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  1. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    (This is just a story. It will be difficult to read if you try. Hard to follow and full of mistakes. I am doing this because for me it is fun. I may fix it someday or not. Its just fun for me. If anyone atempts to read this:"Good luck with that" If anyone would correct it mistakes. Please do it for a whole page so that I may replace them page by page. I will be at this story forever... It keeps me from spamming your threads!)

    I can recall just landing on Calypso. It had been a long journey. The ship was crowded and the air stale. Strange human noises punctuated the time. A sniffle, a crunch of food a wrapper and the low drum of the space craft was all the entertainment the long trip had to offer.
    I was happy to land at Calypso. After days in route, I did not care if the planet was cold and lifeless with no air. I just wanted off that stinking rust bucket of a vehilcle that they called an intersteller boat. It smelled like food. Strange food oily and pungent. The faces looked old and worn. They too were happy to have to landed.
    The door begain to open. Streams of light flooded in; growing ever brighter as the door opended wider. Soon the ramp was fully deployed and the room was awash in brigh yellow warm sun. The cool breeze blew into the ship and washed away all of the universe. Now it was only me and this beautifull green world of adventure. I helped the old down off the ramp and wished them good luck and happiness.
    Now I was alone and ahead of me roads. One goes this way and one goes that way. With no one pushing me. I had to make some choises. Do I go left or do I go right. Ahh such easy choises. Life will be good. I picked up my shoulder bag and set off walking. Did I pick right or left? I dont know.
    I just started walking with my face pointed to the sun. It felt good.
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    Ah the first steps in a journey.. Love it!! :)
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Yep I remember my first steps on Calypso, I felt lost, no idea what to do and unfortunately no people around at the NAZ to help me out at that time. I was pretty excited though to explore that huge planet, kinda like how I feel right now with Arkadia !!
  4. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    My eyes had been closed for a few seconds. Just feeling the warmth and thinking dreams of riches.
    A sharp lopsided rock caused my foot to twist quickly on its side and sent me to the ground.
    Sitting on my backside in the middle of an unused gravel road.
    Rubbing my sore twisted foot and looking ahead I saw more of what I was sitting in;trees and gravel road.
    Behind me was more gravel road. Endless gravel road.
    Well I had best get up. Cant sit here all day. Riches to be had and places to see. This was gonig to be the land for me.
    Just then a set of armr comes rushing through the trees. In shock and fear I jumpt and stumbled back a few crazy steps trying to turn and run. It did not work.
    I lost balance on that crooked lopsided rock again and fell flat on my face.
    I could taste the dry dust and the cold smooth rocks on my lip.
    Quickly I used my sleeve to wipe away the dirt and blood; I pushed forword to get to my feet and run.
    He was above and behind me. I could feel it. I had to get up and run fast.
    Cursed time had slowed down on me.
    I could not seem to push to my feet fast enough.
    The end was near. It had to be now. I was done for sure.
    Still fear pushed me on. To no avail.
    Something at my neck. It was cold and hard. I closed my eyes...

    "Hey hold on there. Watch ya doing?" An armrd hand had clinched around my neck sleeve. Lifting me to the ground, demanding polite answers to simple questions.
    What am I doing? I thoungt. I am alive. That was my second thought. He sat me on my feet.
    I could see the the small gap in his armr that he was a - he was a she!
    A strong armrd female had almost run me over like a wild Aramax Cow.
    Again she took off running. I had questions. Who was the strong female and did she love me.
    I meant what was she doing and can I do it too?

    I just gota make some peds or Ill be sleeping under these stars getting run over by a bunch of female Aramax Cows.
    I sat back on the road. She was gone and now my foot hurt even more then before.
    My thoughts were pulled to gether as the sounds of a real herd of something comming from the direction she had just come from.
    What the heck was she running from. Again I was rushing to get to my feet. Old and worn I wanted to just sit and wait for it.
    Then they broke cover of the trees. It was a large group of players all dressed in orange travel gear like mine.
    Some had bags, some had wierd unknown items in hand, others even weapons. Two stoped and knelt down by where I was still sitting. "HI" I said. "Hi" They responded.
    They just continued to look at me.
    I felt they were about to have me pray or ask some deity to be forgiven.
    I almost wanted to look and see if I had a few pec to donate to what ever wierd colt this was.
    "Watcha doing?" I asked.
    "We are doing a TP run do you want to go?" They boath looked at me and then at the vanishing crowd of orange players.
    "Sure Ill run along with you" dam wish I had not said run.--- I got to my feet and struggled to catch up to them.
    They were now trying to catch up to the others and I was in last.

