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  1. Pic is not working, I keep getting a database error.

    The prizes will be
    Second=60 ped

    Not going to bother with an agility cap on this one
    Registering on forum is NOT required.
    Looking for five racers again but I got a couple extra valks just incase to many show up
    Race will be saturday Jan 28th, 3am EU time(that would also be Sunday the 29th EU time)
    Some notes about the race,
    Through the mountain area you will encounter pirate skeletons but not much danger.
    The track around CND is twisting with lots of narrow areas.
  2. double post
  3. Thanks for putting this event together Corey!!

    Might be a challenge getting a Valk across the covered bridge below CND TP. Had problems w/my hummer before.


    - Next Island Outback Race #4
  4. Ya it is tricky, if you take it high speed you either need to be really good or your going to crash, the Valk is only about 6-12 inches narrower then the opening.
  5. Requesting a course interpretation:

    After crossing the bridge at the CND TP do you
    View attachment 993

    - Turn right and go down the gully/hill to the covered tri-bridge?
    View attachment 994


    - Continue straight forward to cliff road that rounds down and right to covered tri-bridge? This is the longer route and appears to be indicated by your map.
    View attachment 995

    Note: Pics are working but you have ignore the DB error after save. Use 'insert image' in advanced editing (in my browser it is a blank button but has hover help). Don't use 'Manage Attachments'.

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  6. That one would be the correct one.
  7. Hey - I love racing in EU and if I the time works for me IRL (iffy) I will be there.

  8. A Few Mishaps Along the Way During Practice

    Well we had few mishaps during our practice runs. No telling what will happen during the race. Click through the album to see all the pics.


    Click the above link to view the album.
    This album is in correct order.
    Use [Next ->] to advance to end.

    If you can't see the pic or the album, you need to log in. You need to register to log in.
  9. Thanks for all the great pics. Ya the first part of the race has dangers from mobs, the second part of the race have enviroment dangers. Both these will require a different racing stratagy to get past.
  10. I've taken a few practice runs and it's fun and challenging. The only question I have about the route is through the fire pit - is it anything goes, or is there a specific path to take?

  11. I tried to set this race up as an 'EU Event' but it was going to cost 50 PED. I figured it could use the EU-wide exposure. Seems those 'events' are really intended for hunting but there was some flexibility. The best part was the count-down--that would give a sense of urgency and solve the time zone conversions.
  12. Through the fire pitt

    Yes anything goes through the fire pitt
  13. I will be able to make it, most likely at the last minute. :)

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