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  1. Okay with the very real threat of NI getting cut off for supplies I am going to dust off my BP books. Now sadly I sold a lot of my bp's and skills back in November so I can not provide the premium gear I used to but here is what I can offer.
    LVL 21 laser weapons engineer
    LVL 20 BLP weapons engineer
    LVL 19 Long blades engineer
    LVL 19 short blades engineer
    LVL 19 Powerfist engineer

    The bp's I still have are;
    UL non SIB;
    ------------------------level one bp's----------------------------
    Plasma Kyller-Max success rating
    2x Cumbriz Ingot
    1x Binary Energy
    1x Dunkel Plastix
    16x Oil

    Maddox I-Max success rating
    5x Zinc Ingot
    9xIron Ingot
    1x Typonolic Gas

    Jashonich MP-Max success rating
    18x Megan Ingot
    13x Garcen Lubricant

    Jester D-1-Max success rating
    1x Melchi Crystal
    2x Belkar Ingot
    2x Iron Ingot

    Mir-1Energy glove-Max success rating
    1x Cumbriz Ingot
    1xBinary Energy
    1x Angelic Flakes
    ----------------Level 2 BP's-------------------------------
    Mann MPHDLxE-Max success rating
    4x Cumbriz Ingot
    9x Zinc Ingot
    2x Erdorium Ingot
    2x Alicenies Gel

    Shriek covert Ops-Max success rating
    2x Lytairian Powder
    12x Blausariam Ingot
    4x Garcen Lubricant

    Shriek Street-Max success rating
    14x Narcasisum Ingot
    8x Blausariam Ingot
    Typonolic Gas

    Jashonich AP-Max success rating
    17x Gazzurdite Ingot
    21x Alicenies Gel
    22x Garcen Lubricant

    Cleric Dagger 1B-Max success rating
    6x Cumbriz Ingot
    1x Angelic flakes

    Cleric Dagger 1C-Max success rating
    2x Angelic flakes
    6x Caldorite Ingot

    ----------------------------Level 3 bp's-------------------

    Mann MPH DLxEFi-1 point below max
    3x Lytairian Powder
    1xAngelic Flakes
    5x Iron Ingot
    1x Dianum Ingot

    Mar-Peeker Davidov-1 point below max
    1x Angelic flakes
    2x Zinc Ingot
    3x Erdorium Ingot

    ----------------------Level 4 bp's---------------------

    Shriek Back Alley-6 points below max
    2x Azzurdite Ingot
    16x Oil
    6x Alicenies Gel
    10x Iron Ingot

    Jashonich FP-6 points below max
    3x Dunkel Plastix
    13x Oil
    16x Iron Ingot
    2x Kanerium Ingot

    True Faith-6 points below max
    1x Platinum Ingot
    65x Lysterium Ingot
    42x Melchi Crystal
    1x Dunkel Plastix
    1x Magerian Spray

    --------------------Level 5 BPs------------------------------------

    Shriek Offensive-9points below max
    90x Lysterium Ingot
    1x Xeremite Ingot
    4x Alicenies Gel
    65x Oil

    Karma Killer-7points below max
    1x Binary Energy
    1x Xeremite Ingot
    1xAngelic Flakes
    1x Typonolic Gas
    1x Kanerium Ingot

    Mar-Lighter Davidov-9 points below max
    4x-Durulium Ingot
    1x Angelic flakes
    9x Plausariam

    --------------------------Limited weapons, non limited bp's--------------------
    Max Success on these weapons is higher then the max on the above weapons, I will continue using the max from above weapons as a median guide line though, following the format of x points above/below max. Also these bp's will require materials not gained from minning, some of these are looted and others are crafted, I will put in brackets if it's looted or crafted. I

    Breer M1A(L)
    5x Cobalt Ingot
    18x Lysterium Ingot

    Willard Heatray A(L)
    3x Cobalt Ingot
    14x Melchi Crystal
    10x Blausariam Ingot
    11x Basic Strategic Combat Processor(Looted)

    ***************And this is as far as I've gotten so far, will update more at a latter time, this white on black background is hard to look at for long periods of time :) *******************

    Rutic Kil(L)

    Willard Heatray B(L)

    Breer P4a(L)
    Loughlin Cutter Three (L)
    GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L)
    GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L)
    Rutic Bett(L)

    Svempa T5 (L)
    GeoTrekLP470 Manis(L)

    *Will update later with success rate and mats for each BP. Will also upload armour(Don't hold your breath here) and component info.*

    So to help NI along I will provide my crafting abilities to help colonists. You bring me the required materials and I will attempt to craft the item for you at no additional charge(although tips are nice :) ). Any global/hof received while attempting to craft for you is yours, I ask only to keep any BP's that I do not already have that appear.
    Since even with max chance of success it is still possible to completely fail(average 1 in 3 success) I will not offer collateral on your materials, although if you request it I will record the crafting attempts and upload to Youtube so you can see I am not ripping you off.
  2. Tom


    Awesome list, Corey! I'll do what I can to send business your way and for my own needs. I wonder if there could be some sort of fledgling crafting master-apprentice program, where people wanting to learn to craft can work for you in some capacity--or go out to collect needed ores and en-matter?
  3. red



    having some sort of list of known crafters and abilities might be useful, although I don't know how this would be communicated to the general population. perhaps, the shop owners could say what they're interested in carrying. perhaps, there are local crafters who can make some of it.
  4. Updated OP.
    For the info I still have not filled in you can find the materials required here ,Entropedia: Blueprint Ingredients

    I will continue working on this list though so new/newer players that require this service don't have to search between two websites for what they need.
  5. Maybe a NI mfg society. Again an AD box at Crystal Entry would be useful. Shopping in EU requires more luck than hunting or mining (or a photographic memory).
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