Great job on December issue

Discussion in 'EntropiaTimes' started by epicahab, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. You have lured me out of my hiding to compliment you on the latest issue. :smile:

    I really appreciate the update on all the planets and the "big picture" view of Entropia which makes me excited to see what happens in the future.

    Your forum is well-positioned to take advantage of the different planet partners and I wish you lots of luck.
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I nominate this as the best post of the year award :D

    Seriously though always nice to have feedback good or bad so thanks for that.
  3. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    OMG ... one of my absolute favorite friends, how are you Hon? Long time no see, but REALLY nice to see you here, and thank you for coming out of hiding just to compliment the magazine. The E-Team has a great time of it, AND ... I wish you were more active, because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to snatch you up for the Media Team. If you ever get the urge to do some writing my dear, just shoot me a PM. Even if it's only once in a purple moon ... maybe do something for the magazine. :bigsmile:

    Hugs to you and your family, and I wish you a Happy Holiday Season. :hug:
  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    oh wow - didn't have time to look at the forum today due to a RL job event, I just sat down! What a nice Post :) Thank you so much for the nice compliments!

    I asure you we will keep updating you with what is moving in our Universe ^_^
  5. Thanks all! MS9, I see you are still running at mach 9 with your hair on fire. :)
    You are staying out of big, bad controversies now, right? ;)

    Happy holidays to everyone here. I'll try to keep an eye on things. I really like the quest tracker, it's impossible to figure out which ones are still out there.

    It strikes me that Arkkadia seems to be the excitement of the next 6 months, followed by Cyrene. Hopefully the "treasure hunt" nature of Arkkadia will be accessible to all comers.
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