Good Old Project Entropia Memories

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  1. Good Old Project Entropia Memories

    Here are videos I did during the time I played in "Project Entropia"
    Avatar created June 28th 2004, VU 5.7

    Ak Resurrecting Friends

    Dan At Shinook

    Esme At Zychion

    Jay At Oshiri'S Orb

    Lost Soul At Hades C

    Lost Soul At Minoplis Orb

    Paulo At Shinook

    Paulo Underwater

    Deathifier North Of Orthos

    Failed Attempt With Deathifier

    Res From Another View

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  2. Project Entropia Skies,
    Ah Good Old Memories (Thank You Ak)

    Medusa Sky

    Akmuul Sky

    Fort Troy Sky

    Treasure Island North-West

    Treasure Island North

    Shinook Sky

    Camp Phoenix Sky

    Oshiri Sky

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  3. Memorial Island Sky

    Jason Center Sky

    Project Entropia Logo

    Ak 2012

    and to Honnor my Great Friends

    And MindStar

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  4. Never knew the original PE, so these clips much appreciated, and teleporting seemed to be a lot different then.
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  5. Thank you :)

    The teleport "ghost" was with a rainbow color, now it is only blue, so to me the only difference.
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  6. Was being able to teleport anywhere like that by default, or did you need TP chips like you do now?
  7. Toulan was a lot more pretty before Virtualnonsense took over...

    I still think the Mr. Fantastic bug was the best ever. Wish the overloaded shop bug still existed.

    Videos – Lootius Faith (
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Awww these are great!!! Thanks so much for posting! Used to love the old Entropia skys. Not that the new ones don't have their niceness too but the old ones had a real something about them.

    I found something for AI upscaling pictures too this weekend so put up one of my old favourites and made a couple of extra versions of it. Using the bottom one as my wallpaper at the moment.


    FILE334_waifu2x_art_scale_tta_1.jpg FILE334_waifu2x_photo_scale_tta_1_moody.jpg FILE334_waifu2x_photo_scale_tta_1_moodier.jpg
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  9. Nice AI techniques there. Where on Calypso was that? Seems generally flat and very spaced-out.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Port Atlantis Arrivals area. Just off camera to the right was a spaceship and new players materialised in amongst the storage boxes and descended a ramp to the ground.

    Actually you can see the back of the spaceship and the ramp
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  11. McCormick / Somewhere In Sweden !

    PE - Jenna Porn Star AtroxTrain near Old Map Rig

    Ak UnderWaterFly with Sleipnir (EU)
    Entropia Universe without Bugs ? UNREAL !

    MotherShip Warp Drive
    Leave Caly and go Roctropia For A New Hope ! :)

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  12. Wistrel

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    The warp drive was so cool! Did they ever fix it? I heard the sounds went wrong or something? I need the submarine to help me complete the mission where the big fish keep killing me please!
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  13. Jenna Star Mercury must have been using the best FAP in EU to survive all those Atrox for so long! Phew!
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  14. Thanks. Amazing how much PA has changed from those early days.
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