    TP run? toilet paper run? Must be some kind of work. Ive just got to keep up with them.
    Not sure if what I was doing was called a run still I continued to try to keep up.
    It was more of a half run/hop skip drag foot sort of combination. The sun was starting to set.
    The gravel road was gone. I think the last of the orange players has just turned from sight.
    I still have my radar to follow but it seems the red dots too are trying to leave the page.
    I feel like shouting to somone to "Wait up". Im winded and thirsty, my foot hurts. I have no breath to shout.
    I have no food and it looks as thoe its getting dark. Sounds seem to be changing.
    I cant hear the talking of the orange players anymore.
    Crickets seem to close in on me. Their calls talking about me.
    Telling all the creatures for miles around that I am alone.
    A cold breeze starts to blow at my neck. None of it matters. Im so sleepy and worn that this spot here on the grass under this tree looks just fine.
    It will have to be. On my side with bag and arm under head I fell quickly to sleep.
    The stars continued to shine above me and the soft cool air continued to blow.
    It was good to sleep.
  5. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant


    Something again..

    What was it?

    Its a rock. Its a cold all over with sharp rock on hip.
    My neck is stiff. My arm is smashed by my over weighted head.
    I open my eyes and lift my head just enough to see a Diakiba munching on some grass. He was not far away.
    My attetion was turned to the piles of dung around the tree and what I think was a bug just inside my lip.
    I spat it out and set up. My arm went quicly to my mouth and rubbed away the nights drool. To rough.
    It stung and my lip begain to bleed again. The gravel road had not kind to me.

    Again with the crunching. What was that Daikiba doing? I was told they all died or mutated or something.
    What ever it was and what ever it was doing I had to get away. "Shhhh" Crunch crunch crunch "Shhhh"
    The thing stoped eating and looked up at me. Oh maybe that was not a good idea. I guess I wont try and quiet him again.
    I look around where I was sitting and had slept. Wanted to make sure nothing was going to be left behind.
    Seems odd to just wake and walk. No food or bed making or getting dressed.
    Oh! a leaf. Ill wipe that off. Good now im ready.
    Just before I stood I thought Ill fire off a quick prayer just to be on the safe side. No harm to try and please the one who has the most power.
    I sure need to be on his side for awhile. I could use his help in these times.
    "dear God. Please keep me from harm today and help me find work and some place to live.";
    "Oh and help all the others like me doing this all over the world. I am sure there are many just like me who landed yesterday".

    First to one foot then to one knee. I stood and looked around. Just then the daikiba looked up at my leaving.
    Green drizzle washed and dripped from his lip. Just then I saw it. A tag. A tag? He is a pet of somone. Ahh thats it ,none in the wild but a few hundred in the pet deeds. Must be quite some value in them. Lucky I saw it. Ill have to come back and see if maybe a large reward is in this!!!<-----

    (sry to stop the story here but I know a player who has a few hundred pet deeds. I gotta go. fate is calling me again.
    I asked him to save me a Daikiba if they are still the same when pets retruned. He said he would do it. I dont invest all into any one idea. One rare pet is enough for me to play with.)
  6. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Time to head up that hill and see where ive landed and if I can find thoes players in orange.
    Maybe my name is on a list for some TP. Speaking of dung early in the morning.

    A few minutes later i was on my way and almost at the top of a hill. Good there was no view in the area I had slept.
    Running after thoes players in orange had just spun me around and lost my road. The ridge was even closer.
    Funny how the top of the hill is just a few steps more then you thought. At times the hill can continue to allways be just a few more steps.
    Its frustrating but when you do get to the top of that endless hill its breathtaking and makes you feel small, a bit dizy.
    I reached the top of the hill. It was fantastic just as I had expected it. Even better then I had expected it. There were these tallest of tall trees. Trunks so big around you could hide on the other side of one. So colorfull they looked like candy. The tops like gumball broccoli.

