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Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Just letting you all know that this next VU will have a couple fixes, but won't have any major content for Next Island.

    As a Next Island player and MMO player, I completely understand your frustrations. Some of you have been waiting a long time, and I can't wait to show you new blueprints and exciting new quests, and all the great things we have planned for ancient Greece!

    Behind the scenes, though, we're working really hard to introduce new improvements, especially in the starter area and in ancient Greece. My whole team is dealing quite well with a lot of unexpected challenges, and we hope that our new content will be fun and rewarding for everyone.

    I hope you like what we're working on!
  2. Meg,

    There is all the difference in the world between having something to say and having to say something.
    -- John Dewey
  3. what he said. Either you have done something ready to show or you don't and then it is of no importance untill you have done it. Ancient Greece was clearly not ready to show... so you had nothing to show for months now. good work. not.
  4. True Wangxiang. But even the slightest bit of communication is a step to the right direction, even if at times there are things that need to be said but for legal reasons probably can't.
  5. Thanks for checking in. At least we know we haven't been forgotten :)
  6. exactly... a post like that every now and then is enough for most to not jump ship and leave NI. it's good to hear from you :)
    but tell mr neverdie that he needs to be more active on the forum... we are his customers and the last 3-4 months he has made 2 posts,,,, one post per week would have taken 0.00001% of his time and would have saved him alot of money by customers not leaving.. NDS really need to take a class in customer relations, else it won't matter how great their product is, people leave.
    i won't leave, i love NI too much, but i certainly understand the huge amount of people that have left NI because nothing happens and the developers never say ANYTHING... that is not good if you want to keep your customers (not just my personal oppinion, but everyone's oppinion, if you don't believe that read through the old posts on the forum)

    atleast meg checks in every once in a while :) it makes a difference, and i hope she tells mr ND this
  7. Jellyfish, NDS is not responsible for managing NI. It's NI live team that is responsible for that. I imagine he doesn't post here often because too many people think he is in charge of NI when in truth he is just an investor.
  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Correction ... he's not just an investor, he also heads the development team, but I agree - he doesn't necessarily need to be posting a lot of information on the forum ... that's what the Community Manager is for, and I think that's Meg, so ND can certainly pass on information to her or David Post to keep us updated.
  9. Justplease fix my healing herb kit and slaves sword so I can have the best fun time there! its all I ask please please please

    * huge big tear full kitten eyes begging *

  10. Agreed, thanks Meg for the communication.
  11. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    1: Thank you for the communication.

    (just to clarify... I do not mean any of this as a personal attack on anyone, especially Meg)

    At the very least the fixes for manufacturing Time Crystals and the issues with the existing items in AG should have been fixed. AG should not have been opened and the TC blueprint should not have started dropping until AG was ready for visitors.

    Learn from the mistakes of others and DO NOT release anything until it is completely ready. Also, DON'T say something is almost ready or gonna be great, etc. until you know for CERTAIN that it will be in a release on a particular day.

    Those who ask for words from ND... We don't need to hear anything from him. What we need is a steady, constant, informative communication with someone from NI. ND is not NI. ND is the dev studio head and the owner of his super-sized, super-customized land area on NI called CND. (at least for now)

    Back on topic... In the broad view, NI shouldn't even be open to the public yet. The most basic features of a working planet are not here. If NI was a stand alone entity that was not connected to Calypso it would be absolutely nothing. At the very best it is in Alpha testing stage. If all the features were in place then at this point I'd say it was in Beta, but we have don't have any NI content that is of any use. The loots we get are completely useless (so far) animal parts and crystals. Woo friggin hoo...

    I wouldn't so much mind being an Alpha tester if I was told ahead of time that this would be the case and it didn't cost me anything to do the testing, OR if I was being paid to do the testing. As it is... it is very expensive on players here because there is no mechanism for an economy in place.

    Now, I ask you this... What EXACTLY are you going to do and precisely WHEN will you do it in order to keep your customers happy and positive? I know if I was opening a new business and the first people in the door were treated like crap and did not find any of the advertised services or products I would not expect rave reviews or positive word of mouth recommendations from them. It's long past time for excuses. It's time for some severe damage control before the ship sinks before it leaves the pier.

    I like the concept of NI and the place is very pretty, but as a customer I feel that I've been lied to from the beginning and have been treated like I'm worthless since then. What can I expect from NI that will change this reality? Please don't get the idea from this that I am upset... It's MUCH MORE than that. I'm F&%#ing furious. I don't like being lied to or cheated at all.

    Ask anyone, I'm one of the easiest people on ANY planet to get along with, until I feel like I've been screwed over. I feel that way now.
  12. Meg - thanks for posting and confirming that there is no major NI content in this VU.
    Please post as often as you can with as much information as you are able to share.
  13. Whow I know Calin for years and years in my society and never seen him get that upset. He super calm and level headed person.


    Myself I am looking forward greatly to this Saturdays article from David Post and I hope its really good to read.
  14. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    All's good until the Camel's back goes crack.
  15. Please help out Kitty asap. Nobody can resist huge big tear full kitten eyes begging. Thanks for the update Meg.
  16. Agreed Kitten Calin is a very tolerant and level headed person and has been very calm for a very long time. It was he who convinced me to come out to Next Island so many weeks ago. It is a difficult road that we first pioneers of a the new must chance. I am more disappointed than upset by things. Kitten took a great risk to brave a new untried area my hats off to her.

    I must say I am not really surprised by the pace of advancement and state of things. In spite of this we must keep hope.

  17. im confused... i don't know who to yell at for the bad communications... lol
    i see fingers pointing at meg, but i cant yell at her can i :)
    god so many involved... in the good old "project entropia" atleast we knew who to point fingers at, and we all knew who the devil was: mindark
    but now... mindark? first planet? NI live team? ND? MDS? david post, who ever he is? lol
    i'll just go ahead and blame it all on mindark :)
  18. When all else fails blame MA under the assumption that they pay only marginally closer attention to Planet Partners then they did to players :)
  19. *sad* Was hoping for some kind of NI content in this update. Glad I will be out for a week vacation, so hopefully by next week when I can play again there will be some actual NI content in the following update that I can come back to.

    I still have faith, but it is being pecked away... NI Born, but not NI happy atm. They seem to be having a blast on Calypso with the returned original functions :(
  20. Gotta say... I love the new "crash" feature they added in this update along with lag.
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