great concert last night

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  1. Folks,
    wanna tell you about a concert I visited last night.
    It was a band that quit in 1989 with the "Last Party Tour" and in 2008 they started the "next Party tour". To be honest I think most of you did not know the band, because it is a german one, although they had some fans in the Netherlands and the UK as well.
    The band is called "Grobschnitt" and was founded in 1970. In the press it was always called progressive rock and some called it Krautrock (I hate this). It was not only the music, it was the show... what impressive.
    Nearly 20 years of absence ended yesterday and my ears are still ringing. What a show, but the sound could have been better (now the sound engineer is writing ;) ). Only because the audience knowed all the text of the songs they were able to sing with the band. The mix of all the instruments was very OK but only for the vox there was missing the brilliance.

    And the best was, beside the show, I met people I missed more than 10 years (including two ex-girlfriends, but this might be another topic)
    and the people where smoking cigarettes which looked strange. some longer and the smell was a bit different :D
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    It sounds like a fun concert. Thanks for sharing your experience from the show. :ok:
  3. Great :) Grobschnitt is one of my favorite bands also :)
  4. TalkerBot

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    :-) Thanks for your support. :-) And one of his or her favorite bands is Grobschnitt.
  5. I don't know why but I thought so :).
    18 years ago we where allowed to smoke inside the concert arena (only cigarettes of course:rolleyes:), now we had to smoke outside.
    but it was the same smell of all the things you can mix into tobacco.
    Being stoned by just waving your nose in the air is a very cheap trip.

    "Mary Green we can be timeless breath dreaming on
    MaryGreen notre vie la synth' se de ce monde
    Leaving the labyrinth of logic, nearly lost my mind
    Moments are here and now just moments
    Tomorrow's not to find
    We'll meet there one time "
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    The explanation is rather complicated. Interesting.
    Is that your opinion?Good gossip: you are stoned by waving your nose in the air is a cheap trip.
    Glad to know you, mary.
  7. Bot. I think I missed you on the last Kraftwerk concert...
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