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Discussion in 'Next Island community' started by Enzo, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I'm just giving you a hard time, don't take it any other way :) :group:
  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I don't my dear, and you should know that of me, but perhaps how I posted my response doesn't give you that feeling, so ... to make it really clear ...

    Get off my case biatch! :nana:

    j/k of course ... I love me some Softy ... she's my gal pal in virtual crime and other crazy-ass stuff we get ourselves into.

    Softy ROCKS :clap: ... just don't get close to her pets ... Softy and pets is a lethal combination.
  3. DId you just call me a biatch? Found some other icons that could come in handy, like now! :D

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  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    LOL ... who luvs ya Softy, huh? Who would take a spider bite for you, huh? And who goes willingly into the Falx nest when you say "come see my pets" huh? Short of fallin' on a Ginsu, I'm there for ya. ;)
  5. LOL Ok lets test this, I plan on visiting the oil rig this weekend in my VTOL, how about you join me in yours and we can see who gets shot down first :happylaugh:
  6. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    :ontopic: Can we get back to the point of this topic ;)
  7. LOL my own icon used against me! What is the topic of this thread anyway? Oh yeah Forum Topics.

    I for one don't like the spacing, too much space between sections
    Do we really need a "Main Forum" topic, couldn't that be under "General Discussion"?
    Combination of Hunting and Mining with same subsections under it
    Combination of Geography and Property with same subsections under
    Subsections for Coloring, Texturing, Tailoring under the same section

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  8. PVP section........?

    And let me suggest this again.....
    Events and Comps in my view fall in the same category.
    Decrease the MASSIVE gaps between topics on main page at least.

    And since PM's dont work, i'll say it here. I love RT and im sure i will love NI. *Nice talk off* If i were a new player finding these forums, id not think much of the planets they are associated with. Its "looks" cheap and tacky, not easy to navigate, and not at all visually pleasing.:palm:

    Presentation and perception is more than half the battle won or lost, regardless. Put a fancy door on a crap shop and a crappy door on a fancy shop. Guess which one will get most people going inside to look? Now combine a fancy door with a nice shop and you got a potential winner ;) This forum is that door.

    Initial perception of a brand is crucial, second comes its associations and in the middle is how it performs ~ fact. I worked mostly in people branding, but product branding follows much the same principles. (when it comes to sales and pr, people and products are not much different)

    At least do something in line with the mood of the planets you are associating this forum with. *nice talk back on* :)


    Daisy ColdFinger
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