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  1. With stones back I have been able to get a bit more ped again, though I plan to deposit again I still have to play a lot like a non-depositor, which means a lot of time walking for me. The first day I heard they were back I found two different types that had enough in the stack to sell on auction, pulling in 15 ped to keep me going. I then had a pretty good weekend, a lot of ups and downs but in the end I had over 30 ped (a huge improvement over the 5 I had when I started). I think I'm back down to 20 again after last night, but that happens.

    One of my latest achievements is getting all my mining professions above level 3, soon I'll be anxiously waiting for those green swirlies telling me I hit level 4. I've been trying to do some crafting, but with the particular goals I have it hasn't been easy to collect the materials I need in useful quantities, however it does happen once in awhile and I had two good crafting runs this weekend, they both were profitable. One other thing I did that I hardly ever do is get a toxic shot and do some PVP mining. I need to mention this before I continue though, I absolutely hate PVP, it is stressful for me being in a situation where I know someone could come and kill me and steal all my hard earned stuff. However, this time I used my car to help keep my treasures safe.

    So, what happened is I'm going around driving in PVP, stopping every so often to drop a bomb and probe, with no radar I'm looking around all paranoid constantly, however I already know this won't save me. During one of my stops it happens, I get the claim I was looking for, something good, an XI size. But... it was oil... stupid oil! Why is it always oil!?! Anyway, I start pulling it up, get about 9 ped through and hear a VTOL. I look around and see it landing a few meters away, I just stand there looking at it, put my resources in the car and wait, I know there's no escaping, this guy came to kill me and so he did in one shot. Anyway, all my resources were in the car and I recalled it, so no major loot for him. I talk to my soc leader who was on and tell her what happened, she gets her VTOL out and puts on her armor and we're going to go back again. I sell some oil, get another shot and jump in. We arrive, we see nobody there, so she lands on my claim and says to get my car out and try again. I didn't even make a single pull on the claim before she tells me to run, so I do, in my car (why didn't I take her VTOL?), and prompty after she dies my car explodes. One shot to take out my car. I then stand there, knowing there's no escape, and I die too. I then get another toxic shot and move to another area, if he's camping my claim that makes other areas of PVP safer for me. My soc leader goes back and stalks the guy, figures out where he hides and watches him. She can't kill him and she knows it, so she just watches. When he finally gets bored and leaves she lets me know and I come back as her bait. When I get there I start pulling and storing the claim and she throws all her vehicles around me as a shield, it's really quite comical. Anyway, I get the rest of the claim up, recall the vehicle and then go kill myself via Ambu. In the end of that run I had made 15 ped profit despite having to buy two extra shots, but now I'm done with PVP for awhile, just too much stress. Anyway, despite all the dying, it was fun and I really enjoyed being able to amuse my soc leader with some PVP action.

    Anyway, game life aside, I'm still writing in my blogs, it's nice, though I'm a little less inspired since the new year, so writing is slow but at least I'm keeping on top of it. I'm still thinking about writing a book, though I would have to make sure I use my own content and not anything that could get me in trouble, so it should be interesting. I find the hardest part of writing is the beginning and the end, the middle is easy enough but trying to set the mood and get people caught up on what's going on and then bringing it all to a close, that takes some time. So, not sure if I'll ever write an actual book, but I'll try and we'll see what happens. I hope y'all are still enjoying my writings and musings (if you're keeping up on the other blogs), I at least am enjoying writing it all. Anyway, that's about it, there's some exciting things coming up this year and I can hardly wait for it but I have to because I can't control their timing, but I will wait to write about them until they come about.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Can you find stones in your car still or is it just walking now?

  3. I have only seen them when walking.
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