55-71.jpg
    And then from nowhere, just as my friend arrives to tear me away LOL -> this happens.
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  6. I like the death roll in shot one and the way you have been pinned to the wall and beaten by a couple of thugs in shot four :).

    Keep it up.
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  7. ok, after my nice loot yesterday and being disturbed I had to go back, re-supplied and only got killed about 12 times, here's a few.

    DEDECP2Entropia 2012-02-05 21-59-00-76.jpg
    admittedly, I took off my armor in this one - it was faster than hitting 'T'. ->

    CPDED3Entropia 2012-02-06 06-47-36-37.jpg
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  8. Since I'm doing the Atrox Iron mission and past the half-way mark, I went for Atrox today, big ones, only about 7k to kill. Am tired of paying the MU on (L) armor so got killed about 25 times in Gremlin, here's a few.......

    troxgang1Entropia 2012-02-06 15-37-31-44.jpg
    Ganged up on!!
    TROXgang2Entropia 2012-02-06 16-04-43-10.jpg
    170 point crit :(
    179ptcrit3Entropia 2012-02-06 16-51-53-75.jpg

    troxgang4Entropia 2012-02-06 16-58-57-36.jpg

    TROXgang5Entropia 2012-02-06 17-59-44-06.jpg
    For the avoidance of doubt, I CAN ACTUALLY KILL ATROX OLD ALPHAS LOL -> evidence
    proofoldalphaEntropia 2012-02-06 16-15-11-63.jpg
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  9. Suffered the mandatory few deaths on a trip to Rocktropia this morning,

    first - the usual way of landing :)
    1normallandingonRTEntropia 2012-02-08 07-26-11-97.jpg
    2, at a turret! the zombie hit me about twice,
    hordeatturret2Entropia 2012-02-08 07-31-52-02.jpg
    1 shot of garcia dragon's breath and this happens -

    EDIT : Am hoarding my <cough> dozens more screenys, to give the opposition a chance :))
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  10. I've got a few here (:

    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
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  11. Nice One Gick and welcome to the forum. The first image is applicable to this contest, the second one would be suitable for the "for a few dollars more" contest that is running on the 14th.

    Hope you have fun here and good luck in the contest.
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  12. I have to post my personal favourite 'demise' - it had me chuckling for a while, because the text I've entered in reply to my soc mate, is "First I have a trox dom to k" :) (Believe it or not.)

    dedchattinEntropia 2012-02-14 18-18-49-00.jpg AHA -> I found the evidence :) dedchatEntropia 2012-02-14 18-18-27-27.jpg
    I blame middle-age, for lots of things.
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  13. I got an odd promotion during the last boxing tournament, so am showing it off at the moment, as apparent in this image.....

    facesculptordethEntropia 2012-02-16 04-56-38-47.jpg :P
    also, that trap, of TP chip not working due to (1) damage/ unable to unequip TP chip or armor in this case, seems like a bug to me, it's quite irritating and sometimes gets me stuck for quite some time.
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  14. Another fine death :), keep them coming!

    The TP chip thing only happens to me when I have been dumb enough to set it on auto repeat, after pressing the button to stop it you still have to wait for the cycle to complete and while waiting there is the did I press the button doubt, which can result in pressing the button again :).
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  15. Today I decided to go to Zychion Citadel

    Today I decided to go to Zychion Citadel because sometime there's odd things happening there, such as strange robot activity.


    But when I got there, not much was going on at all and so at one point I ended up looking at this.

    So I then decided that I would try and spawn my new Ukash VTOL Mk1 (L) somewhere so as to see if I could get very close to the top of the tallest structure there so that I could get onto it after leaving the VTOL.

    Unfortunately this was not a suitable place to spawn a vehicle! I tried about three times, but same thing, even though it looked possible to me at the time. Eventually I managed to find somewhere, and then got into it.

    This is me actually trying to get the VTOL as close to the tallest building as possible.

    This is the part of the tower that I managed to land on. I had wanted to get onto the ledge furthest up, but I missed that one by inches :) but at least I had landed on it fairly high up. Unfortunately, the VTOL met its' end in the process. "Hmmmmm..."

    I then followed it the 'quick way' even though this would mean a visit to the nearest Revive Point.

    Eventually I rejoined the aircraft, which as you can see is lying in an upside-down position :)
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  16. I still have ~ 100 .jpegs to sort thru', just from the last 18 days, but heh, I am a hunter mainly.
    I just set this as my wallpaper as I think it's my coolest yet.
    View attachment 7256

    Attached Files:

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  17. Nice one Boo, keep them coming :).
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    This is what I mean -> .jpeg of the folder with the unsorted images :)

    unsorteddeadpics.jpg Regards, Boo.
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  19. Haha :), please remember we are looking for funny and/or ludicrous deaths, so you may wish to edit your posts based on that :).
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  20. OK, but that really means just the ones where a) I get killed by being jumped by about 10 atrox or b) when I get killed up to 7 times before giving up on a mob :)
    EDIT: my in-game 'profession' is a joke, makes them all funny, when I highlight it. :>)
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