    Atrox rushes me from the side bites half of my chest and stomac throwing his head to the side the rest of my body tore from it and flew to rolling down the hill. The sign "Teliporting to Revival Terminal 10 seconds." Bad Atrox" I typed into chat. The game resoponded with "You cant chat. You are dead sucker!" .
  7. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Death was strange. Not empty but full of pain. I could see nothing and hurt everywhere.
    I felt sick and on fire at the same time. The thought of hell started to pop into my head only to dissipate as my vision started to clear.
    I was not dead. I may have wanted to be but I could see a building and some people in orange and in armor.
    Dont think there are buildings in death.

    I stumbled away from the red machine next to me. I wanted to barf. My life meter was all red. My foot was in so much pain.
    The hole in my midsection was still an open black abiss into my person. I started to go blank and fall. Thinking myself dead once again all thoughts grew quiet.

    Dam player was messing with my sore foot. I opened one eye as If I was play sleeping. There was that player. He has this god send red and white ball and another player closer to my head was healing my chest with the same tool. I was feeling better fast.
    I got to my feet and put the words "Thank you" into chat. Reading the local chat I could see more "thank you"s. and the healers responding with "YW"
    The two healers who had fixed me up had already run to help others. Must be high demand for them. Im guessing they are in training because no one has asked for my 32 silver pecs. I patted my pocket. It was the only thing of real value I had. Won on the ships poker game. Lucky me.
    I looked around at the crowd of players. It looked like there must be a war near here or maybe more of thoes Atrox that ate me.
    Its going to take me a bit to catch up to this new area. Im not sure what my first steps will be.
    I know this. Im hungry. Im going to have to work or be lucky enough to have a rich uncle who can send me money to help start a trade in this new world of ours.
  8. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Nice uncle. He is sending me 100 peds. I feel rich already.
    I plan to buy the biggest baddest gun on this side of the universe.
    Something so big it takes two hands to hold. Just wait till that armored female sees me.
    See aint going to forget me anytime soon. How would I even find a nameless faceless
    Godess. I only glimpst her face through a face guard. Shell know its me.
    Thats my plan. Become a hunter. They will tell storys of me. Mr big gun hunter himself.
    yep.. Thats the plan. I sat back against the tree. Holding my uncles letter of peds on the way.
    My eyelids grew heavy with the thought of it. I would hold my eyelids open enough just to think myself
    awake. Soon with the thoughts of fame and riches and love, I slept again.

    The war continued on around me. The stars sill shined above me. The wind still blew.
    Players still hunted and crafted and stole from one another and I the new player slept under the tree
    dreaming of my rise to power and glory.
    It was good to sleep.
  9. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    I awoke to the sounds of a rodeo. Dust flying into the air. Gravel spitting outward from some center point.
    I was instantly covered in grime. The dirt on me became so thick so quick. I put my hand to shield my face.
    "Yeehaww" a player shouted from some dune buggy. He was doing donuts in his buggy just feet from all the healers and wounded players.
    "Dam man!!" I yelled as I stood up, turned around and started to wipe the dirt from my legs.
    He never heard me. He finished his donuts and sped off. I watched him speed away. A bumber sticker on the buggs rear end said"America Rules"
    "Jack-ass" I yelled while trying to softly wipe the dust from my eye. Eveyone was back to business. I seem to be the only player put off by the buggy.
    I will get one of them buggys and catch that American someday. Eat my dust buddy. Setting off to find that big gun; the idea of color matching eveything gave even more spark to my dreams. Someday Im going to have it all. Simple thoughts for a player with nothing more then pecs and worn shoes.
  10. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Twin Peeks Mall. Thats what the neon sign says.
    I see it, not to far away. I wonder what kind of stores Ill find inside and who owns them.
    The building seemed to grow as I walked twards it..
    I kept reading the words Twin Peeks Mall over and over as I walked.
    I could not help it. Its as thoe the flashing neon sign was pounding its way into my soul.
    Treasure awaited me inside thoes doors.

