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  1. I Have no professions no ped no weapon no ....
    How to earn money.How to gain professions.
  2. First, welcome to Next Island and Entropia Universe.

    You have to realise that this game does not have quick fixes, unless you deposit money. You can deposit at the rate of $1 = 10 PED.

    Open your inventory (press I) and check the tabs. You should find you have an expedition suit and a VSE. The VSE is used for extracting 'sweat' from creatures. This is the most common thing for new colonists to do. While you gather sweat your avatar will die. Do not let that worry you as you will revive at a nearby revive point and you will gain points in various skills - sweat gathering, evade, combat reflexes and others. The down side is that sweat is usually only bought in batches of 1000, and their isn't much call for it at present.

    The other 'free' job is collecting stones and fruit. When you walk around (press Q to toggle run/walk) you can find stones and fruit (and dung) lying around. Like sweating this also is very slow and it can take a while to gather enough to sell.

    Join a society. Go to one of the society machines and have a look through the lists, or ask someone.

    The other thing is to speak to Arthur in the arrival area and he will give you a quest, which will lead to other quests.

    Have a look round this Tutorial and Guide section, have a read around the forum and ask questions, both here and in-game. There are friendly people around who can help. Note:the thread on quests is out of date, so don't worry about not finding any of those quests available. Also have a look at Entropedia: Main Page, one of the Entropia wikis. At the bottom of the front page there are many useful links, including other tutorial sites. The one I would recommend is Alice's Entropia Guide.

    I hope you enjoy your time here. Have fun.

    Edit:Ha, beat me to it Corey.
  3. Just one thing to correct Sylver, when you withdraw it's 10ped=1 USD, when you deposit its 1 USD =9.64 ped or there abouts, just so no-one gets worried when their 10$ doesn't get them exactly 100ped.
    Oh and stay tuned King, I am currently planning a new player only event, it wont be to the end of August/start of September, but it will be free for new players to enter, no gear needed and ped to be won. Check back to the forums, I will be posting the details here when I get them all worked out, probably mid next week.

    Prize structure will be

    Also possible for the first three positions to win a bonus prize, to be announced latter.
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