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    That sounds.... messy... unless printing was to punch cards, in which case, carry on but don't sneeze! :D
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    :eek (2)::eek (2)::eek (2):

    Seriously... that does actually need to be in a museum. I can imagine kids seeing that and staring transfixed trying to work out how on earth it is doing it. I love how so clearly you CAN see that it is doing it. Like watching a wall of cogs turn but in code/wire form.

    BTW you should check out the exapunks game boy emulator and try some of the things people wrote for it (there's an archive linked from a forum). Amazing stuff.

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  3. well, step by step. i'm now learning lots about ASM, microprocessors and -controllers, reading into arduino and raspberry, and all that after doing computer stuffs for like 30 years.

    you wouldn't believe how much i had to giggle when i recently read again into x86/x64, early computers and their mishaps, their restrictions and BIT limits, RAM limits, CGA/EGA/VGA history, I/O generally, what a blast from the past!!!! press play on tape! :love:

    i read alot about hardware modules, leading into consoles and their cartridge games. what made them so special, and how they made their consoles even better, nearly bypassing both technical and logical limits. oh my gosh!
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    I just might have to buy Shenzen. I still have an old Assembler tutorial book somewhere at home. I never was smart enough to understand it, though.
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    haha that sounded a lot like my Friday night before last. (I have no life any more haha) I went down a wikipedia hole and then I caught myself and thought to myself "why have I been sitting here reading about ISA? The worlds second most generic acronym!" XD XD XD It's amazing how just one thing can set you off on a personal voyage of discovery!

    But yes I did the RAM limits thing too. Suddenly the 1990s make far more sense! I didn't look at consoles though although was surprised to discover that so many computers from that era had the same processor in as the BBC micro. Surprising because they seemed superior but I guess that was due to other hardware or use of cartridges.
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    Defo stick it on the wishlist, it may go on sale again. I'm finding it quite a challenge but a fun one.
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    Turns out I already own it. There goes the weekend!
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    I'm tempted to be a meany and point out something more productive you might be doing ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

    ... but I'd never do that ;) ;) ;)

    Shenzhen though... man it feels like some sort of gateway drug. I've made all sorts of realisations since getting into it.

    When I was a kid I remember really liking this book called the Prime Minister's Brain. The girl in it was playing this computer game or competition or something and the best people got to go to a final but it was some sort of covert operation to recruit kids for nefarious purposes (loosely - it was a bit more sci fi than that - I really should re read or watch the TV show incarnations that popped up in the decades since) anyhow, I can imagine somehow at the end of Shenzhen some folks pull up in a car with blacked windows, wearing suits and dark sunglasses and take you to a secret underground base somewhere.

  9. :lam:

  10. San


    Someone recommended this to me:

    Not quite free but in early access, don't know if this counts as a deal? Just thought someone here might like it.
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    looks interesting. I see it has fishing even XD
  12. absolute drift and rage 2 is on epic. Rage 2 is listed as having a regular price of 59.99...
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    Ta the drift game looked fun so I grabbed that. Not fussed on Rage2. I thought this looked interesting though, shame it's so far off release.

  14. Rage 2 has a great world and storylines...its an unfinished game here and there...but the world I really really loved :)
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    oh ok... well that sounds more interesting, all I was getting from the vids was "FPS that isn't Quake3, Halflife1, Doom or Wolfenstein" - therefore I don't understand ;)
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    There's a pixel art cyberpunk/bladerunner esq game free on epic shit at the moment. Tales of the neon sea. Reminds me of old school graphic adventures like beneath a steel sky. Grabbed it but not played yet.

  17. 3 free games on Epic this week...
    Deponia the Complete Journey
    Ken Follett's The Pillars of Earth
    The First Tree
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    I think you need to read "Machine Code for Beginners" :D Computer and coding books from Usborne | Usborne Publishing (these are available free now). That one amuses me greatly as the books are for kids but machine code is so hard core, you need an in depth understanding of how the computer works (way more than what most people have, or indeed need to have) before you can even get started!

    In modern life (I assume) practical knowledge of it is pretty much the domain of hackers and security forensics people.
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    Oh that's interesting... I didn't pick up the alert this week. I have the Pillars one already but will look at the others. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. :rolleyes (2):
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