    (sry to stop the story here again. but there is treasure in them doors. One of thoes treasures owns a beauty shop. -shout out.-ima go online and find some treasure. Its sitting in TP Mall. I just have to find it and be wise enough to see it." Ill will continue later.)
  11. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Need to catch up on the reading here.. but soo far its been great!! Ty for your time and talent!! :)

    Side note.. what does Lerp stand for? ;) lol Just curious as I knew someone else with the name of lerp! :)
  12. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Its not even readable. Ill have to ask my girfriend to look it over for me.
    She may tell me its not worth fixing. Ill let her correct its readablility.
    It could just be a perception seen only by me.
    I welcome anything you have to correct me on.
    Your opening comment has already helped me to use the toolbar.
    I am only trying to learn how to write. Its a long battle for me.
    (my GF just read two sentences) she had absolutly nothing good to say.
    She said she dident even get it, as in not understand what it said.
    She would not read more. Said she had a head pain.
    She even went to the kitchen and took two pills. She is trying to sleep now.
    If she dont read it in the morning she dont love me.

    Oh Lerp. Its the name a a bug that sucks the sugar out of the leaves of Eucalyptus trees.
    Lerp silliad. Its the same thing I do for work IRL.
  13. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Reaching the doors and running inside I found myself bumping into the walls. I could not seem to find my way.
    The wall and the floor acted in odd ways. I was standing and floating and bouncing up and down.
    Not being able to get anyplace I stoped. My avatar continued to bounce. Walls slowly started to build around me.
    Floors gave footing to my feet the bouncing ended. A hall way opended before me.
    Now I was in the mall and could continue my treasure hunt.
    It has been told the moon has something to do with the feeling of disorientation after entering some areas.
    It was the first experience for me in this and it was true. I had felt an odd sensation a floating as if here and not here.
    A strange world indeed. Suprise around every cornor. New land new rules. I was ready for anything.

    Floor one? Floor two? Floor three? Yes the third floor. It felt lucky to me. I hit the number three. With whirling sounds and pops and pings the TP begain to pull me apart atom by atom. Just a split second before I was on floor three; everything vanished.
    I was safe and standing on floor three. Safe and rebuilt as I had been a second before.
    I quickly checked where the Atrox had taken luch from my chest. It was still ok and healed like new.

    Floor three seemed to be much the same as floor one.
    A player was running from display to display with an arm outstretch and pistole in hand. He did not look as thoe he searched for another player. More like he was intent on finding an item to shoot and destroy. He checked the middle booth and the window of a shop he then turned and pointed the gun at my head. I shouted and bent quickly to the side. "Good Grief man, Watch out!" He ran past where I had been standing, gun still stetched out in an enternal hunt and he was gone. Vanished beond the point of avatar population.

    I searched up and down the hallway. I was after a big gun a three hander with scope, auto target and fire. maybe not, that would be dangerous. Unknown to me was the law that prohibited such weapons enacted after a shipment malfunctioned and killed every player in a port town. From that time Auto target has be banned.
  14. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    A booth in the middle had some sort of granade launcher. Big round chambers. Huge shell circles.
    Its just not what I had planned. So I looked on. Half way down on the left was a store named BIG ARS weapons.
    A sign in the window showed a video of a hunter named Big Ars. In his hands was the biggest gun I had ever seen in my life.
    I had to stop and look closer. It seems as thoe the player behind him in the video had his hands on the gun too.
    A two man gun. Its implications were complicated. I did not have a partner so concluded to settle for the second biggest gun in the world.
    After all. I have never even held a gun before.

    I walked slowly down the hall way. It cool photos lined the walls. Some were creature slays. Some were human deaths where the creature was still charging the video man. Some festive glowing sticks lined the floor and a few cheap messy bent rugs of off striped color.
    At the end of the hall was a splended rug. I steped around it so as not to leave any of the Daikiba mush from the other day.
    Inside the store was collection of weapons that just wanted to make me cry. It felt like a holiday and every weapon on the wall was my gift. I ran to the closest wall and set my eyes and the flashy crome and red double laser, so many attributes I dident even have a clue what they meant. The price: 145 ped TT + and extra 575 ped to the player a total of 720 ped. I looked around for a chair to sit in. Sat down. Put my hand on my pocket of 100 peds. Hmm it was to be expected. I did not have a clue what was sold on this world or for how much. I should have read the travel pamplets. Why would I even think I could go to an area and understand its economy. The gun was just to much. I had to be realistic about it things on this world did not turn out to be a paradise.
    Just then an avatar in the room asked if I was new. "Why yes Im new Its my second day.":"Oh" thats nice the avatar responds"Looking for a weapon are you?":"Yes I just figured I should use this money to get started on my new trade in this game. I dont want to be poor for ever. I gota get a girl and a house.":
    "Dont we all buddy.Ill tell you what. I use to hunt all the time. I was up to 150 hunting points in the first year!":"That is fantastic". I looked at him with new eyes. His clothes seemed more clean. His hair more form. This was an old true hunter. I had come to the best spot. "I can help you" He tells me.

