FREE Dragon Hunt for new players!

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    Free Dragon Hunt

    Tonight we will put together a team to kill Dragons, everyone is welcome from all levels but this is especially intended for new players to get a taste of what hunting higher level mobs is like.

    I will hand out guns and ammo to everyone participating, and when we are done they will give them back as well as the loot received. This means that each person will have gained hunting skills and experience with 0 cost to themselves while having a fun and social hunt. With a team helping me we will be able to kill the dragons faster which will mean less armor and healing decay for me.

    We will start putting the team together around 4:00 MA time which is 8pm Pacific time Friday night.
    Meet at the City of Dreams between 4:00 and 5:00 the hunt will be starting about 5:00 MA time.

    If you are able to do the Road to War mission before then it would be great since we will be basing the hunt out of the B.A.M.F HQ revival area.

    Transportation will be provided for anyone that hasn't made it to BAMF already. (it would be great if there were a couple of experienced players with VTOLs who wanted to join and help out)

    This Event is brought to you by the Rocktropia Event Committee
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