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    On Friday, February 27th, yet another new DNA was released by Treasure Island's proprietor, Deathifier. The Frescoquda is one of three new DNAs that Deathifier has been working on for quite some time, and the second to be unleashed.

    History in the Making

    According to Deathifier, "The Frescoquda has perhaps the most unusual story as to how I came about assembling it, particularly when compared to the spectacular start of the Letomie and the rather unremarkable start for the Furor." Humble beginnings led to an accidental purchase, and ultimately to this most recent mob that has become the second newest resident of Treasure Island in just over a month after the release of the Furor on January 24th.

    The back scales were the first to be discovered and purchased by someone other than Deathifier, followed by the tentacles months later. However, Deathifier indicated that at this time, it seemed the level of interest in the Frescoquda had dropped dramatically, but attributes it to perhaps the crazy Letomie bid war. As a result, he negotiated to purchase the tentacles in order to keep the DNA construction going, with a belief that it was not going to take long to finish. "I did pay quite a high price," says Deathifier, "but this was before it was discovered that so many parts were needed per DNA."

    In the meantime, the back scales had been sold to someone else, but it didn't deter Deathifier from continuing his quest for other needed DNA parts. "When the first foot turned up, I got into one of those epic bid wars with Robroy, although it was epic more for duration than for massive surges in value." However, he shares that before that started, another person decided to sell him their accumulated parts, which helped in the quest to complete the collection for construction. Deathifier is candid in saying that, "It was somewhat later that I realized this person made a very smart move, as this is likely to be the most expensive weak creature ever to be implemented."

    After the bid war, it became a waiting game for other parts to drop, which included not only the back scales, but the tentacles, feet, and hide. Deathifier says that 5 months after he started buying parts, and about 9 months after the first part was found, it was finally time to give birth to Treasure Island's newest resident. The official description of the mob from the fertilizer station reads as follows:
    "Big and ungainly, the Frescoquda is usually a rather slow and friendly beast. Unless agitated, it’s not disturbed by the occasional passerby, although it has been known to react fast and aggressively when provoked."
    An Official Event

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 02.jpg
    With the most recent VU 9.4, Treasure Island received an upgrade and was divided into land areas. As such, Deathifier was able to create an actual Frescoquda Deployment event without the area becoming overcrowded with Entropians after the first global hit the chat window. It was an invitation-only affair that included those who sold DNA parts to Deathifier, their guests, and the usual entourage of Dark Knights members that were available to join the unveiling. The vertical LA to the West of the TI North Shore TP was chosen as the location for the new DNA, and the now familiar wait for the first red dot to spawn ensued.

    The event lasted two hours, after which the expected flood of hunters seeking their own treasures from the new mob quickly materialized.

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 03.jpg

    While the event was set up as Highest Single Loot Wins, there was no prize awarded. It was all for fun and the privilege of being able to witness the launch of yet another new mob on Treasure Island. However, the person who came out on top was Max Marmac Power (FJRMac at EF) from Dark Knights with his 298 PED HoF. Despite there being no winner's prize, there were items in loot for some that more than made up for it.

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 04.jpg
    Those invited to the event met up with Deathifier at TI Central to receive their tickets in order to register in plenty of time. Everyone then met at the LA Landmarker in anticipation of the DNA being activated. The fertilizer station is right next to the Landmarker, so Deathifier didn’t have to go far to get the job done. Once the DNA was activated, Deathifier told everyone to head North and spread out in the upper third portion of the land area. The radar became alive with dispersing green dots, each in hope of finding the perfect spot where the new mob would spawn.

    The Waiting Game

    The waiting is always the most intense, but there was plenty of fun chatter in the event chat window while everyone waited. Deathifier took this opportunity to share some additional information about the new mob, but there was no mistake that everyone's attention was focused on the radar for that first red dot to appear.

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 05.jpg
    Deathifier and Mac (FJRMac at EF) stood calm as they waited for the first sign of activity to occur. Everyone else took up positions either singly or in groups, trigger fingers itchy, poised to pounce on the new targets.

    Once the first spawn appeared, it was on, and green dots scattered faster than if someone had yelled fire. It wasn't long before globals started popping, and discoveries were made. Deathifier became inundated with PMs while red dots became more and more frequent. It wasn't long before people were being Gratz'd for their globals and discoveries, with lots of OMGs being expressed when the uber loots appeared.

    Everyone moved fast to take down as many mobs as they could in hopes of looting something special themselves. The atmosphere was electric with movement from both players and mobs that made it seem like a well-orchestrated ballet.

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 06.jpg
    During the frenzy, I made my way around the northern third of the land area to capture as much action as possible, and was able to get some unique photos and footage that show various sides of the Frescoquda. Every once in a while, the mobs took a liking to me, but I think it was just love taps. Oh, except for one time I was too engrossed in filming a mob-herding by Deathifier and ended up flat on my purple backside. Lady Trisha, and I think Ozi came along and helped Deathifier wipe out the herd.

    They're funny to watch when they're chasing someone around as a group, but the AI doesn't seem right according to Deathifier because tagging and shooting each one doesn't seem to help keep them focused on you.

    Everyone seemingly had a good time, and had plenty of mobs to hunt since it was a closed event, but they knew it was only two hours long, and once the event was over, they would have lots of company, so they kept vigilant with their efforts.

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 07.jpg

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 08.jpg

    Discoveries and Items

    Some of the special items looted and discovered include:
    • SkilDek Anaconda (L)
    • Vain Foot Guards (M,L)
    • Chronicle Helmet (M,L)
    • Isis LR66 (L)
    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 09.jpg

    When the event finally came to a close, the anticipated flood of hunters waiting to get into the land area became a reality. Ubers, mid-level players, and even some in OJs came to have a look at the new resident of Treasure Island, and to get their hunt on in search of their own discoveries and items.

    The latest resident of the island is worth exploring. Some say it resembles a cockroach, while I say, it looks like a slug on legs, and sounds like someone trying to start their car on a cold Winter's day. The lower maturities during the event were relatively easy to handle for most, but they have been bumped up a bit, and I believe now include up to Dominant, which some are quite happy about.

    Thank you Deathifier for yet another interesting mob to occupy our time on Treasure Island, and we wait in anticipation to experience the third and final DNA of the Letomie when the collection of all parts have been completed. In the meantime, Congratulations on the release of the Frescoquda DNA.

    MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 10.jpg MSM Frescoquda Treasure Island 11.jpg

    Presenting the Frescoquda

    Special Thanks To: The-Onciest for graphics assistance.
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