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    It seems that every 3 months I go into labor pains, counting down the contractions until VOILA! - a newborn shines brightly in our universe once again.

    That might seem a feat only perhaps an alien at a distant planet might be capable of, but that would be a false assumption, because right here in the Media Center at EntropiaPlanets a new birthing occurs on Sep 12th, Dec 12th, Mar 12th, and Jun 12th.

    I am talking specifically of the EntropiaTimes magazine, which is truly a labor of love for those of us who put so much effort into it. It was the brilliant brainchild of Lykke, one of the co-founders and administrators of this forum, and proud to say one of my very closest friends in this universe.

    When she brought the idea to my attention, I said - LET'S DO IT - but that's because, despite any other profession in real life that I've given my dedication to, my heart and soul firmly belong to writing and the creative process. I suppose you could say that I'm on my 3rd career, because I fully intend to develop and expand this passion of mine into a revenue stream - one way or another.

    Hey, there are many well-known artists from many genres who got a late start in life and became masters. The one thing I'm very strong about, is never let someone else deter you from your greatest passion - they don't live inside the energy that empowers you, nor the creative mind that inspires you - go for it, and don't look back.

    One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Lykke and Peter at this forum and becoming a member of the Media staff. I was initially the Media Manager, but I would much rather focus on the research, writing, and creative process than directing a media center, so I turned it over to Lykke. She does a phenomenal job, just as I knew she would, and quite frankly, with all she has on her plate, I'm really not sure how she juggles everything, but she does.

    What I love about Lykke as my Media Manager is that she gives me free reign to exercise my creative process without constraints, other than her leadership in how things will fit between our magazine pages. She's incredible in this respect, because she does the page layouts and graphics positioning for every issue. It relieves me of that task and allows me to focus just on the writing. I just couldn't be more excited about being a part of the magazine staff, and having this awesome opportunity to be a part of giving birth to a new issue every 3 months.

    Also, I'm incredibly excited about our June issue coming up that is focused on Planet Cyrene. All I can say is - OMG - this issue is jam-packed with the goods for sure, and Ed Robles 3rd and his staff have been more than accommodating with content. You definitely don't want to miss out on this issue.

    Even though it's rather stressful, I think one of the most enjoyable things in this whole process during production is actually at the end. Lykke and I share editing marathons together to make sure that everything is as perfect as we could possibly get it - perhaps not perfection, but we certainly strive for excellence, because that's what we want to give the community, as well as our Planet Partners.

    Quality is of utmost importance to us in how we showcase our Planet Partners and their generous offering of content. I can't speak enough about them and how cooperative they've been in partnership with our magazine production. We have several more Planet Partners on board for future magazine content, so there is much more to look forward to.

    I have to credit Peter for being so proactive in making contact with, and establishing EP relationships with owners of future planets. He does an amazing job, and one such example would be the most recent front page story on Theryon Wars (written by Peter), which is the new planet coming from Pixel Arts/Spaniard Blend. Even the COO Jorge Ordaz signed up at the forum and is now interacting with us, which we appreciate greatly.

    It has taken a while for EntropiaPlanets to cement a strong foundation, and while our membership count isn't as high as we would love it to be, perhaps in time that will change. We truly have the support of several Planet Partners now, from Dave Dobson at Arkadia who launched the news of his planet first at EP, to Ed Robles 3rd from Cyrene who has been in the trenches with us from the beginning, to now Jorge Ordaz from Spaniard Blend who didn't hesitate becoming a part of our growing Planet Partner environment. Beladcom is also on board and will be interacting with us as more information is available to reveal about their planet, and given Peter's track record, we certainly have a great deal to look forward to.

    I couldn't be prouder of being a part of the EP operation, because it's quality all the way. Lykke and Peter are very community-oriented, which has been my most important involvement in our universe since day one 6 years ago when I discovered the type of social environment we inhabit. The community is first for me, and if I have to become a vigilante in the process at times to be a voice for things to be right, then I don't mind doing that.

    At any rate ... I got a bit carried away there, but hey - it's the hazards of being a detail-oriented writer, but for writers, that's not a bad thing. :)

    Be sure to check out the June 12th issue of the EntropiaTimes, because there will be plenty to feast your eyes on for sure.

    See you between the pages! :D
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    You have done - again - an amazing job with the magazine and I too can't wait for people to see it. Every time it is like a birth to a new little child - our magazine - and every time we curse as when being in labour but laugh when it's over and we see the result.

    We are too amazed an incredibly humble when it comes to the support we get from people - players as Planet Partners. The work with the community is worth everything - and being able to provide them with news in this cool way is also fantastic.

    Thank you hon, for the very nice words and all YOUR support! It is people like you who makes it happen, because we would never been able to pull things off by ourselves. So everything you said here, back at ya ;)
  3. Hehe looks like I know who to hire when I go to write a book ;)

    Good work guys and gals :)
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