Goals for new players. (Hunting)

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  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Here is the start of a list of goals I have started for the newer recruits in my society. Its not finished, so any feed back and recommended additions would be welcome.

    It is focused on preparation for team activities.

    The original copy can be found on our Soc Forum.

    1. Collect All TPs and Complete all the Beginner "missions"

    2. Sweat or deposit enough to pay for an Opalo, Vivo T1 & 10ped of ammo.

    2b. Read Successful Non-Depositing if you want to have a good idea what to expect playing as a non-depositor. (I (narfi) started that guide before founding Lost Renegades and my buddy has improved on it some since then) It is a very realistic approach to playing the game and managing your resources.

    3. Swunt solo(snablesnots or sabakuma) or in teams (Ambu at Neas Place) untill you have reached lvl 5 Ranged Laser(dmg) and lvl 5 Laser Sniper(hit)

    3b. Optional: Swunt solo (snablesnots or sabakuma) with the TT knife untill you reach lvl 5 Knifefighter(hit) and lvl 5 Knifefighter(dmg). While less eco, this will build up your HP and defensive skills a little quicker. I would still like to see you max the opalo before doing this though. Skilling shortblade could be done in your off hours while working on steps 5 and beyond.

    4. Sweat, Swunt, or Deposit until you can buy a full set of Pixie or equivalent armor(and fully repair it) and have 50ped left over on your ped card for ammo. (Optional: you may buy an A101 amp if you want to and can afford it)

    5. Team hunt Argonaut, Beryclad, Foul, or Molusk in teams of 3+ saving all items with markup.

    You can use Dante's Opalo Team Chart to choose a mob, but those mobs are known to drop items with markup more often.

    Sweat, Swunt or deposit to cover any losses you will likely have from these hunts. Do this until you have reached lvl 7 Ranged Laser(dmg) and lvl 7 Laser Sniper(hit).

    note: you can team hunt with melee, but team hunting with a mix of ranged and melee is difficult.

    note: Some people recommend maxing the Breer M2a(L) before switching, its maxed at lvl 8.

    6. You can now use the Breer M1a(L) to its maximum efficiency. With it you can reduce your team size or go after larger mobs. With 3+ people now you can likely hunt low generation drones even without armor. Drones & Argos are the most common mob to skill on because they drop Gazz and Iron consistently which can be sold for markup to cover your inevitable losses vs. the TT.

    7. By this time you will have a good idea how to do alot of your own research and have an idea which direction you would like to go in the game. The beauty of it is there seems to be something for each and every personality. The key is learning how to do what you enjoy efficiently to prevent frustration at throwing your money away [​IMG]

    8. Have fun, if its not fun there really isnt any point in "playing".
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  2. Wren

    Wren Avid Gamer

    Thanks for posting this! It is a great way to give new players some more direction.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Thanks Wren, thats my goal :)

  4. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    A great initiative Narfi. I checked the whole thread over in the LR Forum and it looks like some great ideas have been added already!

    A few of my favourite themes:

    • The pace. A slow but sure start is definitely the way to direct people, instead of "deposit all you can and hunt Atrox immediately".
    • The fact that Sweating is a part of it throughout. Many people lose sight of the importance of sweating to keeping afloat, and end up thinking they "shouldn't have to" sweat anymore because they're a hunter. This is especially a problem with people who have been in linear MMOs or games before and think of everything in separate stages.
    • Fun being mentioned. Fun is of course what should keep everyone doing anything in life. If it's not fun, don't stress about it, either make it fun or stop it!
    I can see you represent the next generation of "eco" thinkers Narfi, it's cool to see people delving deeper than just the "bang bang bang" aspect and even more, sharing the knowledge even outside of your soc!

    Thanks for this, I'm sure many newbies will appreciate this being available to them. I'll certainly direct people to it in the future,

    Dalas. :thumbup:
  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Ive been going back and seeing if im able to practice what I preach a little bit, and found that solo swunting is more difficult than it used to be. Mobs tend to agro on your first sweat attempt now, where before you were usually able to get a success before they agroed.

    I think its still a good idea, but you may want to separate your sweating and hunting into separate time slots if your not in a team.

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