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    I read you were playing with a new Quest.
    We bought Pixel Ripped 1995 this last weekend, and I have played a couple of evenings (probably an hour each, which is more than Ive played anything in a looooooooong time)

    Thought it might be up your ally.
    You play the part of a computer game hero possessing a 9yr old gamer in 1995. Sitting on the floor playing console games from that era, your mom keeps turning off the console, and you have to make sure you make it to the save points before she shuts it off, says something to you about how it will rot your brain, as soon as she turns her back you turn it back on and resume from last save point..... lots of fun so far, and the blue screen on a big box tv with the pixilated number '3' up in the corner gives it that feeling of being there, all your kid mess around you as you sit cross-legged playing.....

  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    haha thanks! That does sound like my thing. I really liked Gone Home for the 90s vibe it had (all those VCR cassettes with x-files written on them XD). Sounds like an intreguingly bizarre idea for a game too. Will take a look. Still enjoying Beat Saber for the most part and trying to play every couple of days to "get my VR" legs as the saying goes. Think I'm making gradual progress and am continuing to improve at the actual game.

    Oh just seen there's a 1989 version too with a gameboy like game.

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