Hey I'm All Green with a star

Discussion in 'About EntropiaPlanets' started by Katielicious Kat Mallow, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Just thought you should know :-)
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Lol. What does it mean?
  3. I think its because I paid something towards the forum :-). Why not.
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  4. Ohhh I want to pay too....but more so I am greener and have more stars!!! Now to find out how...
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    But seriously is there a way to donate, cuz I cant find one...:umn:
  7. Top right hand side by your name and click there. I just stumbled on it. I think its something like $30 for a year. Not sure what you get but I got a green star. I'm happy.

    Then personal details, account upgrades.
  8. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

    Congratulations on your green text and gold star Kat, now you need a custom title to go below your name.

    My suggestion (based on current avatar pic) might be "Nice Doggy" or similar! :cool (2):
  9. The doogy is mine - he's called Bailey and he is such a little (actually not that little) b*gger. Nothing is safe and he terrorises the cats. May change my avatar pic.
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