Frozen between Caravan and Nth Space base

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by nexus7, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. The following is an account of what happened just half an hour or so before posting this..
    At approx' 4:50pm Entropia time on 21/09/08, I was half-way between Camp Caravan and North Space Base, directly East of the revive-point there. I was, 'hunting' Cornundacaudas, and was doing fairly well; and in the course of doing this, I met someone that I know. Then, the next thing I know, is that I cannot move at all! Also, the creatures (as described above), were not reacting in any way upon being fired at. I tried reloging at least three times, as did this friend of mine...
    Finally, after rebooting my system, I was able to log back in, only to be presented with the message 'server is unavailable', or words to this effect - 'would you like to be relocated?'. I 'accepted' and in the end, was relocated to 'Billy's Spaceship Afterworld.'
    All well and good, you might think? Not really!
    1). I had been 'looting' quite successfully, which was completely negated for obvious reasons
    2). My acquaintance was not showing on my 'Friends list', because she had obviously not been able to log back into Entropia.

    Anyway, this is what happened - I don't know why. Obviously there was a server problem for that area, but why at this precise time when a) I was doing quite well in terms of loot, and b) when I was in conversation ( via the open-chat ) with a friend of mine??
    This 'friend of mine' is well known and liked on EU-Chronicle, although I won't mention the AV name out of courtassy, etc, but I'm also wondering if other colonists have experienced the same type of thing? With me, this is not the first time that I have experienced some thing like this, and nearly always involves someone that I know in-world that I am having a conversation with at the time. So, I smell 'a rat here'. It's as though MA does not like it when ppl who know each other in-world (not neccesarilly in RL), come accros one another, which eventually, is going to happen??
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  2. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    It must be him... yes him... the one that watches all over... the BIG BROTHER is back!!! :shock:

    Just kidding. Seriously, tampering with players' VL is quite annoying not to mention even something more than that. Are you sure they don't say anything in the EULA about it? They seem to somehow fit every little possible fitting (for them) detail in there :rolleyes: (gotta get a super magnifying lens to read the atoms in the EULA. I might even find the loot equation there ;))
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  3. Bunny

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    SURPRISE!!!! I am the other person and it was quite a shock to find myself also rooted in possition. I thought to myself welllll just make a tp jump. I did the voodoo thing and yeaaaa jumped. Well that didn't go so well. Same place. Hmmmm well next best thing I will T out :D Pushed the T key and waited my 60 seconds and yahoo sequence started. When it ended I was still in the same place LOL. After several relogs it finally showed server at zero. I gave up and went to bed. I guess I am still on the beach waiting for a rescue team. Probably have not got all the ores I mined in that area. EU is such fun. NOT!!!!!! :tumbleweed:
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  4. So we both were rooted to the spot. I felt like I was on sticky treacle:D Even the corns were stuck as they were no longer running at me when I fired at them.
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