    Over the next few minutes he explains to me how all I need is an opalo and a set of TT armr and a healing item. He told me that with these items I can start a new job and live happy ever after. I walk with him to the TT and buy eveything just as he told me. I still had plenty of peds left over and he said this is all I would need to get going.

    The Avatar looks to me and asks"Do you have all the items?":"Yes,just as you had them in the chat window. So this is all it takes to start working?". He looks at me then at the TT then back at me"If you only want enough peds to just get by. To only make enough for an apartment and some travel. If you want to be rich in this game you would need to have all thoes items upgraded.
    I wish I had known then that there is not UPGRADES. There are enhancers but no upgrades that I know of todate. "Upgraded" I asked excited at the idea. A request opended on my screen. It asked If I wanted to make trade with this avatar. I hit the word Yes.
    "Put thoes items in the window so that I can Upgrade them for you"
    I put the items in the window. They just sat there
    "I adding it up:how much do you have" he asked me.
    I looked. It was 68 peds I told him I had 68 peds. He closed the window.
    "Whats wrong I asked":"You dont have enough" I was disapointed. I could see my chances with the girl vanishing before my eyes. "HOW MUCH IS IT:sry caps stuck". I demanded.
    "Its 300 peds total but Ill tell you what." Im going to do it because you came to my store. You have to come back in 3 months and pay me the rest. Is it a deal? Dont mess with me on this IM trusting you".

    I told him how trusty I was and how I would be back to give him the rest of the peds. I think I cross my hart for him. I then put all the items and all my peds into the window and hit "Yes" not once did I hit yes but two times. The game asked me twice and I thought the game was stupid.
    I waited for half hour, an hour then I had to go myself. I have to log out and do dishes. I miss my armr.
    I bet it will be waiting for me when I get back. It must take along time for him.
  15. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    I woke up the next day in the hallways of TP mall.

    I want to stop here and tell the future people of earth after the apes take over and are playing entropia.
    I do not make Entropia look rough because it is bad. I make it look rough because it is good!
    If the world was easy I would not respect it or fear it. It would not be as fun or real.
    At times Entropia feels like a wild gun slinging town. I want to quote a person of old.
    MR PacMan:"Its not how many ghosts I eat that make me happy. I am happy after every ghost I eat."

    I woke up in the halls of TP the next day. I was standing looking at the granade launcher again. An avatar walked by and started to enter a store next to me. I looked over at Dark Zunami Angel. 'Hey did you see that guy who half owns this store here with big Arse. You know the guy in the green jacket." Zunami looked at me for a second the responded with "No". "What do you mean NO? The guy who half owns this shop here with big Arse" I repeated. She looked at me and told me my clothes were dirty and my hair was a mess and that I could get a good deal on a color and perm. I looked down at my clothes and indeed they were dirty. The orange clay and soil here had turned my clothes even more orange then before. I looked like a pumpkin. My hair a mess. A perm
    . "I need a hundred peds you..." I was looking for the caps button to shout even louder instead I found the exit button. The one I call sleep. I went to sleep. This time I did not wait. NO! I was to upset. I skipped the 20 second delay and hit log out NOW. It could not hurt me anymore then I allready was. Before the screen went black I told myself one day I would rule this land.
    Sleep is allways good. It allows me for a new day and adventure while free on a new land.

