Planet Calypso: Found the new Calamusoids

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    Pretty faithful design I thought and the grafted tech on the back certainly is in keeping with the original story. For reference...


    A product of the Omegaton Corporation's DNA testing of select immigrants for a large some of money if they survived.
    These mutants are what remain after the test subjects escaped the labs of Omegaton Corporation during a raid to expose the myths about this new product/creature that claimed to help soldiers on the battlefield. Calamusiod can still reproduce but have a degenerating DNA and each new generation is mutated in a different way, causing these creatures to be very hostile towards humans.


    Genetically-engineered creature with a bionic inhalation-feeding system - hence the lack of a mouth.

    Elite Warlord
    Using a canister on its back the female elite Calamusoid has the ability to launch the toxic waste-products of its bionic feeding system at an attacker.

    Subject SH-10 & SH-30
    In addition to launching toxic substances at an attacker using a canister on its back, the Super Heavyweight class of Calamusoid can brutally decapitate oncomers using a heavy chain wrapped around its clubbed hand.
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  2. I dont know...the 2004 ones had been the scariest and most "realistic" versions. ^^

    Just like the Argonauts. The 2004 version was fucking awesome !

    calamusoid collection.jpg
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    PEass :D been so long.

    Out of interest... how do you feel about the original Half Life vs Black Mesa?

    Which is pretty much how I remember Half life always looked like...

    ... only it didn't

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