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    Hey "Mind" "Ark",
    why dont you call your swedish friend Greta to promote your Green Fund Finance to save the planet ?

    I give you a GREAT idea for the next VU mr CEO ( King of Integrity ) !
    Save Planet Calypso Green Fund Deeds, to remove all cheats and exploits intentionnaly implemented since 2003 !
    For sure you are not obliged to succeed as long people buy them massively by promissing revenues for the next century !
    But make sure to sell them at auction so they lose 50-70% asap :), you know all great ropes and reciepies after 18 years of practise !
    In the swedish tradition of ... (Ask Mr NightHawk for a new hypocrit end, I lack of ideas suddenly).

    On a more serious side ;

    Aurélien BARRAU lives in my town and is also friend with Greta.
    You both have all my respect.

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  2. 2nd Idea :

    Why dont you create a new profession where people would cut trees to gather wood, this would suit your vast interests for the nature and the planet's health ! You could call it "Resource Gathering" and it would add to the incredible number of various activities still ALIVE in Entropia Universe and contribute to the game economy (like Mr NightHawk knowes it so well).
    Like Tailoring (ahh no since no more skins in loot so it is DEAD),
    Coloring (ah no since no more paints in loots so it is DEAD),
    Texturing (ahhh no since no more animals skins in loots so it is DEAD)
    Gardening (which was dead borned as you released competitive weapons immediately so it is DEAD)
    Scanning (ahhh no, Ak had the Idea to organize a scan technology event and a 2nd one but now scanning is "bugged" so it is DEAD)
    Damn, at least there is Hunting where we can loot armors (Ahh no since no more armors but only shrapnel in loot so it is DEAD)
    At least, to ruin and destroy the game and its economy, you are SO CREATIVE "mind" "ark", Heil shrapnel and no player profit !
    But what game economy are you talking about ?

    Well !!!! Back to my idea, you could add a cool yellow effect to identify the good trees and give some good mood to people, ah but no, the cool yellow node was removed and the trees replaced by ugly trees where people get stucked on them, so it is DEAD, ah shit...
    Please Help !!!
    You could create a new Xmas Ring allowing people to see the tree from distance of 0.2m (fucked) (so it is DEAD)
    You could pretend the harvestable tool give 100% success, but this is a lie as to the best of luck you will get 60% of wood down to only 20% of residue to the lowest which are far from the 100% announced, when you dont simply get fails in a row = zero back, which is pretty weird when you're told you will do 100% success, dont you think Mr CEO and Developer ?

    Well, I am out of voice and ideas, and if you can elaborate and explain your vision of the game economy after deliberately do all you can to ruin trades and destroy the game itself, while the players continue to suggest new great ideas for the game, which are immediately deleted by you "mind" "ark", because they would kill the economy, they would kill the economy, they would kill the economy....
    But this is 100% what YOU do.

    Enjoy you're experience in Entropia Universe

    In the swedish tradition....
  3. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

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