    It was quiet when I retruned online. No one was in the halls of TP mall it was quiet and still.
    A sign read: Auction House. I went into this room. It was full of terminals. Red ones and blue ones and an Auctioneer and a technition. I opended the TT and hit the selection for sell. I looked around and checked my radar. Feeling secure I was alone I took off my clothes and quickly put them into the sell box. I checked my shoulder bag. It contained one itme. A tool of some sort. I put this into the sell box too.
    "Nope. No thank you" the trade terminal responded and spit my items onto the floor. I could hear a cleaning spray behind the box door I bent to pick up my clothes and the unkown tool. It was then I noticed the green dots and players who had begun to log on around me. A bit red and under dressed I ran from TP mall to some bushes just outside and put on my clothes.
    Friendly chat filled the air. One asking for a skin of some sort and another selling a skin of another sort.
    A taxi offering service on and off world and to an astroid if the price was enough. Some new player was asking how to equip his MF tool. Sounds like he was MF mad at that tool. I waited and waited. A player came on and adveritsed a raido station and then somone shouted how he was starting an uber society that was to hunt with only with the opalo and give him free heals when he needed it. I wanted to join some of them but first I wanted to log out and open a raido station I had read about.
  16. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Found three raido stations. Some with music and some with talk and some broadcast live from places in Entropia.
    This was a fun aspect to this new world. It shows that there is devotion by the people who live in these new lands.
    It was great to know that things would grow and the citys would rise and the population would continue to grow.
    The music was great too.
    I was broke. My money and my dream of a mega gun were long gone. I could hear almost hear the laughter of the person who stole from me. It would be no use to cry to the police. It was my own fault. I have learned that you simply do not exchange anything without equal value in the trade boxes. Unless you are willing to let it go with a smile.
    All I could do was congradulate the criminal who stole from me. He had skills. I was a global for him. Its not a profession skill I would want to grow but to some I guess its an option. I smiled and said "asshole" and decided to go about my life.

    Hunger was all I had. Hunger for friends. Hunger for knowledge. Hunger for a place to call my own.
    What do I do now? MY rich uncle would not send me more cash for three moons time. I looked about the area of twin peeks teliport. A vehicle vendor was selling cars and choppers and buggys.
    "HI";"Hello" he responded","Would you like to buy a vehicle?";"NO I dont have any money." He was quiet after this. I soon saw him post again in the trade section about his vehicles and the best price they have. I asked him for work;"I need a job. Would you have anything I can do to help you?" He looked at me and said,"You could sell some vehicles for me in other places but you would need to have a deposite for them. I dont know you so I cannot trust you at this point with them." I smiled to myself. I knew all to well what he was talking about. It was kind of him to offer me work selling vehicles but first I must start out lower and get some cash flow."I can take you to swamp camp and if you work hard for long enough you may have enough for a deposite on one of my vehicles.","Swamp camp? They have work for me?"
    ,"Yes, its working with creatures and its hard danger filled labor with little pay." "I will do it!"
    One by one his vehicles vanished. He was picking them up. The last one was a helicopter. He told me to get in and I did.

    Twinpeeks got smaller under the chopper as we climbed into the air. Chopper blades rotated shew shew shew the sound filled my ears the wind blew into the open doors. We were flying high above the land. Clouds blocked all view.
    Soon we were on our decent. I could see the ground again. My radar showed green dots and red dots many many dots.
    This was an active place. I thanked him for the ride and the info. He said it was good and gave me his friend number and I learned how to give him my contact info too. He pointed at all the players and told me to have fun.
  17. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Please, don't stop the writing. I really enjoy reading your story. And I also believe you have great writing skills!! You make the Universe seem so real.
  18. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    I was in what I thought was swampcamp. It turned out to be Neas' Place. I dont know why he changed his mind but here i was. Off in the distance I saw about 20 or 30 players running around a huge creature. They were "Sweating" it. Its a process they use to gather sweat from the creature that they can use in products or sell to others to use. In my bag I had a tool to gather sweat. It was one of the few things the goverment gave out free. It had no value or I would have sold it by now.
    A few players ran past me. The were headed back to the creature who had just killed them. Its a good thing death does not last long on this world: the creature did not like to be sweated. I watched as the players used the tool to gather sweat and the creature ran from one player to another to defend itself. Its was ununfair battle. 30 against one. Someone yelled "Its dry." A few people with weapons begain to shoot and soon the creature was on the ground motionless. It vanished.
    Everyone went back to work on another creature.
    I held my tool and ran to join in. Not sure how to use it but soon I would be in range of the beast.
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